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External Forces Shaping The Future Of The Airline Industry Essay

External Forces Shaping The Future Of The air passage Industry INTRODUCTIONThe purpose of this report is to inform airline executives about(predicate) the external forces affecting their industry and what they can do to keep up with the changing business atmosphere. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 had a grueling way out on the economy, and while close industries argon almost back to their pre-9/11 financial status, the airline industry is lucky to break-even. This report volition condone three leading cut offs that be forcing the airline industry to re-think their stance on strategic planning.The first trend discussed will illustrate the effect that online battle has had on the way airlines do business. The second trend will cover how obesity has caused raw(a) standards to be set within the industry. The final trend will explain how the demand for business-related function has been decreased from the use of new technologies. This paper will close with a brief synopsis of t he most relevant trend to the industrythe decrease in business travel due to new technologies.DESCRIPTIONThe following portion of this report will describe each of the three trends and contain information to support the claim. bear reading for further explanation of the trends.Online BookingOnline booking is becoming more than popular, especially in a country where over 50% of its households are connected to the internet (U.S. Department of Commerce 2001). (See Appendix Graph 1) Americans deficiency things NOW not ten minutes from now. The quicker the service, the more at ease the customer will become. Various online travel agencies, such as telescope and Travelocity, give consumers the ability to compare different travel options, all without go away the comfort of their home. In 2003, 35 million Americans went online to book travel reservations, a 17% increase since 2002 (U.S. News 2004). Currently one-third of all internet-related proceedings involve making travel arrangeme nts (The Times 2004). fleshinessAmericans today are heavier than ever, and despite increased health awareness, the obesity epidemic is not decrease down. (See Appendix Graph 2) Currently two-thirds of Americans are considered to be overweight (New Zealand focusing 2004). According to the last U.S. Census, the current population of the U.S. is 281 million. When mixing those details in concert you can acquire ... ...on Week & Space Technology v138 n6 (Feb. 8, 1993) 31,33.Lollis, Barbara De. Virtual coming together companies get boost as travel wanes. USA Today (March 18, 2003) 10.Lollis, Barbara De and Chris Woodyard. larger Passengers pay more on Southwest Air. USA Today (2002) .McKee, Bradford. sprawl and Americas Sprawling Middle. Architecture v92 n8 (Aug. 2003).obesity Research. American Obesity Association (2002) http// of U.S. Households with Internet Access. U.S. Dept of Commerce (Feb. 2001) .Stellin, Susan. On line Booking Cuts Costs and Simplifies corporate Trips. New York Times (Sept. 2, 2003) C7.Web World. The Times (United Kingdom) (Sept. 4, 2004) 4.APPENDIXGraph 1 Percent of U.S. Households with Online AccessData Source Newburger, Eric C. Home Computers and Internet drop in the United States. US Census Bureau (Sept. 2001) .Graph 2 Obesity Prevalence in AmericaData Source Obesity Research. American Obesity Association (2002) http//

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