Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A Christmas Carol :: English Literature

A Christmas CarolChristmas CarolA secular story of Christmas sequence in an urban roundaboutting,With a Christmas carol in mind, dickens set out to create a process inthe minds of the Americans imagination. As a result of the industrialevolution and the growth of the families who were forced from theirhomes in the solid ground and into the city, a whole new lifestyle forthem? And as industrialization act for many an(prenominal) people in the city, running(a) conditions got no better. As this increased, the heartyconcern for reform in addition did. After the publication of the ChristmasCarol the ideas and concerns for many reform bills, sparked andincreased debate over political and social issues. Whether or notdickens has a Christmas carol in mind for this, but it is howeverclear that the industrial evolution has a greater single out in makingthis story a tale for the times.Dickens was concerned with the working conditions of the people who adjoined whilst trying to make a living this is reflected upon the fiber of Ebenezer scrooge, a ghastly, old and mean owner who ishated by or so everybody, even by his workers. He did not care forthem, or carry them pity, he nonrecreational them minimum wage and if they didntlike it, it wouldnt matter, they would resign and there would be aqueue for people missing to work there as a replacement, scroogetherefore saying it as no loss. He knew this because during theindustrial evolution there were more(prenominal) people than their were jobs, andpeople back them had to grab anything they could get, whether or notthey would suffer or die earning their m onenessy, there were a limitedamount of jobs.We also see scrooge making a rather harsh annotation on the lives of thepoor, where we see two men knocking on scrooges door for donations.He says that it would be alright for them to die as it would help thepopulation problem. Also we focus upon the character of Bob Cratchit,who is one of scrooges workers. He is pai d a meagre recompense and canbarely afford to feed and care for his own family, his give-and-take is dieingand he is too poor to afford proper medication for him. make up throughall this, he still manages to have a Christmas dinner with his familyand not let his situation destroy the spirit of Christmas. BobCratchit represents the working class that do their best to live onwhat they get paid and are thankful for their health.While some still argue to this sidereal day that dickens motivation for the

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