Thursday, May 9, 2019

Regulating Prostitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Regulating prostitution - Essay ExampleStakeholders in Prostitution Prostitution in simple terms involves the sale of sex by an individual for commercial purposes (Bovard paratrooper 8). Prostitutes mainly depend on the sale of sex for their daily provisions. Their clients on the otherwise hand stick out the sex workers with cash as they pay for the services that they enjoy in the process. Yet another stakeholder in the prostitution circle is the prostitutes family members and the families of their clients. The government comes in the scene mainly as a regulator in the event that the activity is legal. Arguments against the Regulation of Prostitution Although prostitution has been legalized in some countries such as Netherlands, England and Scotland, on that point arrive been problems in creating new laws and keeping up with the enactments that pertain to its operations (Tigtog para 2). The laws or measures run through proved to be a challenge to both the government and the individuals resided in the activity. Following the softness of the governments to regulate the act properly, questions have been raised as to whether it should be regulated (Munro and Giusta 15). Many quarters have argued for the legalization and regulation of prostitution based on the premise that the trade is more like other professions and deserves a fair share of respect, respect and dignity. Its regulation thereof would ensure that prostitutes and all stakeholders in the pains somehow benefit, the government included through taxes. However, this argument goes beyond moral argument as professed by various religious beliefs. Most faiths believe that prostitution in any sense is immoral and therefore should neither be legalized or regulated. Also, in as much as prostitution is legal in some countries, there are still those who work under the table so that they do not lose money through taxation (Munro and Giusta 20). Therefore, it is certain that legalizing and regulating pros titution will not study as much economic benefits as many whitethorn think. Yet another argument for the regulation of prostitution is with respect to health. It is argued by some quarters that when regulated, the chances of reducing the spread of sexually contractable diseases including assist will be reduced. However, this may never be the case since in many jurisdictions cases of sexually transmitted diseases have continued to rise in spite of regulation. Furthermore, the idea that there will be a health clinic that would ensure that the safety and optimal health of legal prostitutes is protected or maintained may not be achievable and reliable (Munro and Giusta 24). It takes about six months for STDs to show on upon cover an septic person. Beyond doubt, very few prostitutes, if any, will lie low for six months after every screening before serving another client to contain quick money. The main aim of prostitution is to make more money and if the government regulates its op erations then the amount of money made by from each one prostitute would reduce as the prostitutes will have to pay taxes. With reduced earnings, the prostitutes will therefore engage themselves in other illegal activities such as drug abuse and violence hence increase the rate of crime in a given country or community. Furthermore, the idea that diseases may not be spread if prostitution is regulated is not assured. In case prostitution was to be legalized and regulated, there would be a greater demand for prostitutes

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