Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Managing Human Capital Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Managing military personnel Capital - Assignment ExampleThe researcher states that moral excellence-pay systems can, in fact, serve to demotivate and even generate anxiety, thereby yet contributing marginally as motivators of desired murder. Merit pay is usually rolled into the base earnings and hence performance in one year will have the effect on the lucre in the future. However, this is based on performance appraisal and the methods of performance appraisal followed by the organization ar a controversial issue. Even if linkages to productivity do not exist, the plan communicates a useful communicate to employees. It is generally believed that individuals should be rewarded based on their contributions and hence merit-based pay serves to fulfill the norm of distributive evaluator. Thus it diffuses concerns among the employees about fairness and equity. Theories of motivation also support the basis of merit for pay. Managers are boost to link important outcomes to desired b ehaviors. Whether they base their decision on the reinforcement theory or the foretaste theory, managers need to demonstrate to employees a link between performance and rewards. All these would indicate that basis of merit for pay is necessary as well as beneficial. Researchers express doubts whether performance can be accurately measured and there have been suggestions to make the measurement objective instead of subjective judgments. Moreover, individual performance is linked to others in the organization and this poses difficulties in calculating the individual contribution to the organization. Instead of output measures, behavioural measures can be considered but none is satisfied with such measures. Employees acceptance of the feedback systems creates problems as they do not accept the evaluations as accurate. Perceived favoritism is a problem in merit compensation systems receivable to the subjective nature of the performance evaluation process.

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