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The Evolution of GulliverIn Jonathan Swift&8217s Gulliver&8217s Travels, the main character,Gulliver, embarks on numerous journeys bringing him to strangelands and affecting his views of the world around him. Hisreaction to each voyage differ as do his ideas and reactions tothe environment in which he is residing. Gulliver begins hisexpeditions with a very social and open behavior while possessinga general acceptance of any newly encountered beings. But by the dying of the fourth voyage, Gulliver leans toward a moreanti-social attitude which was derived from the hatred and freak out he has for human beings, the &8220Yahoos. As for the first voyage to Lilliput, Gulliver acts very clubby with all of the different creatures he comes in contactwith. Once he arrives on the unknown island, he begins toexplore the land around him. later being brought into the city,Gulliver remains subservient towards the Lilliputians by stayingchained up coterminous his hut without acting out and attemp ting tobreak free which would pass nigh likely been a successfulattempt. This subservience created enough trust of the&8220Man-Mountain by the Lilliputian king that it was declared thathis liberty hath been granted when he could have easily crushedand killed these little people. Gulliver is also very eager tobe able to interact with the creatures and this is evident whenin a few weeks he &8220made a great progress in learning theirlanguage (68). He is also quite helpful and there are two determinate cases of Gulliver displaying this helpfulness in thecountry of Lilliput. The first occurs when he obeys the ordersof the king to take down his opposition&8217s navy and ends upstringing up the navy of Blefuscu interlingual rendition them helpless. Thenhe saves the fiery palace by relieving himself onto it,extinguishing the flames. As you can see throughout the firstvoyage, Gulliver was very sociable and informal to those he camein contact with.An anti-social behavior is then exhibit ed near the end ofthe last voyage, after he leaves the country of the Houyhnhnms,because of his new found rebuff and hatred for the rest of theworld especially the &8220Yahoos. This is evident almostnow when Gulliver first encounters natives on the newisland. Unlike previous encounters with new people, he &8220madewhat haste he could to the shore to quickly retreat from animpromptu meeting (333). His sole purpose after leaving theHouyhnhnm land was &8220to discover some thin island uninhabited,yet sufficient by his labour to furnish himself with thenecessaries of life, which he would have vista a greaterhappiness than to be first Minister in the politest Court of

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