Thursday, May 2, 2019

Alden, Inc Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Alden, Inc - Case Study sheathPresenting a receiving report to the supplies is important I an organization to acknowledge receipt of the materials to avoid challenges with supply.The control procedures for the in a higher place problems include passing a policy for the removal of materials from the store room only under write authorization and recording of the amount and value of the materials retrieved. Keeping a perpetual inventory placement is the some other procedure to solve the problems at Alden. This will allow tracking o material usage at Alden for the company to be able to forecast sales and making demand forecasts to avoid losses from shortages and mortify theft. Sending receipt reports to the supplies and checking on quantity and quality needs to ensure the supplies meet the specification of the company.An compound Enterprise Resource Planning dodging can be used to solve the above weaknesses with the development of bill of materials by the ERP system when supplie s are made, developing a perpetual inventory system in the ERP system through entering inventory levels, addition, and withdrawals from the store to get the inventory at a given time (Hamilton, 2003). This will allow the ERP system to diagnose forecasts on the usage of the materials and ensure the ERP system requiring the consent of authorized staff to make withdrawals from the store. The ERP system can also be used to make vouchering, matching, and payment of the supplies. An ERP system will also track cabaret processing in terms of order entry, credit checking, inventory, shipping analysis, pricing among different supplies to get the best bargain, supplier scheduling and warehousing (Hamilton,

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