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Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 137

Case count ExampleAlso, it can be attributed to enhanced morale of employees.Q3. The major changes in the situation revolved round the management system of the company. Before, the process of assembling garments involved numerous sub-assembly units before completion. The new system places the spotless production of garments in the hands of every employee. In the new scheme, the workers control the entire assembly of garments eyepatch the management still make strategic decisions regarding production and also supply workers with essential materials for the production process.Q4. look the new change was aborted and workers went back to the old system, the morale of the workers would slump to its all time low as they would be so demoralized because of the failure and also going back to a system that seemed to dismount their work enthusiasm. Also, the percentage of controllable rejects would increase because the old system placed no direct debt instrument for the reject on workers . Absenteeism would once again plague the company and the overall productivity of the company would refuse

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Introduction of e-banking service in HSBC plc bank and what is its Essay

Introduction of e-banking service in HSBC plc bank and what is its clashing on the functioning model of a Bank - Essay ExampleThe question approach undertakes a specific design that is the overall strategy chosen to obtain the information required to answer the research question (Ghauri and Grnhaug p 47 2002). The research approach will review the types of research design and data collection methods. The research approach is built on logical relations and not just beliefs.descriptive research is apply when the research question is understood (Ghauri and Grnhaug 2002). In the research approach, the data measurements are parasitical on the obtainment of required information and the quality of the information. The outcome of the research, therefore, is dependent on the measurement procedures used in the collection of the data, and this in turn is dependent on the types of data collection (Ghauri and Grnhaug p 47 2002).This is an important concept of qualitative research, where the description is either inducive or deductive. Inductive research begins with a question and seeks to describe it, and deductive research begins with the problem by working backwards to the answers. Therefore, this research uses the inductive approach to build the theory from the data gathered to explore possible conclusions towards E-banking - Modifications in SCM (Supply Chain perplexity of the Bank) and Security issues such(prenominal) as Phising & Pharming.The selected research methodology is a descriptive interview with one autobus at HSBC Bank in London. This will be a structured interview that focuses on E-banking - Modifications in SCM (Supply Chain Management of the Bank) and Security issues such as Phising&Pharming. Secondary research is to review published materials such as articles previous researched etc. which would be analysed to gain a broader perspective of the issue.This brings the question of research strategy. feature the approach as an inductive, qualitative de scription with a well-established research strategy will allow for a better

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Explain how the MIS ( Management Information System) function area can Essay

Explain how the MIS ( commission Information System) function area can leverage , information, data and knowledge in terms of rivalrous advantage - Essay ExampleThe dodge of rules itself can be designed in such a way that it can control the information of the production line so as to provide it with a combative advantage. The system can be used differently and this essay would revolve around the particulars of this system as to how it can help the businesses flourish in a agonistic world.Management Information System is define as a set of technologies which include hardware and software along with human elements so that the closing making process of the respective business can be made easier (Bidgoli, 2010). This clearly tells us that the system is a way through which the businesses can integrate information and present accordingly to the relevant individuals. The system is designed to simplify decisions and carry out processes through which the decisions are made quickly an d efficiently. In popular the firms are given competition in the industry through different means. Porters Five Forces allow to encounter these competitive forces as they tend to exist in the industries accordingly. These five forces revolve around products, bargaining indicant of customers and suppliers and the threat of new entrants. Management Information System takes a leap on these five forces to easement it on the business who will use the system in an efficient manner (Laudon & Laudon 2013).MIS should always be aligned with the objectives of the business so that it can be used efficiently to break down the threats of the competitive forces. Information Technology should always be constructed in a way so that the profitability of the beau monde is increased with every step that the business takes. Information technology works by the methods of numbers and the business should always identify its goals and strategies with the help of the system. The progress of the business es can be monitored with the help of information technology and this in turn would help the stakeholders decide in accordance to the

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The Contemporary Hospitality Industry Assignment - 1

The Contemporary Hospitality Industry - Assignment ExampleSince then things score changed to a great extent and to comply with it changes hospitality manufacture has witnessed significant amount of developments. The exertion which functions directly in the marketplace is quite different from the superstar that used to operate during the early days. Currently, the hospitality application is dubbed as one of the growing industries of the world and is characterized as dynamic. The hospitality sector is a bigger landmark and encompasses a macroscopic number of industries within itself (Clark, Hartline and Jones, 2009). For example, catering diligence, hotels and a certain segment of the service industry falls within the hospitality industry. In addition, the tours and travel industry also falls into this sector. After the easiness of the world economy, the industry has witnessed booming growth. Furthermore, efforts by respective governments have greatly helped in promoting hosp itality industry and to add to that steady growth in the tours and travel industry facilitated the overall growth of the hospitality sector. Hence, it is apparent(a) that presently hospitality industry operates on a large scale and scope and along with that encompasses a huge diversity (Brownell, 2009). Figure 1 Hospitality Industry share (Source Sykes, 2011) The diagram above distinctly shows that the industry is presently witnessing a steady growth and it is expected that in the next few old age the rate of growth will actually double. Analysts predict that if the tours and travelling industry grows, other industries such as hotel will grow parallel with it (Ellis and Stipanuk, 1999). Hence, it can be concluded that with better marketing efforts, quality work and better customer service it is obvious that the industry will grow at a beefy rate. If a comparison with other industries is carried out, many differences can be identified. However, one of the most evident one appea rs in the form of organizational structure. Every company belonging to the hospitality sector, irrespective of their size and complexity embraces an organizational structure that enables the organization to carry out daily operation. Usually, such companies employ a large number of people with a variety of skill sets, yet this diversity of the workforce is organized in different ways. In general, companies belonging to this sector follow functional organizational structure where the organization embraces relegate department for each specialized activity. This increase the operational efficiencies of the company and at the same time take into account them in providing high rate of satisfaction to the customers. Below is an example of the typical organizational structure followed by the hotel industry. Figure 2 Organizational Chart (Source Hotelmule, 2009) A review of the organizations and professional bodies in the hospitality industry Every stakeholder group has certain function s of the organization that helps an organization to operate efficiently in the marketplace. A stakeholder is a person, a group or an organization that can be light uponed or can affect the action of an organization. A stakeholder of a firm can be its suppliers, business partners, employees, consumers, lenders, investors, shareholder as substantially as the government. Each of this group somehow plays proactive roles in running the daily operation of a firm. However, the roles and responsibilities depend upon the degree of association. For example, a managers role is considered as vital in effort customers and ensuring a high level of customer

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Public Awareness on COPD Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Public Awareness on COPD - Research motif ExampleThe paper will further suggest new awareness programs that should be put in place for effective public awareness of the disease.Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a collection of illnesses characterized by impediment of airflow that can be linked with breathing-related symptoms for instance expectoration, unceasing cough, panting and exertional dyspnea. It is supposedly the fourth principal cause of death in the United States and can occur with or without colossal physical destruction or signs. Conversely, the disease is frequently a silent and unrecognized disorder, mostly in its premature exemplifys (Mannino et al, 2002).Sutherland and Cherniack (2004) also assert that COPD is a condition of continuous airflow limitation caused by lung parenchyma and intractable irritation of the airways. An increased decline in the forced expiratory volume from the standard rate in grown-ups over 30 years of age of nearly 30 ml per year to almost 60 ml per year is the prime physiological abnormality in this is disease. The disease course starts with an asymptomatic stage in which lung function worsens without associated signs. When the Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV) has dropped to around 50 percent of the predicted standard value, the attendant symptomatic stage occurs but it can vary. Since extensive deterioration in airflow has already interpreted place by the time most patients present with symptoms, it is sound to conclude that the extent of airflow limitation is only one of many factors that determine the onset of symptoms.An extra physiological abnormality that is usually seen in patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is hyperinflation, which arises at rest and deteriorates with exercise. It is marked principally by an increase in the functional residual capacity, placing the respiratory muscles at a mechanical disadvantage, frankincense raising the work of breathing and lowe ring exercise tolerance. Other physiological abnormalities

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Sport, Leisure and Coaching law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Sport, Leisure and Coaching law - Essay Exampleby schoolmaster Taylor on the Hillsborough disaster highlighed the role of building control as a major safety legal community adopted for the safety of pas seuls campaign. Moreover compulsory participation of other emergency services as come up as likeminded intrested parties was also given priority.The important laws and regulations that were framed to ensure safety at sports grounds were preventative of sports grounds act 1975, Safety of sports grounds regulations 1987, Fire safety and safety of places of sports act 1987, Safety of places of sport regulations 1988, The football spectators act 1989, The environmental and safety information act 1988 etc.For ensuring the safety of sports grounds, the Safety of sports grounds act 1975 have given powers to the Secretary of state to issue special safety certificates or universal safety certificate as an when required. As per the law the person who is responsible for the safety of the ground should leave to the concerned authority for getting such certificate.After receiving the application, the local autority decides whether the aplicant is qualified enough to receive the certificate. normally the General certificate contains conditions that the authority fells necessary to implement safety at grounds. It includes management requirements, provisions for firstly aid, structural elements strength etc.For the preparation of the Safety certificate, it is utmost necessary to consider the following. First of all, a request for suitable drawings form the applicant should be made. Then a survey of the ground in detail should be made. It is also necessary to hold team safety meetings with emergency services for determine the overall requirements. Moreover consultation with experts in this field should be made. Another important step is to seek structural , electrical as well as mechanical certification.When the general certificate is issued, it is necessary to herald the concerned persons who are intrested. Moreover advertisements in accordance

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Managing Human Capital Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing military personnel Capital - Assignment ExampleThe researcher states that moral excellence-pay systems can, in fact, serve to demotivate and even generate anxiety, thereby yet contributing marginally as motivators of desired murder. Merit pay is usually rolled into the base earnings and hence performance in one year will have the effect on the lucre in the future. However, this is based on performance appraisal and the methods of performance appraisal followed by the organization ar a controversial issue. Even if linkages to productivity do not exist, the plan communicates a useful communicate to employees. It is generally believed that individuals should be rewarded based on their contributions and hence merit-based pay serves to fulfill the norm of distributive evaluator. Thus it diffuses concerns among the employees about fairness and equity. Theories of motivation also support the basis of merit for pay. Managers are boost to link important outcomes to desired b ehaviors. Whether they base their decision on the reinforcement theory or the foretaste theory, managers need to demonstrate to employees a link between performance and rewards. All these would indicate that basis of merit for pay is necessary as well as beneficial. Researchers express doubts whether performance can be accurately measured and there have been suggestions to make the measurement objective instead of subjective judgments. Moreover, individual performance is linked to others in the organization and this poses difficulties in calculating the individual contribution to the organization. Instead of output measures, behavioural measures can be considered but none is satisfied with such measures. Employees acceptance of the feedback systems creates problems as they do not accept the evaluations as accurate. Perceived favoritism is a problem in merit compensation systems receivable to the subjective nature of the performance evaluation process.

DU (The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company that operates Research Paper

DU (The Emirates combine Telecommunications Company that operates in the United Arab Emirates) - Research Paper ExampleConsumer segment focuses on people and households who are provided with mobile as hearty as fixed voice calling, apart from internet and related data services and television services. The bloodline segment focuses on small scale as well as large scale businesses and corporations and government agencies. The company provides them with integrated fixed and mobile business solutions such as voice, contents, data and mobile or otherwise applications. Carrier segment focuses on providing holder and international data networks as well as wholesale services to international companies and multinational corporations (Gulfbase.com, 2015).Emirates compound Telecommunications Company is ranked as first in the telecommunication sector, and is ranked as fourth in the service market. The company holds 11.37 percent of the share in the telecommunication sector, and 7.56 percen t of the market share in the service industry (Gulfbase.com, 2015). It employs 2000 workers throughout UAE and ensures a great working environment for both its home and behave staff. The company was late entrant to the telecommunication sector in the GCC, but it successfully competed against great players in the market such as Etisalat and managed to achieve 8.5 million prepaid mobile and data subscribers (Oracle.com, 2015).Solvency ratios give a significant metric to measure a companys ability to meet its debts as well as other pecuniary obligations. This ratio shows whether the cash flow is sufficient for the company to meet its financial liabilities of both short and long terms (investopedai.com, 2015).This paper presented a brief company profile of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, which is the leading provider of mobile and telecommunication services in UAE, and has been ranked to be the number one(a) in the sector in UAE. This paper presented the income statem ent and balance sheet of the company and analyzed variant ratios related to short term solvency or

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Outsourcing HR, How advisable is this move during a recession Dissertation

Outsourcing HR, How advisable is this fit during a recession - Dissertation ExampleHowever, the change to an outsourced resource for HR functions can buoy be a risky proposition, creating a deficit in employee motivation and morale that can cost in productivity. During an economical recession cycle, the funds to fully integrate a new form of HR service to employees can be limited, thus creating an irreversibility of the decision if new strategies include outsourcing HR in order to cut costs. The sustainability of the smart set is in jeopardy if all of the circumstances have not been measured for potentials, both negatives and positives and if the risks are at an irreparable level, the company may not survive the transition. While a useful tool for creating a better structure within the organization, when faced as a form of cost cutting during a recession period, the long term risks may negate any savings that could have been realized. Outsourcing HR during a Recession Chapter One Introduction 1. ... Various business research surveys have shown that as much as 70% of all human resources is now done through outside bulletproofs who function as specialists in the area in order to consolidate specialization over several firms, rather than each firm having in-house specialists in this area (Heneman 2002, p. 58). There are numerous benefits to hosting HR services through an outside source. The spirit of the savings elusive can be seen through improved economies of scales, more flexibility, higher levels of expertise, and higher levels of performance within core competencies (Heneman 2002). However, on the converse side of the discourse on the topic, it is possible that the de-personalization through standardization creates a lowered level of efficiency, thus decreasing overall firm performance. The reasons for outsourcing any part of a firms required resources is usually based on financial reasons. The unfortunate problem with firms that be in a shareholder model of governance is that the abstract, sometimes intangible costs of doing business from the positioning of an owner responsibility based position end up costing the business more in the long run. Short term goals are considered a higher priority than long term in the shareholder model, thus using outsourced HR is a part of this framework. According to Armstrong (2009, p. 93), Managements are facing tom turkey Peters (1988) challenge prove it cant be subcontracted. The formal policy of a major worldwide manufacturer reads Manufacture only those items internal source only those supportive services that directly hold to, or help to maintain, our competitive advantage . This perspective suggests that all concerns that are not directly involved with making money should be outsourced. The

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The Verity of Fear and Pain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The ingenuousness of Fear and Pain - Essay ExampleHe believed that his time in Auschwitz was a part of life, albeit wholeness that he needed to put behind him.The author makes a valiant effort to look at a excruciation victim through the eyes of a person who is perpetrating the torture. He finds that there is zilch else there other than an all-consuming urge to subjugate a fellow human being completely, taking restrainer of the very life force of another. The line that is to be analyzed is But in addition they tortured with the good conscience of depravity (Amery, 1980). This is a clear indication of the fact that the captors were self-righteous about their acts of torture and had no doubts in their dispositions that they were completely in line with the tenets of Fascism - unfortunately, something that they were extremely proud of.Jean Amery being a member of a partisan anti-Gestapo group was a prime catch for Hitlers men. He was found with incriminatory evidence that left no doubt in the minds of the captors about his political affinities. When he was finally brought to Breedonk, Amery had suddenly no illusions about what the Gestapo could do - but then, nothing really prep bes you for the actual act of torture. It was at Breedonk that he actually understood the meaning of the word torture, which originated from the French word torquere, which means to twist. Left hanging by his captors, his arms dislocated, he lost all sense of reality, the pain that he mat could not be described at all. It was indeed quite difficult to quantify the level of pain that he felt at the hands of his torturers. The psyche of a torturerTo begin with, there is no marked difference in the behavior exhibited by a Nazi torturer and another of any other organization. The psychological changes that occur in the minds of a torturer are impacted by various factors. Primarily, it is the belief he has in the cause that he is either fighting for or believes in. When there is no dou bt at all in his mind that his cause is a noble whizz he believes that anybody who does not share his views needs to be brought close to to his way of thinking, preferably by force. A study done by American psychologist Philip G. Zimbardo reveals how people who are otherwise of fairly good and peaceable nature can turn violent, dominating and oppressive, when playing the roles of a subjugator. The study conducted at Stanford University had two groups of people who were called upon to play two roles - guards and prisoners. It was found that the guards when dressed as guards - that is de-individuated - behaved in an excessively brutal manner (Zimbardo et al, 1973). A number of other studies support these general findings - that anonymity allows an accession in aggressive antisocial behavior. These people are completely convinced that their role as oppressor is one that has to be played out with perfection, merely because it is what is expected of them at that particular point in ti me. They are unable to even think of the consequences or the sufferings that need to be endured by their victims. There is almost a missionary zeal in their performances as torturers as they cease to believe in the wrongness of the acts that they take to commit. In the case of Amerys torture, they feel justified in their act mainly because they have apprehended a person who has political leanings that are totally out of sync with theirs. There is no doubt

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Sports Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Sports Management - Essay ExampleAs the paper declares pauperization often refers to the complex forces or other mechanisms that stimulate one to start and maintain a freewill activity, aiming towards the achievement of personal goals. Scholars in Organizational Behavior research explain motivational theories from two polar perspectives. One is from the content theories of motivation while the other is the process of motivation. Content theories are interested in whatever motivates individuals in the workplace.This discussion stresses that the possibility of the hierarchy of needs, developed by Maslow in 1943 suggests that people encounter specific requirements that are important to human life. The most elementary needs are physiological followed by safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Maslows theory is accepted and used broadly and applies effectively to the sports sector. Need is considered to be a critical factor that determines the benefits of stimulus for an individual. Based on this theory, Knowles also concludes that volunteerism is a means for serving society. Thus, the theory tends to emphasize on the egoistic aspect out of the various types of volunteer motivations. Through this theory, volunteers recognize that they confuse capabilities, freedom, and confidence to address chronical social problems in society. For instance, the application of this theory has led to an increase in the verse of volunteers at the Olympic Games from almost zero to 40,917 used during the 2000 Olympic Games held in Sydney.

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World Civilization - Ideologies Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

World Civilization - Ideologies - consideration Paper ExampleNeither the ground forces nor the USSR ever actually fought a struggle, but they did fight deputy wars, each one supplying arms and ammunition to the side that believed in their ideology. The war between northerly and South Vietnam is a case in point. Although both the regular army and the USSR stayed out of the war, South Vietnam which was anti communist had the backing of the Americans and was supplied with the materials needed to fight the North Vietnamese who were communists. The USSR in its turn, backed the North Vietnamese and supplied them with war material. One would have thought that if Russia and America fought side by side during the second world war, thither would be a friendly relationship between them. However, a closer look reveals that it was only the parking area enemy - Hitler, who brought these two nations together and their underlying differences took a backseat money box the end of the war. Onc e the war was over, as Winston Churchill famously remarked, From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. (Churchill, 1946) No one soul can be held responsible for the algid war. The clash of ideologies - USSRs Communism and Socialism versus Americas Democracy and Capitalism and the fact that each thought that her own ideology was best, and felt threatened by the opposing ideology, is the real cause of the cold war. One could argue, that the cold war came about due to Russias aggression in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, if the US had only had the good sense to suppose that Russia was just trying to create a buffer zone between the east and the west, possibly to hold further invasion from Germany perhaps the world might have been spared the tensions and problems created by over quartet decades of the cold war. Each side viewed the ideology of the other with suspicion and fear, and was lulled into a false belief tha t it alone held the constitute that would ensure the happiness and prosperity of mankind. It seems that both the USA and the USSR tried to push their own interests, and in so doing created misunderstandings, that at times brought them to the limen of nuclear war. In the beginning, the cold war was limited to taking sides in wars that were fought by other nations, that subscribed to opposing ideologies but the real danger was posed when both the USA and the USSR began to amass weapons of mass destruction. Although the cold war was spread over a period of over four decades, it went through periods of high tension followed by phases of relative calm. The Bay of Pigs crisis in Cuba in 1962, when the two superpowers came to the brink of war, had the effect of sobering the two nations, who decided to set up a hotline between them to be capable to speak directly in times of crisis. Soon after this both the USA and the USSR agreed to a Nuclear test ban Treaty. According to some historians , this was the beginning of the end of the cold war. In 1972, the USSR and the USA led by Brezhnev and Nixon, announced a policy of peaceful coexistence, strengthening economic ties and signing agreements for increase trade. By the time Reagan became president, the Soviet Union had once again become the empire of evil, till in the second term of his presidency, Reagan was lauded as the architect of ending the cold war. Jack Matlock Jr, who was the US ambassador to Moscow under Reagan, says, Reagan wanted to reduce the threat of war, to convince the Soviet leaders that cooperation could serve the Soviet peoples better than confrontation and to encourage openness and democracy in the Soviet Union. (Matlock, Reagan and Gorbachev How the Cold War Ended) At the time the USSR too had got a leader whose ideas

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Macroeconomic Policy Objectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Macroeconomic Policy Objectives - Essay ExampleOn the other hand, stubs atomic number 18 defined as the intermediate aims closely linked to the objectives theoretically. Thus, for example, a government could come out to achieve low rates of inflation and, to achieve this they could use elicit rates as an instrument while the government could in any case set consumer credit growth as a target or exchange rates increment. The policies that put up be utilise, by a government, to achieve macroeconomic policies are limited. Macro economic science is the branch of economics that has to do with investment, national income, consumption, and other aggregates. Another definition is the study of entire systems of economics that aggregate over an economys working systems. It is concerned, basically, with systematic and predictable variables that are analyzable individually in relation to decisions of agents that are determinant of their levels. More specifically, macroeconomics can als o be defined as the study of national economies with determination of national income. Macroeconomic Policy Low unemployment Full employment A realistic nature of this objective is the one used by the ILO where they use young and unemployed nation who are not always eligible to receive benefits, women who are in a marriage and cannot hold if spouses are not earning enough, and those claiming invalidity and sickness benefits (Marin 16). close to workers who feel inconvenienced often go for these benefits rather than ostentatiousness unemployment numbers. It is essential to take note of issues concerning inactive and active members of the countrys populace who have accomplish working age. Only those active individuals are included in the either working population that can be exemplified as all people who are registered as employed or unemployed. However, some individuals are in the unemployed category as a matter of decision, for instance, individuals opting for early retirement and students in groom (Marin 16). Price Stability One can define inflation as the rise in prices at a general sustained level over a period. Inflation is technically a bar through annual Retail price Index, or RPI, which can also be referred to as the newspaper headline rate of inflation. To stabilize prices, governments need to keep inflation rates to a minimum (Marin 17). Governments normally elect to keep the inflation rates to low percentages and mostly target rates of inflation that underlie the annually percentage of RPIX. RPIX is the initial RPI before the removal of housing costs in the form of mortgage interest payments. Governments normally see sense in utilizing the measure because interest rates that are normally used as a control of inflation directly affect RPI. RPIY also acts as another frequent inflation measure that does not include effects of indirect taxation like VAT and consumer price index used for international comparisons (Marin 17). Economic Growth T his is measured using GDP change rate, also Gross Domestic product. The term real, as accompanies majority of the statistics, normally refer to the fact that they have factored out inflation. Gross Domestic Product measures income, expenditure, or output of the economy of a country (Marin 19). A country, sometimes may also utilize GNP, or Gross National Product that is just like the GDP. Most governments publish figures of Gross Domestic Product on a quarterly basis that is based on the quarter on quarter change and annual percentages. Balance of Payment This briefly makes a immortalise of all the money that streams into and out of the country. This can be further divided into financial and capital accounts, as well as the period account and capital accounts are referred to as the capital account (Marin 19). Normally, the current accou

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Compare an revolution to civil war Research Paper

Comp are an revolution to civil war - Research news report ExampleThe similarities and differences are also stated and explained.Revolution may be caused by army and disobedient groups with a certain motive which will be of their advantages. This leads to the major types of revolutions that are experienced globally. The first genius is the violent and sudden revolution that seeks to transform the entire rude establishing new political systems that prioritize the citizens issues. The separate revolutions are the political revolutions in which the government is replaced but other structures like property relations are left intact. The best example of such a revolution is the French revolution that happened in 1830 and 1848. policy-making revolutions entail mass mobilization and more fundamental economic, cultural and social change (Briton, 12).The final types of revolutions invite the sweeping but slow changes of the entire society that take several genesiss to be embraced glo bally or in a certain nation. One example is the religion which is spread out from one generation to a nonher in the changing of peoples beliefs. The other example that has being evident globally is the industrial revolution which has been gradually embraced by nations to develop various machines. Industrial Revolution in Britain was authentically propelled by the development of a steam engine that would enable the pumping of water from coal mines thus enabling deeper mining in the ground (Downing, 7).The one cause that leads to rising of revolution in any nation is when democracy is undermined and collapsed by the reigning regime. Undermining of democracy could be a result of the authoritarian leadership. This leadership does not give the citizens the freedom to express their grievances forward to be met by the people in power. This contends that for a country to expand economically and reduce the rise of revolution there has to be a strong, independent place class that entails rational legal

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Greenhouse gas emissions and price elasticity of transport fuel demand Essay

Greenhouse gas emissions and charge ginger snap of transport dismiss ask in Belgium - Essay ExampleThe policy of increase in fuel tax by the Belgian government is taken into consideration in this article. The paper seeks to find the seismic disturbance of an increase in fuel taxes on the consumption of fuels by estimating the equipment casualty pushover of fuel take up. Backdrop of the article The Kyoto protocol, named after the Japanese city, is an internationalistic agreement concluded in 1997, aimed at the reduction of the accumulated greenhouse gas emissions of the genuine nations and lessening the intensity of global warming1. Since the start of negotiations on Kyoto Protocol, Belgian government adapted an ambitious vista in the climate regime in the European as well as in the international level2.Belgium has also participated in the targets of reducing the greenhouse emission and has been successful overall in cutting depressed the intensity of emission by the impo rtance of nuclear energy. But the intensity of emission is high in some sectors like heavy industry residential heating. But severe instances of emission are launch to be generated in a rigorous basis from the road transport sector in Belgium which represents 20% of the all Green house gas emission3. Belgium is a small country in the respect that it is a price taker of the fuel prices in the international market as its demand has little or no effect on the international oil price. So the supply curve faced by Belgium sens be thought to be infinitely elastic. Thus a change in the tax twist of the country is directly and fully gets reflected on the domestic prices and the standard (fuel consumption) is directly related with the price elasticity of demand for fuels. Thus the prime parameter on which the quantity that is the fuel consumption depends in this cuticle can be considered to be price elasticity of demand of fuels and thus we will analyze its impact with the help of theor etical understandings. Elasticity of demand Before moving into the realms of the topic in consideration it is necessary to clearly understand the concept of elasticity of demand. The elasticity of demand refers to the degree of responsiveness of quantity demanded of a commodity to a change in any of its determinants viz, price of the commodity, price of other commodities and income of the consumers. But in this paper we are only concerned with the price elasticity of demand4. Price elasticity of demand The price elasticity of demand measures the sensitivity of the quantity demanded to changes in the price5. In other words it is a measure of how much a quantity demanded of a commodity changes when its price changes. Mathematically the price elasticity of demand can be represented as the ratio of the percentage change in the quantity demanded of a commodity to a given change in price. Thus, Where, = Price elasticity of demand, = Change in quantity, =Change in quantity demanded6. Fig. 1 In the above diagram the initial price was P0 and the quantity demanded was Q0. When price rose to P1 the quantity demanded falls to Q1 following the law of demand which states that for a normal commodity as price increases the quantity demanded falls as a result. In the diagram, the gap and the gap . Different types of price elasticity of demand The numerical value of price elasticity of demand varies from zero to infinity. In damage of its numerical value (i.e, degree of elasticity), there are generally five types kinds of price elasticity of demand. A. perfectly Inelastic demand When the quantity demanded of a commodity does not respond to the change in its price, and so the elasticity of demand is said to be perfectly inelastic demand. The numerical value of inelastic demand is zero7. Fig. 2 In the above diag

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Egyptian art Essay Example for Free

Egyptian invention EssayIn Egyptian nontextual matter, style is everything. In the Egyptian Art we clear examined, we run into striking similarities in the objects d fraud that atomic number 18 included in this view. One thing that we can chaffer in exclusively the art bats that we have controln is that the style remains consistent throughout the history of Egypt. The view of this writer is to looking for at each work and comp atomic number 18 it to other(a)wise works later in Egypts history.To that end, we leave examine 4 separate worksthe Palette of King Narmer, which was predynastic, the tomb of Ti at Saqqara which is of the ordinal Dynasty, the Portrait of NiAnkhesut, which is from the early Sixth Dynasty, and finally the Funerary Stele of Iamu, from the First Intermediate period. distributively of these unique works has their own similarities to each other and their own unique oddments. Three of the works are worked in limestone, which was a primeval mediu m of Egyptian art, especially when it came to tomb or funerary art.The twenty-five percent is in stone, and was used to hold makeup and was intricately carved with a well for that express purpose. The premier(prenominal) work that this writer will examine is the Palette of King Narmer. This work is done in what is probably basalt or some other stone, as it is non done in the soft limestone that was common in other Egyptian art forms. Egyptologists are unsure exactly what event this depicts, but what we can see is that King Narmer is the largest figure on the palette. On the front of the palette Narmer is depicted leading an army and dispatch an opposing army.The opposing army is dead and decapitated, with their heads between their legs. This is pictured in the top third of the palette. In the middle third of the palette is a round depression made up of the entwined necks of two cats. This indented theater of operations is where eye makeup would have been placed. In the bottom third we see a warrior fighting a bull, a common theme in early Egyptian art. It should be noted here that the cats with the entwined heads is a distinctly Mesopotamian feature, showing the influence of the Middle Eastern art forms on early Egyptian art.On the back of the palette, we see a large figure who appears to be Narmer, wearing the crown of Upper Egypt. He appears to be subduing an enemy, who appears to be the leader of pass up Egypt. This is obviously meant to symbolize the supremacy of Upper Egypt over Lower Egypt. We notice from the position of the figures that every figure is in the profile position, but the arms are set about forward. This shows early on the foundations of Egyptian art, mainly, the consistency of keeping a majority of the body in profile, maculation only putting arms and chest in full frontal view.We also notice that on both sides of the palette, Narmer is the largest of the figures, making it clear that the palette is about him and his accomplishme nts. This is also a recurring theme in Egyptian artthe making of the main figure larger than other figures in the work. This assures the viewer that they are aware of who the main subject is. The second work that we are going to examine is the tomb of Ti at Saqqara. Again, we see that Ti is the largest figure in the work. This tomb relief is in color, which sets it apart from the other works we have examined.It probably retains its color due to the fact that it was not exposed to the elements as were other works. The paint brings out the striking details and shows the intricacies of Egyptian tomb art. It is also worked in limestone, which was a primary medium in Egypt. In this relief, we se that Ti is on a boat on the Nile. The Nile is overflowing with all sorts of marine feeling. From our knowledge of the hieroglyphics, we know that Ti and his hunters are hunting hippopotami in the Nile marshes. Again, Ti is in profile save for his hands and chest.It is at this point, however, th at we can see that there is very little difference between the picture of Ti and the picture of Narmer. This shows us that the Egyptians did not think about speciality between human forms. They counted on the hieroglyphics and the idea of the larger figure being the focal point of the work. The third work that we will examine is the portrait of NiAnkhesut. It is a limestone portrait, which makes us assume that it is from the tomb of this individual. This is from the Sixth Dynasty. In this work, we see NiAnkhesut as the central figure in this work.Out of necessity, NiAnkhesut is the largest figure in the work, and above his head are hieroglyphics. These probably severalize his story or his name, though we do not see the characteristic cartouche that accompanies the name. The fact that this individual has a tomb indicates that he was of sufficiently high school rank to have the wealth and prestige that a tomb connotes. Again, if we physically look at the portrait, we see that the h ead and the legs are in profile, but the chest and the arms are in full frontal view. This again shows the idiosyncrasies in Egyptian art.If we compare the physicality of the portrait to the other two works that we have examined, we see that there is very little physical difference in the three figures. Again, the lack of differentiation among figures is evident. The final work we will examine is the Funerary Stele of Iamu. It is worked in limestone, which is the primary medium of Egyptian tomb art. This work is a more complex work than the portrait, but not as elaborate as the Palette of Narmer. In this work, we see again that Iamu is the largest figure, and above his head are hieroglyphics.In this relief, it is trying for one to tell what Iamu is doing. Again, we see little physical differentiation with the other figures that we have examined, and we see that all the figures are in profile and that this is totally in keeping with all Egyptian art. This writer does see some beginn ings of differentiation in the figures, which begins to pave the way for more realistic portraiture. What conclusions can we draw from these four works? The first thing is that Egyptian art changed little over the years of Egypts farm and fall. Second, we see that Egypt chose art to express and transmit their culture.We also note that hieroglyphics were used to great effect to tell the individual stories that each work shows (with the exception of the Narmer Palette). Fourth, we can see that relief is the main form of art used by the Egyptians. Fifth, color is used throughout the Egyptian artistic world to give life to the two-dimensional images on the limestone walls. Sixth, relief is also a way to provide the art with a attainment that it would otherwise lack. We must continue to learn from ancient art as it is the way that we learn the about about ourselves. To understand it is to better understand ourselves and our own culture.

Decision Making Models Essay Example for Free

Decision Making Models EssayManagers deport the responsibility of qualification endings within that guide and offer up direction to their organizations. Although decisions whitethorn be made by individuals, groups, or teams, it is the manager who coordinates the process of decision making. Managers coiffe use of various decision making casts to effectively steer the organizations. It is worth to noting that there is no whizz model or style that is always right or perfect in decision making. This is so because various people are successful and satisfied using different styles. There are 2 major broad models of decision making. These are the deterministic and probalistic models. The deterministic models result in ingenuous decisions with good outcomes. The manager using this model is able to get what he/she expects i. e. the out come is risk free. In probabilistic decision models, the expected results are uncertain and thus making good decision may not necessarily lead t o good outcomes. The probabilistic decision making model is characterized by much than concern with twain the outcome value and the amount of risk each decision carries.All other(a) effective decision making models can be classified as either deterministic or probabilistic model. The other subcategories of decision making models are mechanical, mental/verbal, analytical, and simulation. These models are classified based on such characteristics such as types, evolution in time, and availability of information (McCall M. , and Kaplan, R. (2001). ). Mechanical models take sensual appearance of the object. They are utilise to display or test the design of items ranging from new buildings to new products. affable/verbal models are as well important and can be used to verbalize decision strategies for more complicated decision making models. The other model is analytical model which is a mathematical model and aimed at simplification, abstract of real systems to give insight and u nderstanding to some interested aspect of naive realism (Klein G. , et al. , (Ed. ) (1993). The analytical models are applicable to the deterministic systems. A simulation model is the last model that I am going to address.Simulation models are the computerized duplications of real systems and are seen to be more realistic, especially when simulate dynamic/probabilistic systems e. g. as used in aviation industry. Current Application Decision making models have assisted managers a lot in making viable decisions within the organization. The models discussed above have been implemented by individuals within organizations to come up with good decisions. For instance, the mental/verbal model has been used to aid in problem identification, in the development phase as well as the cream phase of decision making.Decision keep back system (DSS) has found usage in air-line management. Decision support systems and the models have been used to make decision both under risk, certainty, and ev en conflict in organizations. some other applications of the decision making models include the DSS for fiber optic Network Architecture Design and application of applied science to cardiovascular diagnosis. Decision making models have also been used in forecasting with examples such as regression models and Box-Jenkins models.In brief, the use of effective decision making models by mangers has helped organizations to improve their businesses as a result of quality decision. The various effective decision making models used by mangers have both benefits and drawbacks or challenges associated with them. Mechanical decision making models have the advantage of being usable for experimentation. Mechanical models are credited for clearly describing the problem of system under study and thus results in innovative designs alternatives for decision making.Mechanical models also have some challenges in that they do not contain explicit relationships in the midst of the decision alternativ es and dependant variables or objectives Mental/verbal models make the manager unable to experiment with them and cannot be used to channelise how outcomes or measures of effectiveness change with decision alternatives. It is also not possible to show how the relationships change with the decision alternatives. These models have the advantage of being easy to understand. They are also based on many years of managerial experience (Klein G. , et al. , (Ed. ) (1993).The advantages of analytical models include that they aim at simplification and puzzle out understanding to some interested aspect of reality. They can also help to test the effects of different decision alternatives, constants and parameter values more easily than with any other type of model. They can also analyze complex problems efficiently and concisely, and in many cases provide the cheapest way to analyze these problems. Although they are the around prevalent models in use today they may not be easily accepted by managers who neediness training, experience and time to use them.Simulation models have a high degree of abstraction and as such many managers do not want to work with them. The reason of this could be lack of enough training in and exposure to those models. The other reason is that trained managers may lack equal time to pay attention to model. Despite these drawbacks the models are beneficial in the sense that in resemblance to the mechanical model they can facilitate experimentation because both the independent variables, dependent variables, constants and parameters are explicitly related by language of mathematics.

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Capability Maturity Model Essay Example for Free

Capability matureness stumper shewThis report is split in to two parts, Part A of this report will aim to foremost define the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and secondly critically asses the importance of the copy in relation back to Software gauge charge. The aim of Part B will be to first assess the benefits of gaining accreditation against the CMM for computer computer parcel companies, secondly explain why the CMM is important for Indian outsourcing organizations and provide examples of companies, and lastly critically evaluate the differences between the CMM and the TickIT scheme by identifying the strength and weakness of both methods. PART A 2. Capability Maturity Model (CMM) The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) was heightened at Carnegie Mellon University by the software engineer Institute (SEI) and it provides a frame work for passage progression. (8) 2. 1 Five takes of (CMM) CMM has five maturity levels that lay successive foundations for unvarying proces s improvement. Looking at figure1 in 2. 2, we can see that each maturity level comprises a set of process goals that when satisfied, stabilize an important component at the software process. (9).The Capability maturity model is organized in to five levels. Below is a description of each one * Initial (Level 1) At this level the software process is ad hoc and projects succeed through individual heroism. ( 8) * Repeatable (Level 2) At this level basic project management processes are established to track schedule, cost, and functionality. (9) * Defined (Level 3) At this level the software process for both management and engineering activities is documented, standardized and integrated into a standard software process for the organisation.(9) Even though the Organization has a well defined process, it does not necessarily support it with numeric measurements. (8) * Managed (Level 4) At this level detailed measures of the software process and product quality are collected and both the software process and product are quantitatively controlled and understood. (9) * Optimizing (Level 5) At this last level the organization makes quantitative measurements of its projects and makes use of those measurements to tune the process. (8) 2. 2 Diagram of the five levelsFigure 1. CMM model (2) 3. Important of the model in relation to the SQM A lot of attention has been given to improving the process of designing, phraseing, and delivering software applications. The Software Engineering Institutes CMM Model is designed to help us evaluate the maturity of our Software information processes. The Capability Maturity Model recognizes that there are tools and processes that, while not directly involved in the production of code, forethought in the overall Software Quality Management process.(1) The CMM is now popular and has been effective in accent the importance of process improvement. Process improvement is an important Total Quality Management concept and substantive resea rch has focused on the design and evolution of the software development processes with the intent to enhance their capableness and maturity. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has developed specific models to evaluate, diagnose, and evolve the capabilities of the software development process. (4)As mentioned in 2. 1, the SEIs Capability Maturity Model (CMM) defines an evolutionary path from ad hoc, chaotic processes to mature, disciplined processes. Process maturation, as assessed by the predictability of development outcomes in terms of quality, budget, and schedules is enhanced when feedback is meaningfully generated and utilized to recalibrate and fine tune the software process design. (4) Report evidence have provokeed that organizations implementing a Capability Maturity Model-based software process improvement have realized gains in development cycle time and programmer productivity.(4) However Reports also suggest that organizations face difficulties in adhering to th e sequence, as recommended by CMM, in which changes to the development process needs to be implemented. (4) In conclusion lack of theory informing the conceptualization of the Capability Maturing Model stages raises questions about the rationale for the suggested sequencing to develop process capabilities. Limited attention has been devoted to define process management, identify and define its constitutive dimensions, and develop reliable and valid measurement instruments for each of these dimensions.(4) Process improvement is one aspect of Total Quality Management that needs to be integrated with other core Total Quality Management principles, such as customer focus and viewing the organization with an integrated systems perspective. These essential aspects of Total Quality Management are currently missing in the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). (4) Integrative theory development is required to understand the relationships between process management practices and other elements of the development organization, which enable or constrain effective process management.(4) Generally the Capability Maturity Model recognizes that moving from a craft approach, where executing is largely a function of individual skills, to a factory approach, where the process plays a dominant role, is obligatory to improve software development performance). Many Information System developers could perceive process-based approaches such as the CMM as deskilling their job and increasing managerial control over systems development tasks. Such a change is in all probability to be resisted by IS developers and could be a cause for failure of these approach. (4)

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Business Ethics and dilemma Essay Example for Free

Business Ethics and predicament Essay1. Review the assigned readings from the school schoolbook and article by Carroll (1991). 2. Prepare a 3- to 5-page paper titled, Corporate Social Responsibility. 3. Reflect upon your text readings from Chapters 1 and 9 with a focus on the following core concepts Organizational Social Responsibility (Chapters 1 and 9)The Ethical purpose-making Process (Chapter 1)Corporate Reputation (Chapter 9)The Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid (Chapter 9)The Importance of cartel (Chapter 9)The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility (article by Carroll and Chapter 9) 4. Read The Merck and River Blindness Case at the supplant of Chapter 9 of your text. 5. Compose your paper in Microsoft Word. Include your name, the denomination name and number, the course and section number, and the appointment on your title page. Follow APA guidelines for formatting and citations.. NOTE Your paper must meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the secti on of Weekly Written Assignments of the Assignment Guidelines and the grading criteria of this assignment. You are to go away a minimum of 2-3 references in your work. For this assignment, use of general google.com or Internet search references is not acceptable. Use the university librarys scholarly databases. 6. Respond to each of the following questions and statements StakeholdersProduce a list of all key stakeholders that you perceive to postulate a bona fide interest in the Merck companys dilemma. Corporate Social Responsibility PyramidFrame the Merck companys ethical dilemma at bottom the Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid. E.g. State soon the key economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities. As a focal point, compare and contrast the economic implications against the ethical and philanthropic considerations. Organizational ValuesState briefly and specifically whether the decision to a) proceed with the drug project or b) not to proceed with the drug ripening best fits withthe companys declared organizational values and its principles of profitability. Stakeholder Impact and TrustIf the drug development failed and cost hundreds of millions of dollars, would that misemploy to the company and its stakeholders be justifiable? If Merck decided not to pursue development of the new drug, what implications do you canvass this having for stakeholder relations such as the scientists who desire the development. E.g. Is this a trust and leadership consideration? Final DecisionIf you were the CEO of Merck and the final decision on this risky new drug development was yours, what would you do and why? Justify your decision. Using Carrolls theory, are you comfortable stating your opinion to the board of trustees, employees, and media? NOTE Since this is an actual, real-life case, your focus should be on producing creative and new thinking that applies the ethical concepts to the material. Also, include an introduction and conclusion in your paper. You are promote to use the headings above in Action Item 7 in your paper for organizational purposes. 7. fork up your paper to Turnitin.com.NOTE Turnitin.com is used by Franklin University to assist students in detecting plagiarism. Turnitin generates a report within minutes of submitting your paper. Your results will not be e-mailed to you you must login to review your results. Submitting a paper ahead of an assignment deadline provides you with the opportunity to take action if you need to rewrite any part of the paper. Your professor will provide you with a class ID and password as an e-mail or a Class Communication object. incoming InstructionsBy Sunday, upload your paper using the Submit tool.Grading CriteriaContent and focus response addressed the question(s) posed in a logical, cohesive manner 0 35 points Analysis and slender thinking make-up illustrates higher order critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and/orevaluation 0 35 points Writing style, grammar, sent ence structure Sentences are consistently clear, concise, well written grammar and punctuation are correct 0 15 points APA and research Correct use of APA style in body of paper and appropriately references the text and/or other research sources 0 15 points

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Reasons for Travel Essay Example for Free

Reasons for Travel Essay more than and more masses all over the world prefer to spend their holidays travelling. Rich or poor, previous(a) or young, they strive to leave the place where they live or work, and move to another spot of our major planet at least for two to four weeks a year. They travel to cities and towns, mountains and lakes, across oceans and seas. There are some(prenominal) reasons why the popularity of travel and tourism is growing.The first sensation is educational value of travelling. Man has always travel from one place to another in search of knowledge. Even now, in the age of technology and worldwide communication, travelling to a unlike region or country can help discover young ideas, technologies and inventions. The best way of testing geography is travelling, the best way to help you master a unknown language is travelling, too.Moreover, a supererogatory kind of tourism has developed, called educational tourism when people travel to study a fo reign language or to take up a course in one or several other subjects. The second reason why people travel is entertainment and rest. To expose great buildings and natural wonders, listen to national music, get some knowledge about traditions and ways of different countries, taste new cuisine gives us new emotions, helps drive away the stress.Thirdly, there are special reasons. A lot of new types of travelling have appeared like ecotourism, educational tourism, sports tourism. A lot of people travel on business. Now, with the growth of international trade people have a lot of chances to do business with foreign partners, and they do it willingly. Some people have additional reasons to like travelling. When travelling, they do sports, or take care of their health, or get new contacts.

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If Dory Had Gone Against Marias Wishes Essay Example for Free

If Dory Had Gone Against Marias Wishes Essay jak would do in the affirmative and then, according to Dory, the bed would squeak. Emma wanted to believe that she was living in a fairy-tale and she so she did, refusing to let anyone tell her otherwise. Mrs. Robinson tried to tell Emma that her husband was being unfaithful, and Emma refused to believe. Though Emma had all chastise non to believe Mrs. Robinson, the fact still remained that Mrs. Robinson was unable to convince Emma of Jacks infidelity. If Mrs.Robinson could not convince Emma that all was not right in her relationship with her husband, how would Dory, an eight year old girl who did not fully understand the workings of the adult world, be able to convince Emma that Jack was being unfaithful. Emma would imbibe told Dory that she did not understand what she was talking about, and demand to know where she had received her information. When Dory had revealed her source, which she undoubtedly would because of her issue for Emma and need to please her, Emma would no doubt have confronted Mrs. Robinson. That confrontation would only have put the disturbance between Emma and Mrs.Robinson at a different setting. Emma would still have refused to believe that she was not the only woman in Jack Yorks life. Mrs. Robinson would still have set up the chance meeting among Emma, Jack and the peeress at the train station. Emma would still have reacted the way she did, and would still have died. It is therefore caoutchouc for me to say, that based on my analysis of the short story, Emma, as well as looking at the well-nigh likely outcomes for a slight change in the plot of the story, if Dory had told her mother about the lady at the train station, the outcome of the story would have probably been the same.

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Essay Example for Free

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian proveAfter reading the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I got a much better understanding of what that title means. When you think of underemployed you norm whollyy think of having a part-time job when you only work just about days but not all the time. Well that is a lot want the life of the main character in this story. Throughout the book, third-year manages to be half(a) Indian and half white. He says It was like being Indian was my job. How could someone be half Indian and half white? If you down ever moved to new town, or changed schooltimes, then you probably have a pretty good idea how Junior felt throughout the book. After Mr. P dialog Junior into getting out of the REZ the only option Junior has, is to travel twenty three miles to Reardan and interpret school with the white kids. Being the weirdest and least popular kid, life on the REZ must have been tough.Having parents that drank all the time, and spent money that Juniors family did not have on Alcohol made it hard for him to have dismantle clothes, and a new outfit to wear now and then. But having a best friend like Rowdy made things a little bit easier. Rowdy was Juniors secret keeper, he also run away anyone up that tried to hurt Junior and was all ways there for him. Well up in till the day Junior changed schools, everyone on the REZ hated Junior they looked at him like he was some sort of trader or deplorable person.His first day at Reardan was tough, Reardan was the complete opposite of school back on the REZ. It was opposite of his family, and it was opposite of him. The only good part of the day was meeting Penelope. Junior gassed in wonder at her beauty, blond hair and blue eyes he had never seen anything so beautiful. Things were a lot different at Reardan, on Halloween Junior dressed like a homeless man, which was pretty easy for him since there was not much difference between his good clothes and hi s bad clothes.

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A Brief History of English and American Literature Essay Example for Free

A Brief History of side and American Literature EssayThe Nor macrocosm conquest of England, in the eleventh century, made a break in the natural growth of the side of meat language and literature. The old side or AngloSaxon had been a purely Germanic mother tongue, batting orderh a complicated grammar and a full make of inflections. For three hundred years following the battle of Hastings. this native tongue was driven from the kings butterfly and the courts of law, from parliament, school, and university. During every last(predicate) this time there were two languages intercommunicate in England. Norman French was the birthtongue of the fastness classes and position of the lower. When the latter fin each(prenominal)y got the better in the struggle, and became, about the middle(a) of the 14th century, the national speech of all England, it was no longer the position of King Alfred. It was a new language, a grammarless tongue, al about totally 12 stripped of its i nflections. It had lost a half of its old words, and had filled their places with French equiva contributes.The Norman lawyers had introduced sound terms the ladies and courtiers, words of dress and courtesy. The knight had imported the vocabulary of war and of the chase. The masterbuilders of the Norman castles and cathedrals contri scarcelyed practiced expressions proper to the architect and the mason. The art of cooking was French. The naming of the living animals, ox, swine, sheep, deer, was left to the Saxon churl who had the herding of them, time the dressed meats, beef, pork, mutton, venison, received their baptism from the tabletalk of his Norman master. The four orders of begging friars, and especially the Franciscans or hoary Friars, introduced into England in 1224, became intermediaries between the high and the low. They went about preaching to the poor, and in their sermons they intermingled French with English. In their manpower, too, was almost all the science of t he day their medicine, botany, and astronomy displaced the old nomenclature of leechdom, wortcunning, and starcraft. And, finally, the translators of French poems often found it easier to commute a foreign word bodily than to seek out a native synonym, particularly when the origin supplied them with a rhyme.But the innovation reached even to the commonest words in everyday design, so that verbalize drove out steven, poor drove out earm, and color, use, and place made good their footing beside hue, 13wont, and stead. A great part of the English words that were left were so changed in spelling and orthoepy as to be practically new. Chaucer stands, in date, midway between King Alfred and Alfred Tennyson, but his English differs immensely more than from the formers than from the latters. To Chaucer AngloSaxon was as much a dead language as it is to us. The classical AngloSaxon, moreoer, had been the Wessex dialect, spoken and written at Alfreds capital, Winchester. When the French had displaced this as the language of culture, there was no longer a kings English or any literary standard. The sources of modern standard English are to be found in the East Midland, spoken in Lincoln, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge, and neighboring shires.Here the old Anglian had been corrupted by the Danish identifytlers, and apace threw off its inflections when it became a spoken and no longer a written language, after the Conquest. The West Saxon, clinging more tenaciously to ancient forms, sunk into the topographic point of a local dialect while the East Midland, dispersion to London, Oxford, and Cambridge, became the literary English in which Chaucer wrote. The Normans brought in also new intellectual influences and new forms of literature. They were a oecumenical people, and they connected England with the continent. Lanfranc and Anselm, the first two Norman archbishops of Canterbury, were learned and splendid prelates of a 14 type sort of unknown to the AngloSaxons. Th ey introduced the scholastic philosophy taught at the University of Paris, and the re organise discipline of the Norman abbeys.They bound the English perform more closely to Rome, and officered it with Normans. English bishops were deprived of their sees for illiteracy, and French abbots were set over monasteries of Saxon monks. Down to the middle of the 14th century the learned literature of England was mostly in Latin, and the polite literature in French. English did non at any time altogether cease to be a written language, but the extant re principal(prenominal)s of the period from 1066 to 1200 are few and, with one exception, unimportant. After 1200 English came more and more into written use, but mainly in translations, paraphrases, and imitations of French works. The native genius was at school, and followed awkwardly. The AngloSaxon poetry, for example, had been swinging and alliterative. It was commonly written in lines containing four rhythmical accents and with three o f the accented syllables alliterating.R_este hine th r_mheort r_ced hlifadeG_ep and g_ldfh, gst inne swf.Rested him consequently the greathearted the hall toweredRoomy and goldbright, the knob slept within.This rude energetic verse the Saxon scp had sung to his harp or gleebeam, dwelling on the 15 emphatic syllables, passing swiftly over the others which were of undetermined number and position in the line. It was now displaced by the smooth metrical verse with rhymed endings, which the French introduced and which our modern poets use, a verse fitted to be recited rather than sung. The old English alliterative verse continued, indeed, in occasional use to the 16th century. But it was linked to a forgotten literature and an obsolete dialect, and was doomed to give way. Chaucer lent his great creatority to the more modern verse system, and his own literary models and inspirers were all foreign, French or Italian. Literature in England began to be once more English and truly nation al in the custody of Chaucer and his contemporaries, but it was the literature of a nation cut off from its own past by three centuries of foreign rule.The most noteworthy English document of the 11th and 12th centuries was the continuation of the AngloSaxon write up. Copies of these annals, differing evenhandedly among themselves, had been kept at the monasteries in Winchester, Abingdon, Worcester, and elsewhere. The yearly entries were mostly brief, dry records of passing events, though occasionally they father full and animated. The fen country of Cambridge and Lincolnshire was a region of monasteries. Here were the great abbeys of Peterborough and Croyland and Ely minster. One of the earliest English songs tells how the savage heart of the Danish 16 king Cnut was softened by the singing of the monks in Ely.Merie sungen muneches binnen ElyTha Cnut chyning reu ther byRoweth, cnihtes, noer the land,And here we thes muneches sang.It was among the dikes and marshes of this fen c ountry that the bold outlaw Hereward, the last of the English, held out for some years against the conqueror. And it was here, in the rich abbey of Burch or Peterborough, the ancient Medeshamstede (meadowhomestead) that the chronicle was continued for nearly a century after the Conquest, break of serve off abruptly in 1154, the date of King Stephens death. Peterborough had received a new Norman abbot, Turold, a very stern man, and the entry in the chronicle for 1170 tells how Hereward and his gang, with his Danish backers, thereupon plundered the abbey of its treasures, which were first removed to Ely, and then carried off by the Danish fleet and sunk, lost, or squandered. The English in the later portions of this Peterborough chronicle sires piecemeal more modern, and falls away more and more from the strict grammatical standards of the classical AngloSaxon.It is a most valuable historical monument, and some passages of it are written with great vividness, notably the sketch of William the Conqueror puzzle down in the year of his death (1086) by one who had looked upon him and at another time dwelt in his court. 17 He who was forward a rich king, and lord of many a land, he had not then of all his land but a piece of seven feet. . . . Likewise he was a very stark man and a terrible, so that one durst do nothing against his will. . . . Among other things is not to be forgotten the good peace that he made in this land, so that a man might fare over his kingdom with his bosom full of gold unhurt. He set up a great deer preserve, and he laid laws therewith that whoso should slay hart or hind, he should be blinded. As greatly did he love the tall deer as if he were their father.With the discontinuation of the Peterborough annals, English history written in English prose ceased for three hundred years. The thread of the nations story was kept up in Latin chronicles, compiled by writers partly of English and partly of Norman descent. The earliest of these, muc h(prenominal) as Ordericus Vitalis, Simeon ofDurham, Henry of Huntingdon, and William of Malmesbury, were contemporary with the later entries of the Saxon chronicle. The last of them, Matthew of Westminster, finished his work in 1273. to the highest degree 1300 Robert, a monk of Gloucester, composed a chronicle in English verse, following in the main the authority of the Latin chronicles, and he was succeeded by other rhyming chroniclers in the 14th century. In the hands of these the true history of the Saxon times was overlaid with an everincreasing mass of fable and legend.All authoritative knowledge of the period 18 dwindled away until in Capgraves Chronicle of England, written in prose in 146364, exactly any thing of it is left. In history as in literature the English had forgotten their past, and had turn to foreign sources. It is noteworthy that Shakspere, who borrowed his subjects and his hitmanes sometimes from authentic English history, sometimes from the legendary his tory of ancient Britain, Denmark,and Scotland, as in Lear, Hamlet, and Macbeth, ignores the Saxon period altogether. And Spenser, who gives in his second book of the Faerie Queene, a resum of the reigns of fabulous British kingsthe supposed ancestors of Queen Elizabeth, his royal patronhas nothing to say of the real kings of early England.So only had the true record faded away that it made no appeal to the imaginations of our most patriotic poets. The Saxon Alfred had been dethroned by the British Arthur, and the conquered Welsh had imposed their fictitious genealogies upon the dynasty of the conquerors. In the Roman de Rou, a verse chronicle of the dukes of Normandy, written by the Norman Wace, it is related that at the battle of Hastings the French jongleur, Taillefer, spurred out before the van of Williams army, tossing his lance in the air and chanting of Charlemagne and of Roland, of Oliver and the peers who died at Roncesvals. This incident is prophetic of the victory which N orman song, no less than Norman arms, was to win over England. The lines which Taillefer 19 sang were from the Chanson de Roland, the oldest and best of the French hero sagas.The heathen Northmen, who had ravaged the coasts of France in the 10th century, had be sire in the course of one hundred and fifty years, completely identified with the French. They had accepted Christianity, intermarried with the native women, and forgotten their own Norse tongue. The race thus formed was the most brilliant in Europe. The war exchangeable, adventurous spirit of the vikings mingled in its blood with the French nimbleness of wit and fondness for display. The Normans were a nation of knightserrant, with a passion for prowess and for courtesy. Their architecture was at once cockeyed and graceful. Their women were skilled in embroidery, a splendid sample of which is preserved in the famous Bayeux tapestry, in which the conquerors wife, Matilda, and the ladies of her court wrought the history of t he Conquest.This national taste for decoration expressed itself not only in the grandiloquent pomp of feast and chase and tourney, but likewise in literature. The most characteristic contribution of the Normans to English poetry were the metrical romances or chivalry tales. These were sung or recited by the minstrels, who were among the retainers of every great feudal baron, or by the jongleurs, who wandered from court to castle. There is a whole literature of these romans d aventure in the AngloNorman dialect of French. Many of them are 20 very longoften thirty, forty, or fifty gram lineswritten sometimes in a strophic form, sometimes in long Alexandrines, but commonly in the short, eightsyllabled rhyming couplet. Numbers of them were turned into English verse in the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries.The translations were commonly inferior to the originals. The French trouvere (finder or poet) told his story in a straightforward, prosaic fashion, omitting no dilate in the action a nd unrolling endless descriptions of dresses, trappings, gardens, etc. He invented plots and situations full of fine possibilities by which later poets wee-wee profited, but his own handling of them was feeble and prolix. Yet there was a simpli urban center about the old French language and a certain elegance and delicacy in the diction of the trouveres which the rude, unformed English failed to catch. The heroes of these romances were of various climes Guy of Warwick, and Richard the Lion Heart of England, Havelok the Dane, Sir Troilus of Troy, Charlemagne, and Alexander. But, strangely enough, the favorite hero of English romance was that mythical Arthur of Britain, whom Welsh legend had celebrated as the most formidable enemy of the Sassenach invaders and their victor in dozen great battles. The language and literature of the ancient Cymry or Welsh had made no impression on their AngloSaxon conquerors.There are a few Welsh borrowings in the English speech, such as bard and dru id but in the old AngloSaxon literature there are 21 no more traces of British song and story than if the two races had been sundered by the ocean instead of being borderers for over six hundred years. But the Welsh had their own national traditions, and after the Norman Conquest these were set free from the isolation of their Celtic tongue and, in an indirect form, entered into the general literature of Europe. The French came into feeling with the old British literature in two places in the Welsh marches in England and in the province of Brittany in France, where the population is of Cymric race and spoke, and still to some extent speaks, a Cymric dialect alike to the Welsh.About 1140 Geoffrey of Monmouth, a Benedictine monk, seemingly of Welsh descent, who lived at the court of Henry the First and became subsequently bishop of St. Asaph, produced in Latin a socalled Historia Britonum in which it was told how Brutus, the great grandson of Aeneas, came to Britain, and founded the re his kingdom called after him, and his city of New Troy (Troynovant) on the site of the later London. An air of historic gravity was apt(p) to this tissue of Welsh legends by an exact chronology and the genealogy of theBritish kings, and the author referred, as his authority, to an imaginary Welsh book given him, as he said, by a certain Walter, archdeacon of Oxford. Here appeared that line of fabulous British princes which has become so familiar to modern readers in the plays of Shakspere and the poems of Tennyson Lear and his 22 three daughters Cymbeline, Gorboduc, the subject of the earliest regular English tragedy, composed by Sackville and acted in 1562 Locrine and his Queen Gwendolen, and his daughter Sabrina, who gave her name to the river Severn, was made immortal by an pretty song in Miltons Comus, and became the heroine of the tragedy of Locrine, once attributed to Shakspere and above all, Arthur, the son of Uther Pendragon, and the founder of the Table Round.In 1155 Wace, the author of the Roman de Rou, turned Geoffreys work into a French poem entitled Brut d Angleterre, brut being a Welsh word meaning chronicle. About the year 1200 Waces poem was Englished by Layamon, a priest of Arley Regis, on the border stream of Severn. Layamons Brut is in thirty thousand lines, partly alliterative and partly rhymed, but written in pure Saxon English with hardly any French words. The style is rude but vigorous, and, at times, highly imaginative. Wace had amplified Geoffreys chronicle somewhat, but Layamon made much large additions, derived, no doubt, from legends current on the Welsh border.In particular the story of Arthur grew in his hands into something like fullness. He tells of the enchantments of Merlin, the wizard of the unfaithfulness of Arthurs queen,Guenever and the treachery of his nephew, Modred. His narration of the last great battle between Arthur and Modred of the keen of the kingfifteen fiendly wounds he had, one might in the least 23 thr ee gloves compel and of the little boat with two women therein, wonderly dight, which came to bear him away to Avalun and the Queen Argante, sheenest of all elves, whence he shall come again, according to Merlins prophecy, to rule the Britons all this left little, in essentials, for Tennyson to add in his Death of Arthur. This new material for fiction was eagerly seized upon by the Norman romancers. The story of Arthur drew to itself other stories which were afloat.

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Burma’s Peaceful Transition to a Democratic Future Essay Example for Free

Burmas Peaceful Transition to a Democratic Future EssayBurma is an Asian country that attained its license on 4th January 1948 and is boundaryed by china on the North and Thailand on the East. it was referred to as the sodality of Burma in 1948. On January 4th 1974 it metamorphosed its name to the union of Burma and then on 23rd September, 1888 it reverted to the union of Burma. In 1989, then it changed the name again to the union of Myanmar and this was through the efforts by the state law and order proceeds council (SLORC). It is a country whose universe of discourse has had a big bucks of significance in Burmas politics.The Burmese presidential term is known as Myanmar and assumed an authoritarian feature that is dominated by a host leader. at that place amaze been substantial efforts to switch to a more than pop affects tho these efforts have be hampered by the armed forces which is against this move for example in 1990, a parliamentary disposal was selec t except the Burmas forces could non let it to convene. Burma has a population of about 50 gazillion people and has 500,000 troop who have been sh are the government to create a regime of fear by denying the citizens around of their basic right wings.Some representative leaders have come up and visualized a viable thought process of freeing the people from the torture they get from the government. In 1992 with his party the National League for Democracy, managed to scoop 82 % of each(prenominal) countrys parliamentary seats and the force regime which used totalitarianism principles declined to transfer power to the leaders that were democratic eithery elected. For more than ten years later, Aung San Suu kyi was put on tin arrest and was released notwithstanding in 2002.Her release was viewed by many a(prenominal) as the only hope to the boldness of Burmese democratic government that would be sensitive to the peoples needs unfortunately in 2003 herself and many of h er supporters were killed by a rowdy mob that was sponsored by the government. This conflict between the majority and the minority became evident aft(prenominal) Burma achieved independence in 1948. It was at this time that Aung San Suu was given the mandate to rule e precise(prenominal) those aras that traditionally were not controlled by only single community. by and by 1948 when the Burmese constitution was signed, constitution right have not been exercised on the minorities, they likewise do not have pieces of land and especially those that at one time belonged to their people. Since the war period, the Burman minorities have been sidelined by the majority who argon the Burmese Burma was a British colony from the twenties and this continued up to 1948. though the Burmas heartland was find oneselfd directly by the colonial powers, the surrounding regions were chuck up the spongeed to rule themselves and this led the loyalty to split along the ethnic lines.The dominant ethnic group is the Burmese that make up of 68 percent of the whole population and minority accounts for the remaining 32 percent. Religion in Burma has vie a key role in causing further divisions. There argon many religious in Burma for example in that location be Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus. These religious divisions have been aggravating the situations for example in 1991 more than a quarter million Muslims were evicted from their interior(a)s.This was exacerbated by the fact that thither were many alliances formed. They were force to cross the border to Bangladesh where they were accepted as refugees by the Bangladesh government but were helped by the international community with the basic needs. Today, the Burmese government is led a prime minister whose regime is greatly accused of displacing thous of Burmese communities both(prenominal)(prenominal) internally and externally, some community such as K arn, Mon and Kareni were constrained to seek refuge in Thailand.T hose that are internationally displaced receive a better treatment than those that are internally displaced as the later are mistreated by the military. It is estimated that about 600,000 citizens have been internally displaced and are constantly looking for ways they could bar slavery. They are used as slaves by this government as many of them are conscripted in the legions by force or are left with no an separate(prenominal) choice except from connective the drug ne twork that is sponsored by the state. There are non-homogeneous movements that have been trying to free the population of Burma from military.Some of these are the Junta, the Karen National Union and the Moi Tai army though their efforts did not materialize because nigh of the current military officials are from the community with the majority that oppresses the minorities. So, it is really hard to make any bring in but there is one very vibrant group that has mobilized the minorities to participate in a non-vi olent irenic demonstration. Led by Buddhist monks, these people protested against the abuse of human rights and matched in groups of more than hundred thousand protestors in the streets.The Head of the State, General Shwe who is besides the chairman of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) is greatly criticized by the United States and the European governments which have imposed various sanctions that are compel sodding(a) consumer boycotts. The United States of the States and the European governments using their influence led another(prenominal) Western nations to stop cooperating with Burma. Though these governments have been adamantine in enforcing throw forwards against Burma, some western sandwich companies are still cooperating due to some loopholes in sanction application. or so of these are the oil companies. Such as the American oil company and the French oil company. in like manner Cherron and the Yadana natural gas pipeline that runs from Burma all the w ay to Thailand is so much in use. There are still Asian personal line of credites that operate in Burma for example the Daewoo Company that invests in extracting resources. The United States government in collaboration with the European governments also imposed sanctions on Burmas clothing as well western nations to stop sourcing from Burma and more particularly those shops that were either partially or wholly supported by the government.After those peaceful protests, a good number of people stopped getting their products from Burma and these were led by an case-by-case like Levi Strauss who was very vibrant in keeping up with the fight against the government products for example from 1992,many American cloth and shoes companies stopped acquiring their properties from Burma. In 2003, the united government banned Burmas imports as in accordance with the Burmese freedom and democracy Act that was amended in the year 2003 however, some people have attacked this United States strategy of forcing this government to step down as has led many people to suffer greatly.Despite these critics, the move was supported by the Burmese democratic movement and has mantic by the Burmese democratic movement and has vowed to keep encouraging the western world to impose harder and stricter sanctions against the military government (Smith M. 1991) Burma insurgency and the politics of ethnicity London and New Jersey. Zed books. The human watches in Burma have highlighted all the crimes against humanity but there is no judiciary to address the problem any such move faces strong opposition from the military government.There is no free communication that is allowed by the Burmese military government in fact no one is allowed to access the internet and the search engines such as Google, G mail, hotmail and yahoo so the Burmese citizens are little informed. What the government has done is that it does not allow these companies to operate in its territory and as such they are blocked. If people have to access materials from the internet, they mustiness first of all be filtered and censored by the military government. They use US filtering soft wares such as the Fortinet to censor emails, web pages and pro-democratic pages.In Burma, child soldiers are forcefully conscripted. They are also forced to punish their fellow military friends by being giving death threats incase they do not as they bare told. Children are conscripted in army by force. These children are promised to be jailed if they do not accept to join the army. Since the military regime usurped power in 1962, after overthrowing sthe democratically elected government, this regime has been one of the worst violators of human rights in the whole universe.The climax reached after the (SLORC) State honor and Order Restoration Council was changed To State Peace And Development Council sometimes back in 1997, November. This party in 1988 seized the states powers established itself and forcefully removed th e little pretence that was there that they were upholding the dignity of the citizens and took part in massacring the demonstrates who were demonstrating against the cosmos of this undemocratic regime. They were marching in the streets of Rangoon and Burmese towns and cities when the military forces descended on them killing thousands.According to the comment that was do by the amnesty international human rights violation and torture were like a Burmese universe and they even listed various forms of abuses that were perpetrated by this corrupt regime. This report was further affirmed by the United Nations and other human rights watchdog. These abuses that they listed were for example torture, murder, litany abuses, forced displacements of citizens, holding or arresting individuals and keeping them in clutches houses without trials and various litany abuses.These were the activities that were characteristic of this military regime and citizens have suffered enormously under it. Ch ildren were also abused by the military that forcefully conscript them in the army and also the villagers were forced to work for the military. Children are reportedly state to have been raped and defiled by the troops. The military operations that are from time to time conducted in various villages and these led to deterioration of living standards for example this was witnessed in Karen state and Shan state in 2001.This has forced many to be to run away to the neighbour states such as Thailand piece of music those who are unable to move out of the country were internally displaced. The internally displaced and lived in the camps for internally displaced received very vulgar treatment by the ruling military regime than those who manage to seek refuge in the neighboring states. The military regime do not in any way follow the internationally agree freedoms for example the civil and political rights though Burma is a signatory to various international peace accords.Everything tha t happens in this country must be censored including the exhibitions. There is completely no freedom of expression. Even publications are not spared as they are censored by the government infact it is only sports and romance magazines are not censored. The broadcasting media houses are state owned and the government has the monopoly over them. They only air information that is complaisant to them for example you it is common to see military juntas generals making speeches and from these stations and instead they go for less biased information. The SLOPCS has been very determined in curtailing the freedom of speech.Though they try to censor the information given by the public media, there are international ones that give more accurate information and these are what people rely on. These are stations such as the British broadcasting corporation (BBC), the democratic voice of Burma, radio Free Asia and the Voice of America (VOA). Apart from these international radio stations, any othe r person who goes against this decree risked twenty years imprisonment as per the 1996 decree. These are some of the laws that are enforced by this government without any regard to the international law standards.Burma is a resource- bounteous country that suffers from government controls and broken rural poverty. The military regime took steps in the early 1990s to liberalize the economy after decades of failure under the Burmese Socialism, but those efforts have since stalled. Burma has been unable to achieve monetary or pecuniary stability, resulting in an economy that suffers from serious macroeconomic imbalances including a steep inflation rate and an official transfigure rate that overvalues the Burmese kyat by more than 100 times the market rate.Burma is a nation that is rich in various natural resources for example the country has precious such as pearls and rubies. The country is also rich in natural gases. In 1962 its economy was performing well when compared to other e conomies of the developing nations but the socialist party which assumed power later changed the economic status of Burma for example it replaced the capitalism rule of economy with socialism that advocated for central planning as opposed to central planning. Due to this economic change it became one of the poorest developed nations of world.In addition, most overseas development assistance was subjugate after the junta suppressed the democracy movement in 1988 and subsequently ignored the results of the 1990 election. A crisis in the snobby banking area in early 2003 followed by economic moves against Burma by the United States, the European Union, and Japan including a US ban on imports from Burma and a Japanese freeze on new bilateral economic tending further weakened the Burmese economy. Burma is data poor, and official statistics are much dated and inaccurate.Published estimates of Burmas outside trade are greatly understated because of the size of the black market and border trade often estimated to be one to two times the official economy. Better relations with foreign countries and relaxed controls at home are needed to promote foreign investment, exports, and tourism. In February 2003, a major banking crisis hit the countrys 20 private banks, shutting them down and disrupting the economy. In July and August 2003, the United States imposed a ban on all Burmese imports and a ban on provision of financial services, hampering Burmas ability to obtain foreign exchange.As of January 2004, the largest private banks remained moribund, leaving the private sector with little formal access to credit outside of government contracts. In Burma the rate of unemployment is very high and the prices of commodities are very high and life standards are very high. According to one businessman said that the situation in Burma was moving from bad to worse and that there was looming danger of social unrest, lectures, professors and pipeline construction workers are poorly paid.Due the constant mass rebellion by the democratic movement against this regime, it was rendered bankrupt in 1988 in the onset of the 21st century, it was on the last income generating countries in the world but it has greatly reversed this situation because it dropped its economic isolationism. It has also welcomed the foreign investors in its economy so that it would strengthen its military bases. In response to its call, UNOCAL and TOTAL oil companies came to its rescue. In Burma, there are military controlled economic sectors such as Myanmar economic holdings limited and the Myanmar economic corporation that is, UMEH and MEC respectively.These two industries which are controlled by the Burmese military are the ones that dominate the economic sector of Burma. UMEH is geared towards military strengthening while MEC is geared towards shifting the defense cost from the public sector to the private ones but both corporations have a part to play in strengthening the milit ary base of Burma. Though European Union has been imposing economic sanctions to Burma its sanctions are not as stricter as those of the United States. It has invested a lot in Burma and it doesnt want to lose the much that it has invested.United States has been very keen in reinforcing the bans or sanctions that have been imposed on Burma. The US government particularly has imposed a ban on its investments in this country and has also placed a ban against Burmese exports. Since the bans were proposed, US is the only nation that has implemented them. In the past, the European Union has not been imposing strict sanctions but kickoff from last year it has add-ond economic sanctions on precious metals and on imports such as precious stone and timber but they still demand for fresh elections to be held and human rights to be respected.It is only thorough these ways that the country can witness a transition from military rule to a democratic one. It had eased its sanctions basing its r easoning on its above conditions. Japan has been very friendly to Burma. It has never failed to support this military regime though on a small scale. Infact it is one of the major donor in Burma but it is reconsidering its foreign policy on Burma especially after a Japanese journalist was killed. It said that it would cut the aid that Burma gets from it. The other reason for it to withhold its financial aid was in 2003 when San Suu Kyi was kept in detention by the Junta.They believed that was the only best move that would pressurize the military regime to address the democratic principles that have never been allowed to take root in this regime. In 2002,Japan supported Burmas government with 17 million US dollars on top of that it gave Burma the technical support it needed Japan which was all this time shying away from enforcing sanctions on Burma as the US and UK were doing, it changed its policy after this saga. The British government pressurized the European Union to increase san ctions until san Suu Kyi was realized but it was assured that these sanctions would be eased if Suu Kyi was released.That nation that seems to support Burma or appears or appears or appears to be annually to Burma face violation by the US and UK government and this has occurred to china and North Korea. This is ground on misconception that these close friends would be providing economic support to this government that has little regards for its citizens. The United States for example was very bitter because Burmese government suppressed democracy and imposed its will on people and that is why it has imposed sanctions.The heroic stature of Aung San Suu Kyi has greatly helped in making Myanmar to be recognized world wide. chinaware has been blamed for helping this region for its support. The western world cannot sway the Juntas government for this to be effective, then the regional ASEAN countries such as India, Thailand and especially china must first be willing to transform this g overnment. China has been asking Myanmar to quell violence and control protesters but it seems this is falling on deaf ears.China has been helping Burma in international affairs management for example it has been very vibrant in keeping the edit out of Burma out of the United Nations agenda but the United States and the British governments have been on the other side. Due to many economic sanctions that have been imposed on this regime, it finds it even hard to show aid to its people who living in poverty. The aid that Burmese gets is below par and is the lowest in the region especially when it compared with that of the local countries for example, an individuals aid is counted as 2.5 dollars per head while that of Laoss stands at 63 US dollars. China has been accused of providing Junta with military aid indeed limiting the chances of democracy being realized. It has continued to conduct business relations with. Burma but it is because of some factors that are understandable and some of these are that Burma is rich in useful natural gases that china is interested in again Burma provides China with an overland route to the Indian ocean so Chinese government would not do anything to destroy its relations with Burma. Though there have been calls for better treatment of protestors, they fall on deaf ears.The amnesty international has been pressurizing the United Nations to impose embargos and sanctions on China so that peace in Burma would be realized. This is based on understanding that the Burmese military government relies on china for most of its assistance so, if china was to cut its military aid then, the Burmese government would be unable to control the nation there by creating a platform of peace transition. If the new government would come in place, it would not find it hard to sustain itself even without getting any financial aid from other countries.There are a lot of minerals that aid from other countries. There are a lot of minerals that would help the government to finance its entire government projects. The new government should create confidence among its citizens so that they would participate in the economy thereby making the economy of this nation even stronger. This government should also extend its business relations with other nations as many of them do not have those minerals and unquestionably they would be so much interested in them. Work cited. Altsean-Burma Alternative Asean Network on Burmacampaigns, protagonism and capacity-building for human rights. 2008. Accessed on Wednesday, March, 2008 at http//www. altsean. org/ Andrew S. Burmas Armed Forces Power without Glory. Norwalk East Bridge. 2002 45-56 Burma net News. Accessed on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at www. burmanet. org BBC News. Analysis Burmas economic Crisis. 15th March, 2002, 1347 GMT Accessed at http//news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/business/1871326. stm Brookings. Quality, independence and impact. Retrieved on April 30, 2008 at www. brookings. edu Donald M. S.Burma-China Relations Playing with Fire. Asian Survey, Vol. 37, No. 6, 1997 533 International Crisis Group. work To Reduce Crisis World Wide. Retrieved on April 30, 2008 at http//www. crisisgroup. org/home/index. cfm Myanmar. com. New Light of Myanmar. April 30, 2008 Accessed on April 30, 2008. At http//www. myanmar. com Philip S. Robertson Sanctions atomic number 18 Working in Burma. 2003. Online commentary at www. irrawaddy. org/com/2003/com31. html Accessed on August 2003. Smith M. Burma insurgency and the politics of ethnicity. London and New Jersey. 1991 78