Thursday, May 30, 2019

Human Cloning :: miscellaneous

Human CloningScience fiction authors have for many years instilled in us the fantastic idea of great armies of cloned men and women, fighting mindless battles for the betterment of human kind. Perfect beings created under the microscope of fantasy to accelerate the evolutionary process, a cheery new world, of disease free and identical people. But is there truly an application for human cloning in our 21st century society? almost scientists argue that one could use the cloning process to grow a twin sister for a dying child to allow for an organ donor, a perfect match. A noble idea, if one values a human life as highly as cattle headed for a slaughter house. And what of the dangers obscure? A few years ago the worlds eyes turned to the scientific presses, hot with the new discovery that cloning was possible. Dolly the sheep was born, the low gear successful case of cloning the scientific world had seen. But what we didnt see is that there were 276 failures before the successful c ase was achieved. Are we willing to risk 276 human lives for the research of a non applicable science? The thought of a perfect being is intriguing. The model child with the blue eyes you never had and the suddenly straight without having spent three hours in a salon blond hair that everyone thinks you have. It seems a popular notion that once one genetic variety has been achieved, others will follow. And even if the technology for a bouncing blue eyed catalogue selection is only a gleam in the scientific eye, the possibleness of having a three year old Britney Spears is conceivable. The excitement of this sentiment unfortunately masks the reality of it, in that creating a homogeneous race poses a real brat to freedom, the very essence of humanity.At this stage in the development of the cloning process, each cloned Being is viewed as a subject. Dolly was a media spectacle, a lost(p) lamb under the millions of gawking eyes. If a human is cloned, it is highly unlikely that he or she will not be swept up into a similar fate. And under the eyes of the media, not to mention the person who funded the subject, that child will be forced to grow up under a endocarp of obligatory expectations. Every action and emotion could indeed be shaped and cultivated to suit the perceptions of an idealised person.

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