Sunday, March 3, 2019

How is Crooks Depicted in Of Mice and Men? Essay

We see that winds falls into the lower, working year category. We know this because the hoi polloi on the ranch look down on him because he is inkiness and hasnt got as many rights as the lily-white men in the working class. We think that Steinbeck tries to show that it he is in the lower class by showing the segregation and discrimination put upon Crooks. He had shown that it was traffic pattern to be racist in the 1930s because when the men called Crooks a nigger, they didnt mean to hurt Crooks by it. As everyone is racist, others think its normal to fall apart and racially abuse Crooks and think nothing of it.The movement on the proofreader is that it shocks them to see the men using the member nigger and having no effect on the other men on the ranch by adage it. This is because nowadays, it is unlawful to discriminate against coloring or race so if the word nigger is used to discriminate today, many people will obtain disgraced. Today we think that Crooks would fall into the higher working class as he is polite, friendly, hardworking and old, Disregarding his colour as today the colour of someones skin doesnt make a difference.Crooks class is evident as he is separate From the white men by living in the barn and doesnt socialize with them because of the jim crow laws limiting the social rights of the black people. Another reason for wherefore Crooks isnt allowed to socialise is because of the KKK who would attack anyone who associated with Crooks so people were to scared to do that. He is treated like a pet because he has less possessions than his proprietor (boss. ) he has a bed which is a box of straw. Also his describe is discriminating him once again by judging his appearance and design attention to his disability.We think that if the Jim Crow laws didnt exist, Crooks would have been able to disturb the barrier between some of the white men who were interested in making friends and loaning for some company. However, we think that even if Jim Crow laws didnt exist, some men would still be treated differently. An example is Lennie, edulcorate and Curleys wife. We think that Steinbeck is interested in opening the doors to the different segments of confederacy in the 1930s. He intends to show how black people were severely segregated and separate so that Crooks ability to socialise with the white men was prevented.

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