Saturday, March 2, 2019

Computer Input and Output

Other entropy is so unmatchabler recorded in a form that is acceptable to the ready reckoner L magnetised ink character recognition (MICE) C Optical character recognition (OCCUR) This butt onion is called SOURCE DATA AUTOMATION third basic way to present data into the computer is to key it into an online key driven device. CIA fourth excerpt permits data stimulus in audible form, using a vocalization recognition social unit. Input Options Source data Key to tape apparatus Computer readable data OCCUR docs MICE Keyboard Terminals MICE, OCCUR units Card, tape, magnetic disc unit of measurements chemical chain Nell Voice Recognition CPU getup offers similar options.Information or data can be recorded on a permanent medium, such as paper, microfilm, or punched cards, or the information can be displayed on a television like screen or resented audibly. OUTPUT options string Nell print information Termini al Display Plot Computer Output Microfilm Microfilm Microfilm Im pri nter Card punch Unit Punch Cards Viewer Channels and entertain Snits The control unit contains the logic circuitry and transshipment center needed for the control of multiple 1/0 devices. The channel contains the logic circuitry and storage needed to monitor several 1/0 device control units and provide pathways to and from the CPU.Role of Channels and Control Control Units High Speed Control unit Low Speed djinni 1/0 Devices Channels and Control Units The transfer of data betwixt the 1/0 unit, he control unit, and the channel is serial, or one byte at a time. When this operation is performed, the CPU can process separate data in simple storage. The CHIP halts processing just keen-sighted enough to enter the data from the channel. The interruption of the program in process is real brief because all of the bytes from the channel are transmitted to primary storage at once-?in parallel. The transfer of data from primary storage to an 1/0 unit works in the reverse sequence.Smalle r computers pretend only one channel larger systems have many. Importance of the channel 0 Easy to overlook, but without them CPU reference would be drastically reduced. C The channel warmware and the operating system permit the multiprogramming that maximizes computer productivity. Without channels, there COUld be no time sharing or distributed processing, and flock processing would extremely slow and costly. SKYDIVER INPUT DEVICES Offline Skydiver Devices The most common input device was the keypunch machine. CLC The first key-to-tape and key-to-disk units utilize conventional magnetic tape reels and hard disks.Offline skydiver Machines Keypunch disk Punch Cards co Zion magnetic Tape Cassette catchy disk Floppy disk Reader Magnet ICC tape Cassette et ICC disk Floppy disk Magnetic tape cassette Contains 285 Ft. Of polyester. Data can be recorded at the density of 800 bytes per inch. Capacity approximately 2000 punched cards. Floppy magnetic disk Sizes 5 1/4 inches and 8 inch es in diameter. Capacity 2000-8000 punched cards. identify MEDIA INPUT UNITS Card-reading and punching 0 Card reading speeds of 2000 per minute are not uncommon, but punching speeds are in the range of 100-250 per minute.C Punched cards are employ as turned around documents. Punched cards are in like manner used to track materials as they flow through a plant or a distribution network. Floppy disk, Cassette, and Cartridge readers CLC Cassette, and Cartridge readers tapes are produced as a by-product of another operation Online skydiver devices two basic types of keyboard storehouse Displays output on a CRT C Prints output on incessant paper form. Online skydiver devices CRT terminal- also called an ALPHANUMERIC DISPLAY TERMINAL and a VIDEO DISPLAY TERMINAL, is all electronic, noiseless, and economical.C Can display information very rapidly, filling the screen with characters much faster than the characters can be printed on the paper. Special features CLC Color C Reverse video 0 Blinking CLC cursor L Scrolling C Paging C Protected format Hard copy terminal also known as TELEPROMPTER TERMINAL, is a terminal with paper output TWO basic categories of hardcopy terminal C Impact -? causes a print hammer to get the paper to form the character Monomaniac causes characters to be printed by means of rough chemical or heat process, or by spraying the characters on the paper from an ink jet.

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