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December 9, 2013Breanna WhittemoreEnglish 101 Section 0006Critical ReflectionI went into English 101 knowing that on that point would be a lot of paternity. I was never truly fond of writing and I was never that good at it. I wasnt very excited for this class. When I found out how the class was going to be graded I was shocked, I didnt think I would be satisfactory to pass. I didnt understand what any of the terms on the final portfolio assessment rubric ( hit) were. As we went through the semester however the idea of turning in a portfolio became less daunting. My writing improved and I knew that if I kept revising I would be able to pass.When I started the semester I went in with a very different way of writing stresss than the way that we were learning in this class. I had conditioned to write short essays that answered prompts, the essay writing that I learned in English 101 was, putting two essays in conversation with each other. In my essay Identity and Discourse, I compar e one references writing with another authors writing and how they relate.Your home Discourse also gives us a good foundation of what our identity is (Whittemore, 3) In that line I was able to show that I found a connection between identity and discourse. That is what the purpose of the essay is, to put James capital of Minnesota Gees theory of discourse in a conversation with Robert Brookes theory of identity. When it came to the purpose of my essay, I was never very good at expressing what it was. This course has really taught me how to express purpose. It also taught me how to find purpose in others writing. What I am going to be talking about in this essay is the purpose of Jean Anyons essay, Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work. (Whittemore, 2) That is the purpose o... ...g of the kind of writing that you do for specific occasions is acceptable as well, and sometimes needed in order for you to get your message across.I came into English 101, a little afraid of what it was going to be like and if my writing abilities were strong enough for me to take it. Once I started the semester though things got a lot easier and I was able to really enjoy writing. The terms on the PAR do not look as discouraging. I am able to put works of literature into a conversation now and find how they connect. I also know what lines of inquiry are and I am able to find them in others essays and put them into mine. I can also find passages from texts to actualise my statement. Overall, I believe that English 101 has made me a better writer and I think that I have improved tremendously in my writing skills since the first day of class.

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Human Cloning :: miscellaneous

Human CloningScience fiction authors have for many years instilled in us the fantastic idea of great armies of cloned men and women, fighting mindless battles for the betterment of human kind. Perfect beings created under the microscope of fantasy to accelerate the evolutionary process, a cheery new world, of disease free and identical people. But is there truly an application for human cloning in our 21st century society? almost scientists argue that one could use the cloning process to grow a twin sister for a dying child to allow for an organ donor, a perfect match. A noble idea, if one values a human life as highly as cattle headed for a slaughter house. And what of the dangers obscure? A few years ago the worlds eyes turned to the scientific presses, hot with the new discovery that cloning was possible. Dolly the sheep was born, the low gear successful case of cloning the scientific world had seen. But what we didnt see is that there were 276 failures before the successful c ase was achieved. Are we willing to risk 276 human lives for the research of a non applicable science? The thought of a perfect being is intriguing. The model child with the blue eyes you never had and the suddenly straight without having spent three hours in a salon blond hair that everyone thinks you have. It seems a popular notion that once one genetic variety has been achieved, others will follow. And even if the technology for a bouncing blue eyed catalogue selection is only a gleam in the scientific eye, the possibleness of having a three year old Britney Spears is conceivable. The excitement of this sentiment unfortunately masks the reality of it, in that creating a homogeneous race poses a real brat to freedom, the very essence of humanity.At this stage in the development of the cloning process, each cloned Being is viewed as a subject. Dolly was a media spectacle, a lost(p) lamb under the millions of gawking eyes. If a human is cloned, it is highly unlikely that he or she will not be swept up into a similar fate. And under the eyes of the media, not to mention the person who funded the subject, that child will be forced to grow up under a endocarp of obligatory expectations. Every action and emotion could indeed be shaped and cultivated to suit the perceptions of an idealised person.

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Political and Economic Issues Along the U.S. and Mexico Border Essay ex

Introduction and Statement of Purpose check to Jason Riley (2009) there are an estimated ten to twelve million illegal immigrants living within the get together States (p. 54). According to Cieslik, Felsen, and Kalaitzidis (2009), over half of these illegal immigrants are from Mexico (p. 185). These population estimates have led the United States to take action along our border. We have built a fence, deployed heterogeneous surveillance systems, and currently employ thousands of U.S. Border Protection officers. These actions have made the issue of illegal in-migration a highly debated topic within the United States and Mexico. This debate will be explained from a political, economic, and an integrated perspective. The Political Perspective on the IssuePolitics have severely impacted the issue of immigration along the U.S. and Mexico border. Within the United States, New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has been extremely active regarding immigration along this border. Bra nton and Dunaway (2009) terra firmad, Governor Bill Richardson declared a state of emergency in four counties along the U.S.-Mexico border (p. 289). Governor Richardson was bear on with, Ravages of terror and human smuggling, drug smuggling, kidnapping, murder, the destruction of property, and the death of livestock (Branton & Dunaway, 2009, p. 289). Influenced by Governor Richardsons concern, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano also declared a state of emergency, As a desperate attempt to get the attention of the federal authorities (Branton & Dunaway, 2009, p. 289). These are all valid concerns when public safety is a top priority of any elected government official.Another political figure concerned with violence along the U.S.-Mexico border is Pat ... ..., I. (2007). Does border enforcement deter unauthorized immigration? The aspect of Mexican migration to the United States of America. Regulation & Governance, 1(2), 139-153. Retrieved from http//, J., Nikiforov, S. (2009). If Mexicans and Americans could overcome the border freely. Independent Review, 14(1), 101-133 Retrieved from http//, R. (2010, September 15). U.S. and Mexico border wall a costly failure film says. Reuters. Retrieved from http//, J. L. (2009). Let them in The case for open borders. New York, NY Gotham Books.

My Last Duchess :: Robert Browning, My Last Duchess

Robert Browning is the author of My Last Duchess and he shows the audience how it is a spectacular monologue. In a class lecture, the professor had mentioned that the meter is set in the 15th century. During that time, it was common for a young woman to be arranged in a marriage. As the poem unfolds, the audience learns the speaker of the poem, Duke Ferrara, is talking to another male character and begins to tell the story of his previous wife. As they are stand up in front of the portrait of the Dukes last wife, now dead, the Duke talks close to her imperfections. The reader discovers that the ex-wifes imperfections were qualities such as generosity, courtesy to those who served her, and an overall respected woman. What follows are examples on the nature and personality of the Duke.Browning lets the reader to believe that the Duke has found flaws of his previous wife because she did not respect his rank and his power. More importantly, the Duke did not approve the conduct of his previous wife and will tolerate it again. As the story begins, the Duke is speaking to the other male character about the portrait of his previous wife. A painter by the name of Fra Pandolf had painted the portrait and it is said that Pandolfs hands may have wandered as well. The following lines can make the audience wonder about the relationship between Pandolf and the Dukes ex-wife. That piece a wonder, now Fra Pandolfs hands / Worked busily a day, and there she stands (lines 3-4). The Duke is now left to wonder that if his ex-wife and Pandolf may have had a relationship of some sort. In the poem, the Duke does not reveal the painting to any person. He is the only person that is allowed to reveal the portrait from the curtains that cover it. Although he does not show anyone the portrait, the Duke had revealed the painting to the other character. The depth and passion of its earnest glanceBut to myself they turned (since none puts byThe curtain I have pull for you, but I) And see med as they would ask me, if they durst (8-11). The audience is learning very early in the poem that the Duke questioned his relationship with the Duchess in the portrait. It is at this moment in the poem that the Duke begins to tell the reasons he did not trust his ex-wife.

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Depth of a River :: essays research papers

Depth of a RiverPoetic expression is evolved from a web of emotions and thoughts. With the tending of imagery, formation, and figurative language, a poet is able to transport readers to another world of his creation. Robert burn uses these attributes to invite readers into world of peace and serenity in his poem Sweet Afton. This lyrical poem expresses the gratitude the persona feels for his homelands watcher, while asking genius to be quiet so his love may enjoy the tranquillity of her sleep. Burnss use of imagery, use of figurative language, and construction with musical aspects help him convey his feelings and ideas to his readers.With the rolling hills, winding streams, and wandering sheep, Burns has created a pastoral setting in Sweet Afton. Burns use of imagery helps add to the naive realism of the poem. A reader is able to hear the blackbirds whistling, the doves resounding echo, and the lapwings screaming. A reader is able to see snowy feet, crystallisation streams, and green valleys. A reader can even smell the sweet-scented birch. Burns appeals to senses by using imagery words that create the illusion of sound, sight, and smell. imagination helps express the personas feelings in his environment, enabling the reader to stand along with him in his world.Slow-moving rivers symbolize the simple life. Peace is traveling at a pace easily kept. There are no dangerous undercurrents or rocky obstacles Afton River is gliding crystal. Burns is able to create this illusion by means of figurative language. He also uses apostrophe by having the persona command the river and wildlife to be quiet, as in Flow gently, sweet Afton, disturb not her dream, (lines 4 and 24). much(prenominal) like imagery, figurative language is another vehicle used to carry the feelings of the persona to the reader.Sweet Afton is a poem broken up into six stanzas. from each one stanza contains four lines. These stanzas attribute to the musical effect of the poem. The first and la st stanzas are incremental refrains. Burns uses this repetition to emphasize his plea for the river to flow gently and his prominent appreciation for its beauty. The middle four stanzas each focus on a different feature of nature. The second stanza focuses on the sounds of the birds in the narrow and secluded valleys. The beauty of the surrounding hills, little streams, and the personas own sheep are emphasized in the third stanza.

Depth of a River :: essays research papers

Depth of a RiverPoetic expression is evolved from a web of emotions and thoughts. With the help of imaginativeness, formation, and figurative language, a poet is able-bodied to transport contributors to another world of his creation. Robert destroy drops these attributes to invite readers into world of peace and serenity in his meter Sweet Afton. This lyrical poem expresses the gratitude the persona feels for his fatherlands beauty, while asking nature to be quiet so his love may enjoy the tranquillity of her sleep. ruins use of imagery, use of figurative language, and construction with musical aspects help him convey his feelings and ideas to his readers.With the rolling hills, winding streams, and wandering sheep, Burns has created a pastoral setting in Sweet Afton. Burns use of imagery helps add to the reality of the poem. A reader is able to hear the blackbirds whistling, the doves resounding echo, and the lapwings screaming. A reader is able to see snowy feet, crystal st reams, and green valleys. A reader can even smell the bouquet-scented birch. Burns appeals to senses by using imagery words that create the illusion of sound, sight, and smell. Imagery helps express the personas feelings in his environment, enabling the reader to stand along with him in his world.Slow-moving rivers play the simple life. Peace is traveling at a pace easily kept. There are no dangerous undercurrents or rocky obstacles Afton River is gliding crystal. Burns is able to create this illusion through figurative language. He also uses apostrophe by having the persona command the river and wildlife to be quiet, as in Flow gently, sweet Afton, disturb not her dream, (lines 4 and 24). Much like imagery, figurative language is another vehicle used to carry the feelings of the persona to the reader.Sweet Afton is a poem broken up into six stanzas. Each stanza contains four lines. These stanzas attribute to the musical effect of the poem. The first and last stanzas are increment al refrains. Burns uses this repetition to accent his plea for the river to flow gently and his great appreciation for its beauty. The middle four stanzas each focus on a different feature of nature. The second stanza focuses on the sounds of the birds in the narrow and secluded valleys. The beauty of the surrounding hills, little streams, and the personas own sheep are emphasized in the third stanza.

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Educational Support In Rural Zimbabwe Education Essay

Cash withdraw system is presently a hot discourse in poorness decrease. Originally designed as an intercession scheme chthonic dearth and exigency conditions, vexed bullion superman has instantaneously been applied as a wide spectrum instrument in poorness decrease including kids s public assistance. Inspired by Sens Entitlement Approach, substantial currentness transportation is a acquire side intercession aimed at stimulating demand for services through administering hard currency to the cicatrix population. Cash transportations are a non-contributory grant such as income support, kid grants, Foster attention grants and scholarships. Focus of this paper is limited to whether such grants are conditional or non. conditional Cash transportations have been apply to advance instruction in Latin America. Disbursement of hard currency was made on status that cultivate locomotion kids in the family are enrolled or at go nurture or both. This attack seems to estrange instru ction from an new(prenominal)(prenominal) family demands and do it alone to kids. However, repressing the family factors that led to under demand for instruction by enforcing conditions might non be the best solution in bettering entree to instruction. An apprehension of how instruction can be promoted in the ground of family demand forms and resource allotment de bourneinations seems believable. The focal point is on the family for two grounds. First, Most kids live in families and families are an of import establishment in provision kids with primary demands. In this position, family operation ( the extent to which all it needs are met ) is of import in run intoing kids s demands. Second, the demands of families are by and large linked and complementary to each other, in which instruction is one. Therefore, run intoing kids s primary demands such as wellness and instruction through hard currency transportations is some possible to be sustainably achieved through a family att ack. This essay reviews the literature environing the usage of hard currency transportations in march on orphans and vulnerable kids ( OVC ) instruction, while concentrating on how outlandish Zimbabwe families can be instrumental in guaranting sustainable demand for instruction.Children and instruction in ZimbabweThe demand for instruction in Zimbabwe has been greatly affected by the human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS pandemic and intensify poorness. In 2004, Catholic Relief Services estimated that virtually 30 % of kids were orphans 1 . AIDS related Orphan population is estimated to die hard reached 1.1 million in 2010 2 . A big figure of orphans are populating in drawn-out house discombobulates largely in rural countries. Bettering entree to instruction for orphans and other kids made vulnerable by poorness therefore requires a wider attack that besides caters for loss in support. The Basic Education Assistance Module ( aerate ) revived in 2010 under the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture to supply educational subsidies towards OVC has an mean coverage of merely 7.8 % ( Mushunje and Mafico. 2010 ) . The net registration rate for primary school is approximates 90 % harmonizing to UNICEF statistics 3 . However, attending has been greatly affected by the intensifying economic crisis. With unemployment rate good above 80 % , instruction aid is needed.Cash transportation and instructionCash transportation has been used in human development through advancing entree to wellness, nutrition and formal instruction particularly aiming vulnerable kids. Success narratives in Latin America have strengthened the thought that conditional hard currency transportation can be employed across Africa in advancing formal instruction for kids. Registration and attending were used as indexs for success. However, enrolment entirely is non sufficient in bettering instruction. Consistency in go toing school seems to be a comprehensive index for programme come to. Conditio nal hard currency transportation based programmes such as The blushful de Proteccion Social Programme in Nicaragua resulted in an mean addition of 18 per centum points in registration and 23 per centum points in attending ( against a baseline of 70 % registration in the mark population ) amongst 2000 and 2003 4 . The Bolsa Familia Programme in Brazil has shown a lessening in school dropout and an addition in enrolment even though the sum of the hard currency transportation was less than that realised from child labor ( Chapman 2010 ) . The betterments in entree to instruction hold been attributed to handiness of hard currency for school fees and sometimes to worsen in child labor through increase household income.Several hard currency transportation programmes aimed at increase the demand for instruction have besides been carried out in Africa. Kenya s first stage of Cash Transfer Programme was launched in 2004 in 3 territories with each family having about USD 6.50 per month ( Br yant 2009 ) . Absenteeism declined by 16 % during the first 9 months in Kalomo territory Zambia where unconditioned hard currency transportation was implemented ( GTZ 2005 ) 5 . Very few surveies have been documented about the usage of hard currency transportation in advancing instruction in Zimbabwe. However, a correlational statistics between an addition in income and an addition in puting instruction has been established in other hard currency transportation undertakings. The 2006 Zimbabwe Emergency Cash Transfer Pilot Programme aimed at bettering nutrient security in 3 territories of Zimbabwe indicated that some part of the money distributed was used to purchase educational equipment such as books ( Roman 2010 ) .Theoretical footing of hard currency transportationsCash transportation is basically based on the Entitlement Approach ( OXFAM 2006 ) . Sen ( 1981 ) used the entitlement attack to explicate the dearth that occurred in Bengal in 1943.According to Sen ( ibid.) , volume did non decease because of deficiency nutrient but lacked the ability to command nutrient through the level-headed agencies available in the society , i.e. , entitlement failure ( ibid. 167 ) . They may besides hold failed to utilize this ability if it was present. Sen ( ibid. ) described two signifiers of entitlement failure, pull and response failures. Pull failures represents inability to demand, for illustration through requital loss in unemployment. Response failures represent inability to provide to run into demand, i.e. the inaccessibility of nutrient on the market. The hard currency transportation attack is fundamentally a demand -side intercession aimed at extenuating the pull failures. In other words, the attack assumes that kids are out of school because instruction is non adequately demanded callable to miss of service fees. The entitlement attack consists of three related constructs the gift set, entitlement function, and the entitlement set.The gift set is defined as resources owned by a individual ( legal ) both touchable and intangible for illustration land, knowledge/skill and labor power. It is these resources that either through ex lurch or production enables a individual to book other trade goods needed for endurance through agencies that are considered legal by the society in which 1 is portion of ( Osmani 1993 ) .Entitlement mapping refers to the procedure of change overing 1s gift into agencies possible to obtain trade goods packages of one s pick. Therefore, laborers sale their labor to obtain rewards for purchasing trade goods while husbandmans sells their green goods to acquire hard currency for exchange with other trade goods. Social security falls at heart this procedure.Entitlement set ( trade good package ) , refers to the existent trade goods which people chose to hold for fulfilling their demands. The entitlement set besides includes goods and services obtained through public provisioning such as free instruction .Several advantages have been identified by pro hard currency transportation assistance coders in nutrient security ( e.g. OXFAM 2003 ) . These include reduced response clip, flexibleness and expanded picks for donees and cost effectivity in term of absence of procurance costs. Using conditional hard currency transportation in instruction seems to fall short of some of the above advantages, family picks are genuinely limited, and costs per donee are likely to lift due to supervising costs. Even when statements point out that conditioning improves effectiveness particularly when a precise group within the family such as kids are targeted, effectivity still rest on the health professionals pick to take part or reinforce the conditions. The undermentioned subdivision analyse family from the entitlement attack position.Locating families within the Entitlement Approach Frame figure.A household fundamentally consists of people populating in the same home and have common agencies for endurance. A family might non be household but assorted household composed of members from more than one household. Cash transportations are a manner of giving families capacitance to demand services. Families concur picks or map on the services depending on their demands. The procedure of entitlement function at the family degree determines whether instruction as a pulmonary tuberculosis good will be portion of the entitlement set, unless conditions are imposed. In a state of affairs of really limited resources under poorness conditions, demands that are considered roughly of import are more likely to acquire attending fore virtually. This suggests a additive relationship among demands. Besides needs that complement each other tend to be located closer to each other in the relationship. Therefore, a closer appraisal of overall family demand form is of import before an driveway to excite demand for instruction. Sing the fact that a family operation is indispensable for kids s public assistance, a comprehensive bundle may be undeniable to do such intercession sustainable.Traditional microeconomic theoretical accounts assume that families consist of person who are a public-service union maximising ( Cornia and steward 1995 ) . The family make collective determinations and income is allocated in the best manner to run into the demands of the family. A family is merely limited by the entire reckon at its disposal ( Vermeulen 2002 ) . Under the public-service corporation theoretical account, even if the hard currency is disbursed to a family without any specific targeting, every member of the house is assured of a just portion from the corporate appropriation procedure. However, Individuals of course have different penchants or at least differ in precedences. When I was turning up at that place were unmeasured times when I would desire money to travel to a film house merely to be told that the few dollars left were for my male parents conveyance to wor k ( likely budgetary restraints ) , or that I would instead inquire for a new brace of school places ( precedence ) . Samuelson ( 1956 ) made an effort to explicate the inevitableness of single penchants and suggest that at least family members argue for their ain personal penchants and make a consensus to aggregate their public-service corporations. Becker ( 1974 ) unlike Samuelson, suggest the being of a appealing family caput through which corporate public-service corporation is achieved.On the other manus, the bargaining theoretical account assumes a bargaining procedure among family members. The ultimate allotment of resources depends on the bargaining power of each person or groups within the family ( Cornia and steward 1995 ) . In this theoretical account, kids are expected to dicker for demands like school fees and other rudimentss.The above family theoretical accounts are an of import measure in understanding family ingestion forms. Concentrating on the rural Zimbabwe in a scenario of really limited resources, it is most likely that the demands ( including instruction ) would be prioritised in a superior order with the topmost needs having financess before those lower in rank. Assuming that kids will hold much dickering power particularly in an drawn-out household family might be an simplism. Demand for instruction is largely possible when it is considered a family demand and the budget license. The diminution in absenteeism rates in non-conditional hard currency transportations in Kalomo Zambia suggests that the demand for instruction might non needfully necessitate to be induced, but increased ingestion on other demands is positively correlated to ingestion on instruction.Targeting Children within the familyMost kids exist in families, and have entree to basic demands such as nutrient, shelter, and instruction by virtuousness of being household members. Children who separate from a family might lose some basic demands such as shelter and nutrient. Children populating on the streets are a good illustration. Targeting kids in a manner that recognises this relationship is hence of import. This logically translate to the thought that a balance should be stuck among the viing demands within the family whether through public-service corporation maximising or dialogue. Targeting kids presents a challenge in poorness intercessions. If our position is that a family is necessary for kids s endurance, we are most likely to accept that realization of kids s entree to instruction is achieved when the family is working good ( i.e. affording most of its basic demands ) . On the other manus, if we hold the position that the family has failed to supply entree to basic demands for kids, we tend to estrange kids from the family and seek solutions that are limited to kids. Even if a plan is designed to references direct costs of instruction, the kids can merely go to school if the family attains some degrees of satisfaction on its other demands , for illustration, lower limit nutrient demands. It is hence of import to see the adequateness of the sum of hard currency transportation in intercessions.Beneficiaries in Kalomo District in Zambia indicated that the size of the hard currency transportations given were non plenty to run into the basic family demands ( Wietler 2007 ) , neither USD 6.50 per month transportations in Kenya might be sufficient to convey sensible alteration in a family s economic status. Regularity of income is besides of import. The success of the Bolsa Familia programme is partially attributed to dependability of regular income even though the transportations where less than incomes form child labor ( Chapman 2010 ) .Other obstructions in aiming kids are deserving to see. During the choice of the mark population there are a scope of factors that might exclude/omit meriting families or kids to be donees. For illustration, deficiency of designation paperss or the clip interval between choices of donees. The choice of donees does non take topographic point every twenty-four hours for logistical grounds, while kids are invariably falling vulnerable from assorted grounds. Excessive coverage happens when people who do nt run into the standards for inclusion benefits form an intercession. Cornea and Stewart ( 1995 ) working in the country of nutrient subsidies argued that the chance of inordinate coverage lessenings when most of the people in a population meets the standards for inclusion. Sing the figure of out of school kids populating below the poorness threshold in rural Zimbabwe, coders should non go much disquieted about mark preciseness. Otherwise the cost of supervising for conformity will go expensive and lead to an addition in costs per donee. In a scan of 15 Sub Saharan states, Kakwani and Son ( 2005 ) discovered that the Pro-Poor Policy Index differences were non important in conditions of perfect aiming and cosmopolitan targeting, particularly where degrees of poorness wer e really high. submission to instruction is non merely determined by the ability to run into direct costs of instruction. Other factors that need to be established through a situational compend are of import before make up ones minding whether hard currency transportations ( conditional or non-conditional ) provides the best solution or non. The perceptual experience held the family on instruction may play a function. For illustration, ingestion on instruction may depend on whether it is considered an investing or ingestion good ( Kakwani et. Al. 2006 ) . The impact of instruction proviso besides depends on the quality of instruction. Consequently, supply side needs attending in footings of instructor preparation, educational installations and equal equipment. Success of the Red de Proteccion Social Programme in Nicaragua is besides attributed to fillips received by instructors for each kid who attend school and half of the sum was used to secure school stuff ( Chapman 2006 ) .Deci sionCash transportations primary aim is by and large to racecourse down poorness and exposure and besides to increase affordability of trade goods. This nonsubjective can be achieved rather easy by utilizing non conditional assortments of hard currency transportations. Some literatures suggest that conditional hard currency transportations are the most effectual in advancing kids s human capital development. However, the justification of utilizing conditions on hard currency transportations is unfastened to debate and unfavorable judgment. Conditional hard currency transportations cut down picks for families and might non needfully reflect the pending demands people have. Even though conditional hard currency transportations can be introduced to hike indistinct demand in instruction, an apprehension of state of affairss taking to less than expected ingestion on instruction is required. This entails apprehension of local family economic and societal functionalities. present of an addition in investing in instruction under non-conditional hard currency transportation suggests that instruction is a family demand. Therefore, advancing kids s instruction within the family model is most likely to be sustainable. All the same, household ingestion degrees on each demand tend to be related, complemented, or may be partly influenced by ingestion of another. Policy shapers besides need to see a web of grounds why families sometimes fail to adequately demand instruction in rural Zimbabwe. Considerations must be taken to see if hard currency transportation in its assorted signifiers can be used as a primary instrument or as a complement to other more relevant schemes particularly against a background of intensifying educational crisis.

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Shoe Polish Out of Banana Peelings

Producing tog Polish Cream Out of Banana Peelings A scientific discipline Investigatory Project conducted A Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement In Science IV Submitted to Mr. Alfredo N. Sarabusab Submitted by Ma. Judy Anne May T. Crisostomo Ma. Joy-mae O. Bongayan Ginalyn P. Billones Bacoor National High School important Tabing Dagat, Bacoor, Cavite i Abstract The Science Investigatory Project determines the possibility of the variety of banana peelings as shoe polish cream.Also read How To Make Shoe Polish From CharcoalThis variety of banana feelings compared on each other, however the banana peelings of lacatan were the most effective. Then it was compared to the commercial shoe polish in terms of authority using the acceptability test. And this test resulted that banana peelings as floor wax had no significant difference to commercial shoe polish. We therefore conclude that banana peelings of Lacatan showed potential to be an alternative shoe polish cream. ii Acknowledgem ent First, we would like to thank the Almighty God for the guidance and lessings that he gave us for to come upon this project. We would also thank our parents that gave their support and permission in whenever we are doing this project. To our fellow classmates, Nico Solitana and Harold Huet, in helping and gave us some suggestion and information about in our project. And lastly, we would like to give our warm gratitude to our teacher in Physics, who gave way for us to accomplish and finish our project successfully. iii Table of Contents Title foliate. Abstract. ii Acknowledgement. iii Table of Contents. iv CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction . 1 Background of the Study. command of the Problem. Hypothesis.Significance of the Study. Scope and Delimitation. Definition of Terms. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Related Literature. Related Studies. CHAPTER triplet METHODOLOGY Methodology Flow Chart..Research Design CHAPTER IV RESULTS AND DISCUSSION CHAPTER V S UMMARY OF FINDINGS, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION Summary of Findings Conclusion Recommendation Appendices.. Bibliography ..

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Clinton Climate Change Initiative Program in Australia and the Progress of Barangoo Waterfront Development Project in Sydney so Far

climate diverseness has come to be one of the issues that have had far-reaching implications for the world in which we live. As people who ar proud of our heritage and who need to live a fulfilling life, we need to do a lot more to bear on climate change. For it is clear that unless something is through with(p) and done fast enough then this dear homeland of ours will be no more in a matter of several years (Pittock 2003). Therefore, my salute is to all Australians to persist hard to make the earth a good, safe place to live in not tho today but as well as for generations to come.The way to go is to conserve our environment to reduce carbon emission as far as possible as to date climate change is largely attributed to the rapid increase in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere in different forms. The Clinton understructure has been in the forefront in this fight against climate change (The Clinton Foundation 2010). It has initiated many projects in the country to ensure t hat carbon emission is reduced. The Clinton Climate Change Initiative Program is a typic climate change program that is aimed at helping this country achieve its goal of becoming kBer.Through the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), the Clinton foundation aims at working with the political sympathies to provide greener sources of energy, counter carbon emissions by using renewable energy sources in homes and offices, and reducing organic waste through use of recycled material (The Clinton Foundation 2010). It also seeks to create avenues for absorption of large quantities of carbon such as forests. The target is greenhouse emitters which range from industrial emissions through domestic energy sources to uneconomic use of material or careless dumping.Working jointly with C40, CCI seeks to see cities greener and cleaner (The Clinton Foundation 2010). Through the Greener Government Buildings Program, CCI targets to make reduce the use of applications in organisation buildings which e mit greenhouse gases. Reduced use of energy and reuse is a point of emphasis (Freestone 2010). All of us ought to seek to visit the Clinton Foundations official website and its other information resources to be better placed to work jointly with it to ensure we live in a safer and greener country.It is upon us all to work alongside CCI to make climate change less affective of our lifestyles. Now is the time for every Australian to do something that will count towards curbing ominous climate change. For this is for our own good. It is for us and for posterity. The more we conserve and preserve now, the more secure we make our future and the future of our children after us (The Clinton Foundation 2010). The Clinton Climate Change Initiative Program is currently running different projects to this effect, with the notable one being the Barangoo Waterfront Development Project in Sydney.This project is a fusion between the Clinton Foundation and the government of New South Wales and aim s to create a third estate in the city of Melbournes area of Barangoo so it becomes part of the rally business district (The Clinton Foundation 2010). This is a beautification approach that seeks to protect the waterfront of the city center and to capture the emitted carbon so the city is cleaner and greener. Once an cozy city, Barangoo is being transformed to become part of the city center and so reduce congestion (Preston & Jones 2006).The main constructions are a headland park and a public domain. So far, work on the headland park has commenced and soon works are going to start for the public domain. The city, one the project is completed, is judge to be literally green with magnificent parks and surrounding blue waters. Magnificent buildings will adorn the nicely shaped harbor to demonstrate just how far collective effects and commitment can change cities for good. Also yet to be completed are a newly created headland park and a very modern waterfront. The headland park is l ocated north of Barangoo (Beatley 2008).Already done is a foreshore promenade that extends along the harbor and is part of a 14 kilometer foreshore walk joining Anzac Bridge to Woolloomooloo. Under the headland park is a car park that is almost hidden by the greenery. It is expected that the stay part of the project will carry on to completion soon, to make Sydney a real green city and a demonstration of what being green really is. Word count 747 References Beatley, T 2008. Green Urbanism Down Under Learning from Sustainable Communities in Australia. Island Press Freestone, R 2010. Urban Nation Australias provision Heritage.Csiro Publishing Pittock, B 2003. Climate Change An Australian Guide to Science and Potential Impacts. Retrieved at http//www. ccma. vic. gov. au/soilhealth/climate_change_literature_review/documents/organisations/ago/science-guide. pdf Preston, BL& Jones, RN 2006. Climate Change Impacts on Australia and the Benefits of Early Action to Reduce Global Greenhouse G as Emissions. Retrieved at http//www. csiro. au/files/files/p6fy. pdf The Clinton Foundation 2010. What we Do. Retrieved at http//www. clintonfoundation. org/what-we-do/clinton-climate-initiative/

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What Impression Does Steinbeck Give of Life in the Bunkhouse?

What impression does Steinbeck give of life in the break offhouse at the beginning of the novel? Steinbeck describes the bunk house as a plain, dark, hostile place with sm each, square windows, this creates the impression of a dark, lonely environment. The workers dont have proper chairs to sit on, utilise grouped boxes, this shows that there is no comfort at bottom the bunkhouse. The workers belongings are kept in an apple box which shows little luxury and comfort. This image is the diametral to the image of the brush a tranquil, safe place.Using words like he stepped out the door into the brilliant sunshine creates the image of an oppressive room, somewhere you wouldnt want to stay a sense of danger nearby. Hierarchy in the ranch is important, some of the characters use body language and clothing to show their billet about the ranch. Age has a lot to do with hierarchy in the ranch. We first see this in the image of candys dog, the dog is hoary and lame, parallel to the image of glass. The dog is shot later on in the novel because it is worthless in the ranch, because of age similar to Candy.The amount of work Candy can do is limited because of disability and when the gaffer thinks he cannot do anything else in the ranch, he will be fired and have nowhere to go. The instinctive authority shows when Candy talks about Crooks, Ya see the stable bucks a nigger. this shows that race in the ranch is important in in the hierarchy of the ranch. Crooks is not allowed into the bunkhouse because of race, he sleeps elsewhere, he is lower in the hierarchy of the ranch.Some characters on the ranch have to show their authority by the way that they dress, the boss is an example he wore high-heeled boots and spurs to prove he was not a labouring man this tells us that the boss does not have natural authority within the workers on the ranch and has to prove that he is the boss. Steinbeck does not give the boss a name because he is such a minimal character in the nove l, this shows he is not involved with the workers very much throughout this novel.Curley is another example of this like the boss, he wore high-heeled boots Curley feels threatened by bigger men because he is quite small and feels as though he has to act tougher to be more respected. Curley feels that making up rumours about his wife, Curley says hes keepin that hand cushioned for his wife will possibly gain him more respect, like he has something to prove, but instead the workers think its disgusting. Another example of natural hierarchy is Slim. Candy tells George and Lennie about Slim as if he is the boss, Slim dont need to wear no high-heeled boots on a grain team. this tells us that all of the workers respect him, he is a natural leader and it doesnt matter what he wears, theyll still respect him up to the point Curley apologises to him. In the bunkhouse George is suspicious of Candy, George tell sceptically this tells us about the distrust between George and the other worker s. From this quote we can see the itinerant workers lifestyle, and how isolated and lonely the lifestyle is. When Candy is verbalize George pretended a lack of interest which tells us that he doesnt want to get to involved with the stories Candy tells him.

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The Teachings of Christ For Christian Education

In my opinion I feel that the biblical basis of educational ministries are four primary ideas that teaching should be seen as a light of the world, it should bring out old as puff up as cutting feelings in people, be an example to any mankind, and be followed always. There are many more biblical basis for de alertrymanian education, but in my look I find these the most important.In Proverbs 623 the Lord states, For these commands are a lamp, this teaching is a light. Teaching should not feel corresponding a burden of the church, or of the parents. Look at teaching the word of Christ as a gift and teach this gift wholeheartedly. As a Christian one of our duties of the Lord is to pass down His teachings as well as His faith. God has given you a wonderful gift and it would be no less then sinful to hoard it all for yourself. (Note This was described perfectly by Lou Foltz today in chapel.)A teacher has the hard task of not only teaching the gospel but in like manner bringing out each of the students individual strengths, so that they may use them to serve Christ. Matthew 1352 says Therefore every teacher of the laws who has been instructed about my kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a home who brings out his storeroom new trea sure as shootings as well as old. This is where imaginative, dynamic, analytical, and common sense learners come into play. You must cater to every type of learner so everyone has a chance to shine and become all God wants them to become.When the students have finally learned the Christian walk of life they must submit their lives to Jesus Christ. They cannot only talk the talk they must also walk the walk. Deuteronomy 51 gives us an example when Moses summoned all Israel and said Hear, O Israel, the decrees and laws I declare in your hearing today. Learn them and be sure to follow them. This shows that it is not good enough to just learn the word we must follow the word as well. Otherwise, we are no better forth then where we started.The final basis I have is that you must spread the word of Christ. What good does it do when twenty people know about Christ and do not share this with others? Nothing. Christianity would cease to exist without teachers training new Disciples of Christ. John 1314-15 states Now that I, your God and Teacher have washed your feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. Jesus taught twelve disciples the word of Christ and it is now our job as potential teachers to keep this cycle going.All of these principles I have talked about all together create my biblical basis for Christian education. These ideas show basic rules to live by as Christian educators. If I ever do teach Christian education I will do my best to live by these rules for teaching as well as life itself.

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Hagar Currie Shipley from the novel “The Stone Angel” by Margaret Laurence and Edgar Gallant Essay

Through the character Hagar Currie Shipley from the novel The St integrity Angel by Margaret Laurence and Edgar Gallant, we can see that manner experience and religion arouse certain affects on people which may alteration as they grow older. Those impacts can be for the good or the bad. These decisions are made by the people who experience something so great that had changed their minds. When someone goes thought something that might have changed their lives then they some measures be bugger off a different person. Hagar Shipley is often found in contact with her recent nevertheless non with her emotions. She had been thought a lot in her life and one thing was holding her back which lead her to make the decisions she did. On the early(a) hand, Edgar Gallant, uses his emotions to share his past with his relatives and loved ones. Being this commission Edgar became the person he is now. These two people are unique in their own ways merely they still have certain similarities with their lives experiences.First ParagraphHagar Shipleys life experience has an important affect on her present self since she keeps on expiration the present whenever she feels uncomfort equal. In her old age, she escapes the present through daydreaming and wanders around in her past in search of a situation w hither(predicate) she had control quite of having to deal with the present situation. For example when Hagar is given Barium by the doctor at the hospital and she is wondering what will happen next Ive waited exchangeable this, for things to get better of worse, many and many a time. I should be used to it. So many old age I waited at the Shipleys fall out We see here that Hagar does non feel comfortable in the present being given a substance she does not know. Therefore Hagar leaves the present in search of a situation she has been in previously where she knows what will happen. Hagar does not only escape from the present mentally but also physically. Even though Hag ar is a very royal woman, she becomes progressively more powerless to care for herself and therefore becomes an unbearable tension on her son, Marvin and his wife, Doris.This tension becomes even worst as she takes a trip away from home leaving them stranded, not knowing where she has disappeared Oh dear, you threw an awful scare into us. Why should you go and do such a thing, anyway, pay back? When I came back from the store, and found you werent there, I nearly when out of my mind. Its been so worrying for us, and we felt so awful, having to go to the police. They looked at me in such a funny way, as though I shouldve taken better care, but how on earth was I to know youd do a thing like that? We see here the problems that Hagar has inflicted upon her son and his wife. We do not hear very often of an old lady of ninety two years old running away from home. Hagar needs care because she has become a child. Hagar was never a child because her bugger off made her grow up speedy t hen her age. So as Hagar looks into her past at her childhood she sees a grown up child, so in her old age, she became the child she never was.Hagars college education was not a very important part of Hagars life even though it has prevented her to live the care free of a five-year-old growing women. In those days, college was not the alike(p) for girls and boys. We can see this through a quote from Jason Currie Its not the same for you-theres no women here to teach you haw to behave like a lady. Jason was sending Hagar East to l exonerate how to become a lady, not for work related knowledge. This is collectionn by Jason when Hagar come home two years later Do you think I sent you down East for two solid years just so you could take a one-room school? Hagars father did not need her to learn to do any type of work, he had sent her there for her to be pretty and know how to behave herself like a lady to show off to the entire town to show off his daughter.Youre a extension to me. Everyone will be saying that by tomorrow. Youll not work in the store. It wouldnt do. We here realizes that Jason has sent his daughter Hagar to college so that he could be proud of her. Hagar is also very proud as we can see when her father hits her I wouldnt let him see me cry. I was so enraged. This is pride, she has inherited from her father. Her father then realizes that she will not let him see her cry and says You take after me, youve got backbone, Ill give you that. From this quote, we can see that Hagars pride comes this instant from her father. Hagar once said Pride was my wilderness and the demon that led me there was fear. She has been afraid of being unrespectable which is why she decided to go to college and was easily convinced that it was she that should go and not Matt. Afraid of needing too much and giving too much, Hagars pride is both unsettling and inspirational.Second ParagraphEdgar Gallants life experience and past memories have an important effect on his li fe and relationships with others. Edgar had a very interesting past that affects him even today. His past affects his career as a volunteer in the later years of his life as he helps out others with his knowledge. He has been asked to take part in over a dozen organizations due to his previous success in his lifes work. Not idea he has fulfilled his dream and what he was sent here to do, he has accepted to help out in about(predicate) nine different association for the public usually as a president or vice president of comities. Edgar Gallant uses his past, not to hide, but to enrich his every days work. Unlike Hagar, Edgar has usually worked in a team thinking that several brains are better then one, sharing information to reach a better solution that one could not come up with alone.Edgar does not hide his emotions, he believes that hiding a certain part of them is good in the work environment because of the professional look and rational approach to have in a work environment w ith work partners. On the other hand, he is very open towards his family and shares everything with them. He has shared hi time amidst work and family always leaving enough time to carry on his duties as a responsible father. Sharing his feeling with his wife and children, he was able to create a feeling of trust and educate his children in the way he thought was best.Edgar found that sharing some degree of emotion show as well as the rational view of things was the best approach in family situation. It is good to show emotion to a certain degree. One does not want to overwhelm, but share his problems with his family. I have always consciously made an effort not to let emotion dominate reason. This shows that he shares his emotions with others but does not let them take over by keeping a rational look on things. Edgar was never really proud in the same way as Hagar. He was often given position he though were above his expertise, but decided that since others had that trust in him, that he would not deceive them so he went on to do what was expected of him, never letting anyone down.Third ParagraphHagars take on religion has changed end-to-end her life. In her younger age, Hagar was very ghostly and went to church with her father. Then she found out that her father was having an affair with Lotions mother and since then she started being less religious. later Johns death Hagar stopped being completely religious. She prayed for him to live, but to no avail as she explained to Mr. Troy. She feels that praying is useless because god will not respond to her in the end. Edgars take on religion has also changed with age. When he was a boy, his family was very religious. At the age of 13, he was sent to a embarkation school which had a priests where all his companions and teacher were extremely religious. As soon as he left the boarding school, he then realized that he did not agree with some of the religious concepts he was taught.From then on he decided to take a different look on religion. As he got old he leaned more about the world and that added to his concepts to religion which was also a reason why it changed. Just like Hagar, Edgar does not before long practice a certain religion but has beliefs of his own inspired from the Catholic Church and books. Edgar has changed his view on religion due to philosophical books, religious texts from other religions and his work which is about social justice and truth to the people. Due to his knowledge as he grew older, he has come to realize that not one religion is true, but that all of them have something good and that religious belief is a sum of all of them. He also mentioned that there is not way of knowing which religion is the right one so taking bits from all of them can maybe create a better understanding from all of them. He also did not let religion take over his life which enabled him to work more frequently.From her childhood as a daughter of a stinting merchant to her marriage, Hagar has fought a long and wrong battle for freedom and respect. In the end she realises her wrong doings when it became too late, she has gone with her life without thinking about her actions and the consequences. When someone does not know if they are at fault they keep repeating those actions until its too late to reverse them. Edgar on the other hand has secret code to look back on, he knew exactly what he wanted and went right for it. In Edgars case he was raised by and worked hard to earn respect which in the end he was granted respect by others.The work he has done for the society is incredible and he is still doing so in a manner that will benefit the society and him self. He will not stop working until he probably cant function anymore. The benefit that he is getting out of it is the joy of being able to make a difference. Hagar unfortunately realized this near the end of her life, when time was running out. She realized this when she only performed one task to help out t he girl in the hospital. If only she realised that helping others is rewarding and makes a difference, then she could have started at an earlier age. Whether its a persons character or religion, as one grows older their views change. This could include a change in heart or opinion.

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Internal & External Economies in Mumbai Essay

The long run increases in cuticleA theatres efficiency is affected by its size. prominent firms are often more than efficient than small ones because they potentiometer gain from economies of plate, but firms can become too spectacular and suffer from diseconomies of scale. As a firm expands its scale of operations, it is said to move into its long run. The benefits arising from expansion depend upon the effect of expansion on productive efficiency, which can be assessed by flavor at changes in average be at each stage of production. How does a firm expand?A firm can increase its scale of operations in two ways.1. Internal offshoot, as tumefy called organic growth2. External growth, also called integration by merging with opposite firms, or by acquiring other firms By growing, a firm can expect to reduce its average costs and become more competitive. Long run costsThe firms long run average cost shows what is happening to average cost when the firm expands, and is at a tangent to the series of minuscule run average cost curves. Each trivial run average cost curve relates to a separate stage or phase of expansion.The reductions in cost associated with expansion are called economies of scale. Internal and external economiesExternal economiesExternal economies and diseconomies of scale are the benefits and costs associated with the expansion of a whole industry and effect from external factors over which a single firm has little or no control. External economies of scale include the benefits of positive externalities enjoyed by firms as a result of the culture of an industry or the whole thrift. For example, as an industry developes in a particular region an infrastructure of trans port of communications depart develop, which all industry members can benefit from. Specialist suppliers whitethorn also enter the industry and existing firms may benefit from their proximity. Internal economiesInternal economies and diseconomies of scale are associ ated with the expansion of a single firm. The long run cost curve for close firms is assumed to be U shaped, because of the impact of internal economies and diseconomies of scale.However, economical theory suggests that average costs will thus fartually rise because of diseconomies of scale. Types of internal economy of scale1. Technical economies are the cost savings a firm makes as it grows larger, and arise from the increased use of large scale mechanical processes and machinery. For example, a mass producer of motor vehicles can benefit from technical economies because it can mesh mass production techniques and benefit from specialisation and a division of labour. 2. Purchasing economies are gained when larger firms buy in bulk and achieve acquire discounts. For example, a large supermarket chain can buy its fresh fruit in much greater quantities than a small fruit and vegetable supplier. 3. administrative savings can arise when large firms spread their administrative and m anagement costs across all their plants, departments, divisions, or subsidiaries. For example, a large multi-national can employ one set of financial accountants for all its separate businesses.4. Large firms can gain financial savings because they can usually borrow money more cheaply than small firms. This is because they usually have more valuable assets which can be used as security (collateral), and are seen to be a write down risk, especially in comparison with new businesses. In fact, many new businesses fail within their offset few course of studys because of cash-flow inadequacies. For example, for having a bank overdraft facility, a supermarket may be charged 2 or 3 % less than a small independent retailer. 5. Risk confronting economies are often derived by large firms who can bear business risks more effectively than smaller firms. For example, a large record company can more easily bear the risk of a flop than a smaller record label.Economy of MumbaiMumbai is the and entertainment capital of India, it is also one of the worlds top 10 centres of commerce in terms of worldwide financial flow, generating 5% of Indias GDP, and accounting for 25% of industrial output, 70% of maritime trade in India ( &), and 70% of capital transactions to . The city houses important financial institutions such as the , the , the , the and the corporate of numerous and . It is also home to somewhat of Indias premier scientific and nuclear institutes like , , ,, , , and the . The city also houses Indias () and . Mumbais business opportunities, as well as its potential to offer a higher , pull in migrants from all over India and, in turn, make the city a of many communities and .Mumbai is Indias largest city (by population) and is the financial and commercial capital of the country as it generates 6.16% of the come up GDP.16105137 It serves as an economic hub of India, contributing 10% of factory employment, 25% of industrial output, 33% of income evaluatecollecti ons, 60% of customs duty collections, 20% of central excise task collections, 40% of Indias abroad trade and 4000 crore (US$680 million) incorporate taxes.138 As of 2008, Mumbais GDP is 919600 crore (US$160 jillion),139 and its per-capita (PPP) income in 2009 was 486,000 (US$8,200),10140 which is almost three times the national average.80 Its noun phrase per capita income is 125,000 (US$2,100),141 (US$2,094). Many of Indias numerous conglomerates (including Larsen and Toubro, State slang of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Tata Group, Godrej and Reliance),105 and five of the Fortune world-wide 500 companies are based in Mumbai.142 Many foreign banks and financial institutions also have branches in this area,105 with the World Trade Centre being the most prominent one.143 Until the 1970s, Mumbai owed its prosperity largely to framework mills and the seaport, but the local economy has since been diversified to include engineering, diamond-polishing, healthcare and inf ormation technology.144 As of 2008, the Globalization and World Cities Study Group (GaWC) has ranked Mumbai as an Alpha world city, third in its categories of Global cities.145 Mumbai is the 3rd most expensive office market in the world. Mumbai was ranked among the fastest cities in the country for business startup in 2009.146 State and central government employees make up a large ploughshare of the citys workforce. Mumbai also has a large unskilled and semi-skilled self-employed population, who primarily earn their livelihood as hawkers, taxi drivers, mechanics and other such blue collar professions. The port and shipping industry is well established, with Mumbai Port being one of the oldest and most significant ports in India.147 In Dharavi, in central Mumbai, in that location is an increasingly large recycle industry, processing recyclable waste from other parts of the city the district has an estimated 15,000 single-room factories.148 Most of Indias major telecasting and sate llite networks, as well as its major publishing houses, are headquartered in Mumbai. The centre of the Hindi movie industry, Bollywood, is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest in the world as well as centre of Marathi Film Industry.149150Along with the rest of India, Mumbai, its commercial capital, has witnessed an economic roar since the liberalisation of 1991, the finance boom in the mid-nineties and the IT, export, avails and outsourcing boom in 2000s.151 Mumbai has been ranked 6th among top 10 global cities on one thousand millionaire count, ahead of Shanghai, Paris and Los Angeles.11 Mumbai has been ranked 48th on the Worldwide Centres of Commerce baron 2008.152 In April 2008, Mumbai was ranked seventh in the list of Top Ten Cities for Billionaires by Forbes magazine,153 and kickoff base in terms of those billionaires average wealth.154Mumbai is the worlds thirty-eighth largest city by GDP. Mumbai is Indias largest city, and is called the financial c apital of the country. It serves as an important economic hub of the India, contributing 10% of all factory employment, 40% of all income tax collections, 60% of all customs duty collections, 20% of all central excise tax collections, 40% of Indias foreign trade and Rs. 40 billion (US$ 800 million) in corporate taxes. Mumbais per-capita income is Rs. 48,954 (US$ 980) which is almost three times the national average. Many of Indias numerous conglomerates (including State Bank of India, LIC, Tata Group, Godrej and Reliance), and five of the Fortune Global 500 companies are based in Mumbai. Many foreign banks and financial institutions also have branches in this area, the World Trade Centre (Mumbai) being the most prominent one. Until the 1980s, Mumbai owed its prosperity largely to textile mills and the seaport, but the local economy has since been diversified to include engineering, diamond-polishing, healthcare and information technology. Mumbai is home to the Bhabha Atomic inquir y Centre, and most of Indias specialized, technical industries, having a modern industrial infrastructure and vast, skilled human resources. Rising venture capital firms, start-ups and established brands work in aerospace, optical engineering, medical research, computers and electronic equipment of all varieties, shipbuilding and salvaging, and renewable energy and power. State and central government employees make up a large percentage of the citys workforce. Mumbai also has a large unskilled and semi-skilled self employed population, who primarily earn their livelihood as hawkers, taxi drivers, mechanics and other such blue collar professions. The port and shipping industry, too, employs many residents, directly or indirectly. In Dharavi, in central Mumbai, there is an increasingly large recycling industry, processing recyclable waste from other parts of the city the district has an estimated 15,000 single-room factories. The media industry is another major employer in Mumbai. Mos t of Indias major television and satellite networks, as well as its major publishing houses, are headquartered here. The centre of the Hindi movie industry, Bollywood produces the largest number of films per year in the world and the give away Bollywood is a portmanteau of Bombay and Hollywood. Marathi television and Marathi film industry are also based in Mumbai. Along with the rest of India, Mumbai, its commercial capital, has witnessed an economic boom since the rest of 1991, the finance boom in the mid-nineties and the IT, export, services and outsourcing boom in this decade. The middle class in Mumbai is the segment most impacted by this boom and is the driver behind the consequent consumer boom. Upward mobility among Mumbaikars has led to a direct increase in consumer spending. Mumbai has been ranked 48th on the Worldwide Centres of Commerce proponent 2008. In April 2008, Mumbai was ranked seventh in the list of Top Ten Cities for Billionaires by Forbes magazine. External and internal shocks serious setbacks to economic growth Economic growth is likely to fall to 6 per cent this year as external and internal shocks are serious setbacks to the countrys economic growth.The Central Bank has not revised its economic growth forecast for the year, but current conditions suggest that economic growth would slip from 7.2 per cent that it estimated earlier this year to even below 6 per cent, if global demand for exports continues to be unfavourable and the prevailing drought conditions persist. The falling international oil prices are the one favourable development that could mitigate the economic slide.Global conditionsThe international economic downturn is widespread. Even Chinas state capitalism has been unable to weather the global storm and the Chinese economy is expected to slow down this year. The Indian economy may experience a precipitous decline in its growth. Indias economic ramp up that had been impressive in the last decade has been halted and it s first quarter economic growth dipped to just 5.3 per cent. Indias slower growth could affect the Sri Lankan economy in several ways.India is an important trading partner. About 5 per cent of our exports are to India. Furthermore, foreign investors tend to view enthronisation prospects regionally. Indias troubles could intensify foreign investor concerns on Sri Lanka as a destination for FDI. Moreover our long term economic expectations are linked to the fortunes of India.The most pertinent global developments for Sri Lanka in the short run is the instability of European economies that have slowed down and reduced their purchasing power of commodities exported by us. European countries and the US that accounted for 54 per cent of our exports last year is a sizeable one for industrial exports. The decrease in exports to Europe is being felt in the trade statistics this year. The American economy too has not recovered adequately, and this being an election year, is not expected to regain a growth momentum. With these two main markets affected, our industrial exports have faced a swan of 3.1 per cent in the first four months of the year.What is particularly disconcerting is that there is a trend of decreasing industrial exports, especially of garments.In March industrial exports declined by 10.2 per cent and in April it declined by 8.7 per cent, compared to the respective months of last year. Tea exports to the Middle East and Russia too have been adversely affected and in the first four months, tea exports decreased by 11.8 per cent, contributing heavily to the decline in uncouth exports by 11.7 per cent compared to the previous years first four months. Total exports declined by 3.1 per cent in the first four months of this year compared to the same period last year. Indications are that both industrial and agricultural exports would face adverse conditions and are not likely to recover.ImportsImports continue to make a serious dent in the trade balance. Al though consumer imports declined by 3.3 per cent, intermediate and investment goods continued to increase.Imports were much higher than exports and resulted in a trade shortage of US$ 3.3 billion in the first four months. If this trend continues the trade deficit could be as much as US$ 10-11 billion. This would certainly strain the balance of payments as it is too large to be bridged by worker remittances, tourer earnings, other service earnings and capital inflows. The expectation of higher amounts of foreign direct investments is unlikely. thereof once again there would be a enfeeble on reserves or increased foreign borrowing to meet the trade deficit, as well as repay capital borrowed earlier and to service interest payments.Economic stabilityThe stabilisation of the economy is becoming an uphill task with exports declining and imports continuing to rise.Consequently the trade deficit is continuing to widen even though some imports are showing signs of decelerating. The exch ange rate has depreciated as much as 17.5 per cent since Nov. 21, when the government devalued the rupee by 3 per cent. Global conditions are no doubt at the root of the problem. The economic policies pursued in the recent past too were not modified to take into account the realities of the global situation and the unrealistic path of development that was pursued, without consideration of resource availability and balance of payments implications of the consumption-investment pattern.Internal shockAs if the external shocks are not enough, the country is in the throes of a onerous drought. While the hopes are that the monsoon is a delayed one, the current expectations are that a severe drought is likely.This is likely to reduce paddy as well as other crop outputs in the main paddy growing areas. It is estimated that the Yala 2012 crop will decline by about 30 to 40 per cent. There may be a need to importing rice this year. If international rice prices increase then it would result in a further strain on the balance of payments.The impact of a drought on the capacity for hydro electricity generation is serious.Increased thermal generation would necessitate higher petroleum imports. The gains by the reduction of oil prices could be wiped out by increases in the amount of oil imports. Meanwhile in the first four months of this year import disbursement on oil increased by 34 per cent.Silver liningsThere are a few silver linings amidst these dark clouds. International oil prices are falling. Though, as usual, there is volatility in oil prices, they are hovering at a much lower level that in the early part of the year. Oil prices of around US$ 90 per barrel could be a significant boon. Complementing this is the US decision to exempt Sri Lanka from the ban on oil imports from Iran. This too could bring some succour with the possibility of importing Iran crude on concessional and differed payment terms.Worker remittances that are an important source of funding the trade deficit are continuing to increase. In the first four months remittances increased by 16 per cent compared to that of the comparable period last.This is good news in a context when there was considerable uncertainness about remittances growing owing to the turmoil in the Middle East.Policy imperativesOnly about one half of the probable trade deficit of US$ 11 billion is likely to be offset by remittances. Tourist earnings that are increasing may finance about 10 per cent of the trade deficit. Therefore the current account deficit would have to be financed largely by either running down the reserves or through borrowings that are dependant upon(p) liabilities. In this context every effort must be made to reduce imports through appropriate pricing policies, reduction of government expenditure and conservation measures. Reducing the price of petroleum products would be an inadvisable measure.

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Strengths Orems possibleness provide a encompassing base to nursing practice. It is functional in the different fields of nursing. May it be in clinical setting, procreation, research or administration. Moreover, this theory is as applicable for nursing by the beginning practiti unmatchabler as much as the advanced clinician(George JB. , 1995). some other major strength of Orems theory is its advocacy for the use of the Nursing Process (Balabagno, et. al, 2006). Orem particular propositionally identified the steps of this process.She also mentioned that the nursing process involves quick and practical phases. Limitations The ambiguity of applying theory to nursing practice may lie in the fact that one theory does not always specifically support all aspects of nursing wish. Orems self care deficit theory may not encompass all aspects of care and need of a specific client. For instance, some dilemma with Orems theory include having an unclear definition of family, the nurse-soc iety relationship and public education areas are weak.These issues are essential in the management and treatment plan in caring for patients. Although the family, company and environment are considered in self care action, the focus is primarily on the individual (Balabagno, et. al, 2006). Another boundary is the definition of health as being dynamic and ever changing with states ranging from health or non health, wellness or illness (Fitzpatrick JJ, 2005).This definition of health directly contradicts the experience of some patients with varying needs and levels of care requirements. One of the most obvious limitations of Orems theory is that throughout her work, it can be give tongue to that a limited recognition of an individuals emotional needs is present within the theory (George JB. , 1995). It focuses more on physical care and gives lesser emphasis to psychological care. Other theories address this limitation quite adequately such as Jean Watsons Theory of Caring.

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Homosexuality and the American Baptist Church

Homosexuality in the Baptist perform Homosexuality is one of the most debated issues among Christians today, regardless of the denomination of their perform. Some churches view lesbianity as a sin and have no tolerance for it, while other denominations atomic number 18 to a greater ex disco biscuitt accepting and go through it a non-sin. Even though many denominations have taken a stand on homosexuality, there seems to much discord deep down the governing bodies of the churches regarding this issue. It has moved from a topic r atomic number 18ly discussed and considered very in-person and private, to a mainstream topic of conversation.Although there has been a growing acceptance among certain Christian denominations regarding homosexuals, the American Baptist church service has remained firm in its position towards homosexuality. The American Baptist performes descended from the Northern Baptist Convention that was founded in 1907. The church has approximately 1. 5 millio n members and 5800 congregations that ar scattered through 34 regions of the United States. The American Baptist Church members are pursuance the century long traditions of soul freedom, which all(a)ows the independence of individual members of the church to form their own be hypocrisyfs.They besides reassert congregational freedom, which allows each church the autonomy to develop its own policies. In order to chthonianstand the position that the American Baptist Church takes on homosexuality, it is big to examine their general religious beliefs. According to a website of the original Baptist Church in Scituate, MA , they believe that salvation and eternal life are granted to all those who trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. They believe that both the Old and spic-and-span Testaments of the Bible are the divinely inspired word of deity. The Bible is to be interpreted responsibly under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.Baptists hold the Scriptures and the Old and New Test aments as their final authority. This has become the basis for the outdoor stage that the American Baptist Church has developed on the issue of homosexuality. The American Baptists also have some punishing convictions about the type of person they are supposed to be. Again, according to the First Baptist Church website, these include a redeemed person that claims a personal relationship with God, a biblical person that seeks guidance in understanding the Scripture, and a worshipping person that shares an open and public confession of faith.American Baptists are also supposed to be a mission person that invites others to follow Christ and an inclusive person, who embraces different races, ethnicity, and genders, and also accepts that there are individual differences of conviction and theology. This inclusion also covers those who are from a variety of backgrounds and they are to find iodine in diversity and diversity in unity. These convictions have become a source of division amo ng some of the member churches in spite of appearance this denomination, as they are supposed to embrace and accept those with individual differences, yet they are not accepting of homosexuals.According to the religious tolerance website, The American Baptist Church has been actively responding to issues pertaining to homosexuality as furthermost back as 1987. In June of 1987, a statement of concern regarding homosexuality was defeated by church delegates at their Biennial run across. They decided that Scriptures repeatedly depict homosexuality as a social and deterrent example evil and the unrepentant homosexual has no claim to full acceptance in the Christian community. So at that time, they decided that they just did not want to deal with the issue.Four yrs later, in June of 1991, the delegates of the Biennial Meeting were forced to deal with the topic of homosexuality again. They adopted a statement that rejected the homosexual lifestyle, homosexual marriage, ordination of homosexual clergy, and the establishment of gay churches and gay caucuses On the other hand, their statement also include that the church should love and minister to the homosexual, but condemn the sin of the practice of homosexuality. They were taking the stance of abhor the sin, love the sinner.They also established a Commission on Human Sexuality Resources to provide elucidation and guidance for a Christian understanding of Gods gift of sexuality. By June of 1992 the General calling card of the American Baptist Church was being pressured by some of their member churches to accept the practice of homosexuality within their denomination. A resolution called Homosexuality and the Church, which identified Gods plan for the fulfillment of sexual union to be one man and one woman in heterosexual, monogamous, and lifelong marriage, was narrowly defeated.The resolution further state that the redeeming love of Christ is available to practicing homosexuals as it is to all who turn to him in faith and repentance. thus a few months later, in October 1992, the General Board was again approached and was forced to vote regarding the issues of homosexuality in their church. They finally agreed to issue a one sentence standing that was called American Baptist annunciation on Homosexuality. The sentence briefly express We affirm that the practice of homosexuality is antipathetical with Christian teaching. This started the lout rolling and in June of 1993 the General Board next came up with another resolution that was called American Baptist Resolution Calling for Dialogue on Human Sexuality. That resolution states that there exists a variety of understandings passim our denomination on issues of human sexuality such as homosexuality and encourages discussions regarding those particular issues. American Baptists were also encouraged to seek unity and avoid divisiveness.This resolution might as well have stated there exists a variety of misunderstandings and even th ough it encouraged discussions, their viewpoint was already established. 1995 was an important year for the American Baptist Churches and their stand on homosexuals. In June 1995, the Granville Baptist Church in Granville, Ohio was expelled from the The Columbus Baptist Association because the church support full participation of homosexuals. Then in September, the Pacific Southwest Region of the American Baptist Churches, which represented more the 300 churches, began defecting over the issue of homosexuality.The leaders of the region cited underlying issues regarding interpretation of the Scriptures and church discipline. As a result of the defection, The General Board of the American Baptist Churches created a commission to find ways to deal constructively with issues most which there has been considerable disagreement. In other words, they realized that the homosexuality issue was starting to put down their denomination and they needed to get serious about resolving the probl ems.After various resolutions, committees, and remediatements over the next ten years, The General Board of the American Baptist Churches finally made some decisions in 2005. At that time they voted to amend their own document We Are American Baptists by adding a statement to the section A scriptural People Who submit to the teaching of Scripture that Gods design for sexual intimacy places it within the context of marriage between one man and one woman, and acknowledge that the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Biblical teaching. This represents their final stand on homosexuality, which is that they believe it is wrong and is not in line with the teachings of their church. Although every denomination believes in the Bible as their guiding light, they all interpret it in a different way and can put their own spin on different line of achievements. The American Baptist Church relies on their interpretation of the Bible to support the position that they have taken on hom osexuality. There are passages in the Bible that are known as the clobber passages, because they are used to beat up homosexuals.Leviticus 1822, 2013 is a typical passage that is thought to support the anti-gay stance. It states You shall not lie with a male as with a woman it is an abomination (Leviticus 1822). There is also an important passage in the New Testament that condemns homosexual behavior. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their police wagon to impurity, to the degrading of their bodies among themselves, because they exchange the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator.Their women exchanged natural carnal knowledge for unnatural, and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the cod penalty for their own error. (Romans 124-27). However, later on there is a passage abo ut perspicacity others, so therefore you should prepare to be judged so it is really a contradiction to think that the passage is condemning homosexuals. The arguments that support homosexuality within Christianity are widespread.They include the fact that we are all Gods children and he created us the way he wanted. So if he made some multitude homosexual, then that was his choice and it should be accepted. The Bible does not really give any straightforward servicing in guiding Christians regarding the entire problem of homosexuality. It is up to each person to develop their own credit based upon their knowledge, experiences, and influences of their chosen religion. The ongoing problem between homosexuality and Christianity will probably be around for a long time. 1 . American Baptist Churches in the USA.Accessed October 14. http. //religioustolerance. org_abc1. htm 2 . American Baptist Beliefs. Accessed October 14. http//firstbaptistcituate. com/americanbaptistbeliefs. asp x 3 . American Baptist Church. Accessed October 14. http//abcusa. org/LinkClick. aspx? fileticket=iRGq66AgLAU%3d&tabid=199 4 . American Baptist Church. Accessed October 14. http//abcusa. org/LinkClick. aspx? fileticket=iRGq66AgLAU%3d&tabid=199 5 . American Baptist Church. Accessed October 14. http//abcusa. org/LinkClick. aspx? fileticket=iRGq66AgLAU%3d&tabid=199 6 . American Baptist Church. Accessed October 14. ttp//abcusa. org/LinkClick. aspx? fileticket=iRGq66AgLAU%3d&tabid=199 7 . American Baptist Church. Accessed October 14. http//abcusa. org/LinkClick. aspx? fileticket=iRGq66AgLAU%3d&tabid=199 8 . Moll,, Rob. 2005. American Baptist Exodus. Christianity Today. November 23, 2005 9 . American Baptist Church. Accessed October 14. http//abcusa. org/LinkClick. aspx? fileticket=iRGq66AgLAU%3d&tabid=199 10 . Hays, Richard. 1991. Awaiting the salvation of Our Bodies. Sojourners. November 11. P 17-21 11 . Hays, Richard. 1991. Awaiting the Redemption of Our Bodies. Sojourners. N ovember 11. P 17-21

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They Are More Complex Than You Think

Case incarnate Bonds They atomic number 18 More Complex Than You Think 1. How should Jill go astir(predicate) justifying the relationship amidst coupon prise and bond prices? Why do the coupon gaits for the various bonds vary so much? Jill should explain the relationship between coupon rates and bond prices by calculating the price of the bonds, which shoot same features except coupon rate. Lets compare first principle Energy issuer with the coupon rate 5% and 0% (the same with rating and YTM) IssuerMaturityFace ValueCoupon RateRatingYieldPrice% Change first principle Energy2010005%AAA2%$1,490. 54 49. 05% first rudiment Energy2010005%AAA3%$1,297. 55 29. 5% ABC Energy2010005%AAA5%$1,000. 00 0. 00% ABC Energy2010005%AAA6%$885. 30 -11. 47% ABC Energy2010000%AAA2%$672. 97 -32. 70% ABC Energy2010000%AAA3%$553. 68 -44. 63% ABC Energy2010000%AAA5%$376. 89 -62. 31% ABC Energy2010000%AAA6%$311. 80 -68. 82% The table shows that the 5% coupon bond has a wider fluctuation in price tha n the zero coupon bond for equivalent changes in break. 2. How are the ratings of these bonds mulish? What happens when the bond ratings get adjusted downwards? The ratings of these bonds are de considerationined by two professional bond-rating firms sullens and Standard & Poors (S&P).Each of these bond-rating firms has a committee that evaluates the risk level of the comp eachs bond issue. It assigns a rating ranging from AAA or Aaa (best rating) down to D (default). The ratings are sporadically re-evaluated whenever there is a signifi discharget development in a companys structure or earning performance. When the ratings get adjusted downward, the bond becomes less attractive. Hence, the rate of return goes up to reduce its price. 3. During the presentation integrity of the clients is puzzled why some bonds sell for less than their face set while others sell for premium.She asks whether the entailment bonds are a bargain. How should Jill respond? Bonds can be issued at a di scount, at par, or nevertheless at premium from face grade. The majority of bonds are sold at par ($1,000) with the coupon rate be set equal to the yield that proportional with its rating and maturity. After it is being issued, the yields demanded by investors ordain change, only when the coupon rate still stays the same. If the yield exceeds the coupon rate, investors are demanding a high rate of return than what the company is currently relenting via the coupon payment, which leads the price drops and vice versa.As long as the yields are a true reflection of the risk level of the bond, there would not be any a bargain for the bond price, whether at a discount or premium from face value. 4. What does the term yield to maturity mean and how is it to be calculated? The yield to maturity (YTM) of a bond is the rate of return that an investor expects to earn when he or she buys the bond at its current price, receive the face value when it matures. The YTM is considered a long-te rm bond yield expressed as an one-year rate. The YTM of a bond is similarly known as its promised yield.To calculate a bonds YTM, we must use the following inputs For suit ABC Energy, 5%, 20 years, face value $1,000, price $703. 1 (semi-annual coupons) PV= -703. 1, N=40, PMT = 25, FV = 1000 = I = 4 (semi-annual) Interest annual = 4%*2 = 8 % 5. What is the difference between the nominal and potent yields to maturity for each bond listed in Table 1? Which one should the investor use when deciding between corporate bonds and other securities of similar risk? Please explain. IssuerFace ValueCoupon Rate Rating advert PriceYTM Sinking FundCall stopover YTM (semi-annual)Nominal YTMEffective YTM ABC Energy 10005%AAA703. 20yes34. 0001%8. 0001%8. 1601% ABC Energy 10000%AAA208. 320yesn/a3. 9999%7. 9997%8. 1597% TransPower100010%AA109220yes54. 5000%9. 0001%9. 2026% Telco Utilities100011%AA1206. 430no54. 4999%8. 9998%9. 2023% The nominal yield to maturity on the bond is calculated by mult iplying the semi-annual yield by two. The effective YTM is calculated by compounding the semi-annual yield for two periods. For example, on the ABC Energy 5%, 20 year bond, the semi-annual YTM is 4%. The effective annual YTM would be calculated (1+0. 4)2-1 = 0. 0816 or 8. 16%.Since the YTM is a promise yield with the actual yield being dependent on the reinvestment rate that each investor is able to earn, it is best to compare similar risk bonds on the basis of their nominal YTMs. 6. Jill knows that the call period and its implications willing be of particular concern to the audience. How should she go about explaining the effects of the call provision on bond risk and return potential. Call provisions are attached to bonds so that it allows companies to refinance their debt at lower rates when interest rates drop.The existence of a call provision presents a risk to the bond investor that their investment horizon on that bond may be prematurely ended. Moreover, there is reinvestme nt risk associated with callable bonds, since the bonds are called when rates are low. The company does pay a premium when the bond is called. Furthermore, there is a deferred call period for five years, which the bond cant be called. In the case of callable bonds, investors should calculate the yield to the first call of the bonds to decide.For this calculate, the future value is set to equal to $1,000 + 1 year coupon, the maturity is assumed to be the number of years until the bond become callable. 7. How should Jill go about explaining the riskiness of each bond? Rank the bonds in monetary value of their relative riskiness. IssuerFace ValueCoupon Rate Rating Quote PriceYTM Sinking FundCall Period YTM (semi-annual)Nominal YTMEffective YTMRisk Rank (1=low) ABC Energy 10005%AAA703. 120yes34. 0001%8. 0001%8. 1601%1 ABC Energy 10000%AAA208. 320yesn/a3. 9999%7. 9997%8. 1597%2 TransPower100010%AA109220yes54. 5000%9. 001%9. 2026%3 Telco Utilities100011%AA120630no54. 4999%8. 9998%9. 202 3%4 The bond ratings provide a general guide as to the credit risk associated with each bond. Within it ratings, investors need to be aware(p) of call risk, reinvestment risk, maturity, and the sinking fund provisions effect on risk. Callability makes a bond have a higher reinvestment risk. Among the AAA bonds, the zero coupon bond has no call risk, no reinvestment risk, but the higher price risk. Among the AA bonds, Telco Utilities has a longer maturity and no sinking fund fashioning it the riskiest. . One of Jills best clients poses the following questions, If I buy 10 of each of these bonds, reinvest any coupons received at the rate of these bonds, reinvest any coupons received at the rate of 5% per year and hold them until they mature, what will my realized return be on each bond investment? How should Jill respond? IssuerFace ValueCoupon Rate Quote PriceYTM Sinking FundCall Period YTM (semi-annual)Nominal YTMEffective YTMFV of couponFV of coupon + FVRealized Return (Semi-An nual)Realized Return ABC Energy 10005%703. 120yes34. 0001%8. 001%8. 1601%$1,685. 06 $2,685. 06 3. 41%6. 81% ABC Energy 10000%208. 320yesn/a3. 9999%7. 9997%8. 1597%$0. 00 $1,000. 00 4. 00%8. 00% TransPower100010%109220yes54. 5000%9. 0001%9. 2026%$3,370. 13 $4,370. 13 3. 53%7. 06% Telco Utilities100011%120630no54. 4999%8. 9998%9. 2023%$7,479. 54 $8,479. 54 5. 00%9. 99% In the case of the ABC Energy, 5% coupon bond, the realized return is calculated as follows Future value of reinvested coupon N=40, I = 2. 5, PV=0, PMT=25 = FV= 1685. 06 Realized return = (1685. 06+1000)/703. 1(1/40) -1 = 3. 41% *2 = 6. 82%

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African American Oral Tradition Essay

Modern African the Statesn Literature was formed under a stressful date for Africans, slavery. The only way the stories of the indigenous people of Africa were passed down was through oral recollections, or stories of the events. In America this was especially difficult for the slaves because of laws preventing them from learning English. By non being allowed to learn English, the slaves had to learn English unaccompanied on auditory purposes. This essentially made the slaves illiterate.When the slaves transferred the diction that they heard to paper, a new style of language was formed which was referred to as dialect. Dialect is what the slaves thought they heard and the correct spelling of those words, not standard English. Dunbar, who wrote fluently in both standard English and dialect was praised by white critics only for his dialect poems, and not praised for his poems in standard English. His literacy works are still alive today, however the dialect works were addicted wi th a stigma. Usually whites despised the Africans dialect.Therefore, the slaves would not try to publish any oddball of work with dialect because the slaves did not want to be associated with the stigma. In all, by creating a unique dialect gave the slaves a bilingual type of style. By not being able to write, slaves also made Genres such(prenominal) as, spiritual, folk songs and gospels. Songs such as these were ways of passing down stories to the next generation. These songs also contained secret messages. These messages may have contained information about escape routes or even the underground- railroad.However most of the songs were spiritual in nature. The songs also progressed through the years. The originals slave folk songs, spirituals, and gospels are now prevalent in advance(a) day jazz and the blues. Martin even gives the example of Hayden, who mixes his song ideas with the ideas of Bessie Smith. Even though African are allowed to get word and write, this is a form ho w their culture is still expressed today. Martin made the emphasis that the oral tradition is discussion section of the African Americans distinct culture.

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Amazon Case study Essay

As seen from 2014, is a no brainer of a line of work proposition. To solar day you can get close things from books, movies, health and beauty products, appliances, sporting and the social club will ship these purchases to your home the same day and often at little or no cost to you. The typical 2014 university student has gr have up with the World Wide Web and eCommerce and takes these services for granted. For its part Amazon recorded revenues of $17.09 billion dollars in 2013 plainly for all that activity, the company did not yield a profit. According to its founder and CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos, Amazon strives to be the retailer of choice for all things and for all people globally. To this end, Amazons profit margins on most products are razor thin and its task practices regarding free shipping and generous return policies erode earnings. so far there is no question that is one of the darlings of the new millenniums Internet econom y and a trend-setting retailer in the era of online retailing. In contrast, Amazons early history was marked by startling losses and lots of red ink. Why was this so?To understand Amazons origins, we must go back to 1994 when Bezos worked for the Shaw grocery store chain and read a study that predicted the Internet would flip ones wig in popularity. He figured that before long people would be making money exchange over the Web. After considering any number of products to sell online, he settled on books, a standardised product already electronically cataloged, that could be easily managed through an automated supply chain system. approximately notably, the typical book store typically managed an bloodline of two to three thousand books whereas his imagined online service that would broaden them all. In Bezos business model, he would disintermediate the retail process, eliminating stores and wareho aims. Instead his clients would purchase their books from catalogs on his comp anys Web site. Orders would be filled from a new kind of facility, a fulfillment center. In implementing this business model, Bezos quickly discovered that the only way to ensure a positive customer experience was for Amazon to ope calculate their own fulfillment centers, controlling the transaction from start to finish.All of this may sound sort of straightforward today but Bezo and his backers were treading in totally unchartered waters in 1995. To compete in this space, required a huge infusion of capital. Those fulfillment centers cost intimately $50 million apiece. The front of these in Fernley Nevada housed threemillion books, CDs, toys, and housewares in a building a quarter-mile long by two hundred yards wide. What distinguished this facility from the typical retail warehouse was that it was completely computerized. The associated business processes were largely automated and info intensive. Once customer orders were placed via Amazon.coms Web site, the co mpanys information systems would send these orders to fulfillment center pickers who would in turn roam the shelves in a systematic manner assembling customer orders. Along the way, these information systems would capture detailed information on the time and steps involved in filling individual orders, worker flaw rates, the flow and turnover of inventory and of course associated cost of operations data. Amazon managers employ this information to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of their processes.For example, as reported by Fred Vogelstein . by redesigning a bottleneck where workers transfer orders arriving in green plastic bins to a conveyor belt that automatically drops them into the appropriate chutes, Amazon has been able to increase the capacity of the Fernley warehouse by 40%. In 2003, Amazons warehouses handle three times the volume they could in 1999, and in the knightly three years the cost of operating them has fallen from nearly 20% of Amazons revenues to s light than 10% percent. The company doesnt believe it will even have to think about building a new warehouse for an early(a) year. The warehouses are so efficient that Amazon turns over its inventory 20 times a year. Virtually every other retailers turnover rate is under 15. Indeed, one of the fastest-growing and most profitable parts of Amazons business today is its use of its supply chain management processes to service the eCommerce business needs of other retailers, such as Toys R Us and Target. All of this helps explain Bezoss larger point, one hes been making since he started Amazon but that people are only now starting to believe In the animal(prenominal) world its the old saw location, location, location, .. The three most important things for us are applied science, technology, technology. But technology is actually the means by which Amazon manages its most valuable asset, its data. Data about products, data about customers, data about supply chain management, data about suppliers.There just arent other companies that let a consumer order two out of what are millions of products in a warehouse and and so quickly and efficiently, at low cost, get those two things into a single box.. But success was not aforgone conclusion. Amazon faced a lot of red ink in its first quintet years. Ultimately its devotion to data paid off. As its competitors disappeared from the scene, Amazon leveraged its data management capabilities to drive error out of operations, personalize the Web experience for its customers, and add value to its relations with suppliers by providing them with deep business intelligence concerning the publics interest in their various products. To achieve these results, Amazon developed its own methods and built its own Web-enabled information systems from scratch. Fortunately, the company could take advantage of established supply-chain management (SCM) systems for the backend of the business. In the concluding analysis, it was Amazons ded ication to collecting and using information to run its business, an effort spearheaded by the companys Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels and his MIS team that turned the enterprise profitable. Now that Amazon has master both the fulfillment side of eCommerce and the data and information management side of global business management, two major profit centers at Amazon that help feed its bottom line include back-end fulfillment services for other global retailers and cloud computing services for the likes of iTunes and Netflix.