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Business Ethics and dilemma Essay Example for Free

Business Ethics and predicament Essay1. Review the assigned readings from the school schoolbook and article by Carroll (1991). 2. Prepare a 3- to 5-page paper titled, Corporate Social Responsibility. 3. Reflect upon your text readings from Chapters 1 and 9 with a focus on the following core concepts Organizational Social Responsibility (Chapters 1 and 9)The Ethical purpose-making Process (Chapter 1)Corporate Reputation (Chapter 9)The Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid (Chapter 9)The Importance of cartel (Chapter 9)The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility (article by Carroll and Chapter 9) 4. Read The Merck and River Blindness Case at the supplant of Chapter 9 of your text. 5. Compose your paper in Microsoft Word. Include your name, the denomination name and number, the course and section number, and the appointment on your title page. Follow APA guidelines for formatting and citations.. NOTE Your paper must meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the secti on of Weekly Written Assignments of the Assignment Guidelines and the grading criteria of this assignment. You are to go away a minimum of 2-3 references in your work. For this assignment, use of general or Internet search references is not acceptable. Use the university librarys scholarly databases. 6. Respond to each of the following questions and statements StakeholdersProduce a list of all key stakeholders that you perceive to postulate a bona fide interest in the Merck companys dilemma. Corporate Social Responsibility PyramidFrame the Merck companys ethical dilemma at bottom the Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid. E.g. State soon the key economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities. As a focal point, compare and contrast the economic implications against the ethical and philanthropic considerations. Organizational ValuesState briefly and specifically whether the decision to a) proceed with the drug project or b) not to proceed with the drug ripening best fits withthe companys declared organizational values and its principles of profitability. Stakeholder Impact and TrustIf the drug development failed and cost hundreds of millions of dollars, would that misemploy to the company and its stakeholders be justifiable? If Merck decided not to pursue development of the new drug, what implications do you canvass this having for stakeholder relations such as the scientists who desire the development. E.g. Is this a trust and leadership consideration? Final DecisionIf you were the CEO of Merck and the final decision on this risky new drug development was yours, what would you do and why? Justify your decision. Using Carrolls theory, are you comfortable stating your opinion to the board of trustees, employees, and media? NOTE Since this is an actual, real-life case, your focus should be on producing creative and new thinking that applies the ethical concepts to the material. Also, include an introduction and conclusion in your paper. You are promote to use the headings above in Action Item 7 in your paper for organizational purposes. 7. fork up your paper to is used by Franklin University to assist students in detecting plagiarism. Turnitin generates a report within minutes of submitting your paper. Your results will not be e-mailed to you you must login to review your results. Submitting a paper ahead of an assignment deadline provides you with the opportunity to take action if you need to rewrite any part of the paper. Your professor will provide you with a class ID and password as an e-mail or a Class Communication object. incoming InstructionsBy Sunday, upload your paper using the Submit tool.Grading CriteriaContent and focus response addressed the question(s) posed in a logical, cohesive manner 0 35 points Analysis and slender thinking make-up illustrates higher order critical thinking, analysis, synthesis, and/orevaluation 0 35 points Writing style, grammar, sent ence structure Sentences are consistently clear, concise, well written grammar and punctuation are correct 0 15 points APA and research Correct use of APA style in body of paper and appropriately references the text and/or other research sources 0 15 points

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