Wednesday, April 24, 2019

DU (The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company that operates Research Paper

DU (The Emirates combine Telecommunications Company that operates in the United Arab Emirates) - Research Paper ExampleConsumer segment focuses on people and households who are provided with mobile as hearty as fixed voice calling, apart from internet and related data services and television services. The bloodline segment focuses on small scale as well as large scale businesses and corporations and government agencies. The company provides them with integrated fixed and mobile business solutions such as voice, contents, data and mobile or otherwise applications. Carrier segment focuses on providing holder and international data networks as well as wholesale services to international companies and multinational corporations (, 2015).Emirates compound Telecommunications Company is ranked as first in the telecommunication sector, and is ranked as fourth in the service market. The company holds 11.37 percent of the share in the telecommunication sector, and 7.56 percen t of the market share in the service industry (, 2015). It employs 2000 workers throughout UAE and ensures a great working environment for both its home and behave staff. The company was late entrant to the telecommunication sector in the GCC, but it successfully competed against great players in the market such as Etisalat and managed to achieve 8.5 million prepaid mobile and data subscribers (, 2015).Solvency ratios give a significant metric to measure a companys ability to meet its debts as well as other pecuniary obligations. This ratio shows whether the cash flow is sufficient for the company to meet its financial liabilities of both short and long terms (, 2015).This paper presented a brief company profile of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, which is the leading provider of mobile and telecommunication services in UAE, and has been ranked to be the number one(a) in the sector in UAE. This paper presented the income statem ent and balance sheet of the company and analyzed variant ratios related to short term solvency or

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