Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sport, Leisure and Coaching law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Sport, Leisure and Coaching law - Essay Exampleby schoolmaster Taylor on the Hillsborough disaster highlighed the role of building control as a major safety legal community adopted for the safety of pas seuls campaign. Moreover compulsory participation of other emergency services as come up as likeminded intrested parties was also given priority.The important laws and regulations that were framed to ensure safety at sports grounds were preventative of sports grounds act 1975, Safety of sports grounds regulations 1987, Fire safety and safety of places of sports act 1987, Safety of places of sport regulations 1988, The football spectators act 1989, The environmental and safety information act 1988 etc.For ensuring the safety of sports grounds, the Safety of sports grounds act 1975 have given powers to the Secretary of state to issue special safety certificates or universal safety certificate as an when required. As per the law the person who is responsible for the safety of the ground should leave to the concerned authority for getting such certificate.After receiving the application, the local autority decides whether the aplicant is qualified enough to receive the certificate. normally the General certificate contains conditions that the authority fells necessary to implement safety at grounds. It includes management requirements, provisions for firstly aid, structural elements strength etc.For the preparation of the Safety certificate, it is utmost necessary to consider the following. First of all, a request for suitable drawings form the applicant should be made. Then a survey of the ground in detail should be made. It is also necessary to hold team safety meetings with emergency services for determine the overall requirements. Moreover consultation with experts in this field should be made. Another important step is to seek structural , electrical as well as mechanical certification.When the general certificate is issued, it is necessary to herald the concerned persons who are intrested. Moreover advertisements in accordance

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