Saturday, March 23, 2019

Personal Narrative - Contemplating Death Essay -- Personal Narrative W

Personal Narrative - Contemplating DeathThen, just like that, she was gone. I couldnt hold back the tears, and I dont consider my sunglasses hid them well. Ive gotten used to my emotions and I lonesome(prenominal) let it only step forward when they asst be stifled, so you know this wasnt a sigh-Im-gonna-miss-her moment. The sunshine and warm breeze of Fri daytime afternoon was frustrating dreary, cold, typical-March geezerhood are fitting, appropriate for feeling this way, and how nice it was outside was a flavor in the face. I later rec exclusivelyed how just a year foregoing I r eersed the phrase A sunny day is no match for a cloudy disposition on a day like this one. I thought I was okay with everything, so what was it that go against me? She left so easily she never thinks about how lucky she is to quench see me, non because she doesnt deserve to, but the fact that I am still here for her to see. If she knew what Im going to recognize youwell, speculation is useless.I died this morning on my way to school the jest at behind me tried to stop but he locked his brakes out of panic and only slowed to forty five miles per hour. Of course, this isnt what killed me the trauma carry on by my face hitting my steering wheel as the gelid reaction of my head whipping backwards upon impact was my demise. The road to my college is only two lanes, and often there are stoppages as a impart of cars waiting to turn left, since the shoulder does not provide sufficient board to pass on the right. The only way to avoid speeding similarly excessively to stop in time is to pay careful maintenance to the car in front of you, something the gentleman following me failed to do. He was control with the midterm he was trying not to be late for, the ancestry of the stress he had calmed with the potent co... ... you forgot your feelings? If you didnt know they were there or that you ever had them, wouldnt your existence end?I dont think its possible to forget your f eelings - you can try to ignore them, but you cant control when your emotions begin and end. And you cant forget them either. Love, hate, happiness, sadness, satisfaction, disappointment...these are not ideas created by the mind, they are sensations you must pass around with.So what, she just doesnt deal with them? She pretends they arent there?I guess see that cardinal up on the top branch?Yeah...?If you only wanted to see the blue sky, that is all you would see. You could know that bright red bird is there right in front of you, but if you didnt want to see it, you wouldnt.Just like we consider to see light because thats what we want to see...Its just easier that way.

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