Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Analysis of the Problems of XYZ Company Assignment

Analysis of the Problems of XYZ Comp some(prenominal) - Assignment congresswomanHerein, it should be noted that the XYZ Company is a well-known company in the food manufacturing industry. The company is having the heel of employees working in it. There argon several departments within the company. However, the instruction technology department unavoidably some improvement for that this Yardstick report will provide the solution. In order to improve the information technology tribute system to life the confidential information of the company in safe hands, it is necessary that the IT security system should be knock-down(prenominal) enough. For this, it is possible that the XYZ Company can hire other security service provider company that can help to upgrade their IT security system. As there are different types of risks involved such as the hacker attack, lack of physical security, and risks from internal employees (Whitman & Mattord, 2010). Therefore, a strong IT security sy stem can be the best solution for the XYZ Company. The internal employees are responsible to keep the information confidential. However, to keep the information confidential from vendors it is necessary that the employees use software and never share their passwords with any other person. Moreover, it can be said that the associated threats and vulnerabilities can be dealt with the help solutions such as discipline programs, control, and monitoring system, checklist, and daily basis reports. For all these services, there are many agencies that are developing special(prenominal) software for the companies. There are few top agencies that are offering these services. In order to take up the final service provider for the company, it must be the best in the field of information technology to the organizations and advises best in the business and provide the best security to the systems. Thus, the XYZ Company is seeking the best profit security policy and procedure.

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