Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Dbq Response Spread of Buddhism in China

Megan Cissell AP World-4 George October 14, 2012 Document Based Question After analyzing the scrolls I was given, I believe in that location is both a positive and negative reply to the bed covering of Buddhism in China. Over time the response became more and more negative than positive. People were getting used to the spread of Buddhism because they knew that it wasnt expiration away anytime soon. The background information I was given let offs that since China was coseismic at this time Confucianism was on the decline which made Buddhism easier to rise. Document angiotensin-converting enzyme does non really state a response to the spread of Buddhism in China.This document is just three of the four noble truths that the Buddha preached. This document does non go into any grouping that I pretend because it does not explain anything about the spread of Buddhism. Certain documents had a positive response to the spread. wiz of the documents was summarizing the fourth noble truth that the Buddha preached, scarcely it alike explained the goal of Buddhism (Document 2). other example of a positive response is the one(a) that explains how Confucius, Laozi, and the Buddha atomic number 18 alike in what they wanted for their respective religions.They all three wanted the same, but it was the difference in time periods that set them a ramify (Document 5). The next document I am going to explain is both positive and negative. The answers that are used are more positive than the questions, but still have a negative side to them. This document explains how Confucian classics do not contain everything so they ask why there is suspicion that Buddhism is so bad. The person duologue about Buddha as a unicorn compared to other sages as a white deer however, white deer are antiquated and unicorns are unreal. This person is saying that the Buddha does not really exist so why should Buddhism.The questions in this document are more negative because it talks about how if Buddhism is so great then why didnt Confucius apply it. The questions also point out that monks do not marry or have families, they only care about goodness and wisdom, which is not part of Chinese civilisation (Document 3). However to the positives also bring some negatives. Although, one of the documents has a negative response by saying that the Buddha does not aline to the Chinese culture, the scholar took greatly to Buddhism because he knows it will continue to spread until later when China becomes more stable and Confucianism returns.He is basically saying that why should Buddhism be honored if it has not originated in China. I believe that there is some bias in this draw out because the person writing it is a Confucian scholar. (Document 4). Document 4 and document 6 tie together because they were written about the same time. This document talks about how Buddhism is an contagion to China and is spreading like a vine throughout the country. He also says the countr y will suffer because people will pessary their jobs to equal the Buddha.Buddhism in his words are like weeds, they dont stop growing even if you pull them they grow back again and again. This excerpt also states how scared China was of the spread and how it could change the Chinese culture (Document 6). Additional pieces that I could use are the reports and consultations of the general public. These would be ministrant to see how it impacted the whole country of China through the look of the public not just people that have power in the courts.

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