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Clinton Climate Change Initiative Program in Australia and the Progress of Barangoo Waterfront Development Project in Sydney so Far

climate diverseness has come to be one of the issues that have had far-reaching implications for the world in which we live. As people who ar proud of our heritage and who need to live a fulfilling life, we need to do a lot more to bear on climate change. For it is clear that unless something is through with(p) and done fast enough then this dear homeland of ours will be no more in a matter of several years (Pittock 2003). Therefore, my salute is to all Australians to persist hard to make the earth a good, safe place to live in not tho today but as well as for generations to come.The way to go is to conserve our environment to reduce carbon emission as far as possible as to date climate change is largely attributed to the rapid increase in the amount of carbon in the atmosphere in different forms. The Clinton understructure has been in the forefront in this fight against climate change (The Clinton Foundation 2010). It has initiated many projects in the country to ensure t hat carbon emission is reduced. The Clinton Climate Change Initiative Program is a typic climate change program that is aimed at helping this country achieve its goal of becoming kBer.Through the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI), the Clinton foundation aims at working with the political sympathies to provide greener sources of energy, counter carbon emissions by using renewable energy sources in homes and offices, and reducing organic waste through use of recycled material (The Clinton Foundation 2010). It also seeks to create avenues for absorption of large quantities of carbon such as forests. The target is greenhouse emitters which range from industrial emissions through domestic energy sources to uneconomic use of material or careless dumping.Working jointly with C40, CCI seeks to see cities greener and cleaner (The Clinton Foundation 2010). Through the Greener Government Buildings Program, CCI targets to make reduce the use of applications in organisation buildings which e mit greenhouse gases. Reduced use of energy and reuse is a point of emphasis (Freestone 2010). All of us ought to seek to visit the Clinton Foundations official website and its other information resources to be better placed to work jointly with it to ensure we live in a safer and greener country.It is upon us all to work alongside CCI to make climate change less affective of our lifestyles. Now is the time for every Australian to do something that will count towards curbing ominous climate change. For this is for our own good. It is for us and for posterity. The more we conserve and preserve now, the more secure we make our future and the future of our children after us (The Clinton Foundation 2010). The Clinton Climate Change Initiative Program is currently running different projects to this effect, with the notable one being the Barangoo Waterfront Development Project in Sydney.This project is a fusion between the Clinton Foundation and the government of New South Wales and aim s to create a third estate in the city of Melbournes area of Barangoo so it becomes part of the rally business district (The Clinton Foundation 2010). This is a beautification approach that seeks to protect the waterfront of the city center and to capture the emitted carbon so the city is cleaner and greener. Once an cozy city, Barangoo is being transformed to become part of the city center and so reduce congestion (Preston & Jones 2006).The main constructions are a headland park and a public domain. So far, work on the headland park has commenced and soon works are going to start for the public domain. The city, one the project is completed, is judge to be literally green with magnificent parks and surrounding blue waters. Magnificent buildings will adorn the nicely shaped harbor to demonstrate just how far collective effects and commitment can change cities for good. Also yet to be completed are a newly created headland park and a very modern waterfront. The headland park is l ocated north of Barangoo (Beatley 2008).Already done is a foreshore promenade that extends along the harbor and is part of a 14 kilometer foreshore walk joining Anzac Bridge to Woolloomooloo. Under the headland park is a car park that is almost hidden by the greenery. It is expected that the stay part of the project will carry on to completion soon, to make Sydney a real green city and a demonstration of what being green really is. Word count 747 References Beatley, T 2008. Green Urbanism Down Under Learning from Sustainable Communities in Australia. Island Press Freestone, R 2010. Urban Nation Australias provision Heritage.Csiro Publishing Pittock, B 2003. Climate Change An Australian Guide to Science and Potential Impacts. Retrieved at http//www. ccma. vic. gov. au/soilhealth/climate_change_literature_review/documents/organisations/ago/science-guide. pdf Preston, BL& Jones, RN 2006. Climate Change Impacts on Australia and the Benefits of Early Action to Reduce Global Greenhouse G as Emissions. Retrieved at http//www. csiro. au/files/files/p6fy. pdf The Clinton Foundation 2010. What we Do. Retrieved at http//www. clintonfoundation. org/what-we-do/clinton-climate-initiative/

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