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Children’s Behavior is Not Adversely Affected by Daycare :: Expository Essays Research Papers

baby birdrens Behavior is Not Adversely Affected by Dayc are deep daycare centers have been in the spotlight because of the argument that pincerren who spend a lot of time in daycare tend to have to a greater extent(prenominal) behavior problems such as over aggressiveness when compared with kids who stay shell with their mommies. The following two points of views concerning this controversy illustrate the divide between those who call up daycare is benevolent and those who believe it to be detrimental to children.This first article concerns the results of an ongoing study given by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development about the effects that daycare whitethorn have on a child. According to the Newsweek article A unseas atomic number 53d battle over day care (April 30, 2001), this study indicates that kids who spend more than 30 hours a week in child care are three times more likely to be aggressive, defiant and noncompliant by the time they reach k indergarten than those who are raised by enate care. The study on the effects of childcare had made many running(a) parents anxious. Sarah Friedman, scientific coordinator of the study, says, The easy answer is to cut the number of hours children are in care. However, she also mentioned that scientists do not know yet if the hours spend in daycare are the only factors that may increase the childs aggressive behavior.On the other hand, another article reports that near people believe that daycare wont ruin the kids behavior. Early press reports relied on the account of just one long time childcare critic, Jay Belsky, out of the 29 researchers involved and olibanum the data in the study may have been misrepresented. NICHD researcher Martha J. cox of the University of North Carolina says, He is more extreme in his views than the rest of us. Also, Susan B. Campbell, a team member of the University of Pittsburgh, mentioned that childrens behavior such as demanding attention, pushing, teasing, and fighting are completely typical for children whether or not they function daycare.My opinion about this topic is that we should help our society make look a little easier for moms and dads who must manage the balance between sour and family. Help for those parents who need childcare to find a high-quality daycare for their children is essential. We should give in mind that for many of us, childcare is not a selection but an economic necessity.

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