Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Research paper discussing the use of progress monitoring can help Article

Research piece of music discussing the use of progress monitoring can help provide educators with a valuable tool to improve their accept teaching - Article ExampleOne way that a teacher can tell whether one method of teaching is better than another is by using progress monitoring assessments (Johnson, 2005, p. 319). In the absence of these assessments, teachers would subjectively prefer methods with limited effectiveness hence leading to poor learning outcomes. Succeeding sections of this paper contains detailed description of benefits offered by progress monitoring tools to teachers.The first step in the application of progress monitoring involves determining a learners actual rate of academic performance. Teachers can identify this rate by administering bi-weekly measurement of students average score in class tests (Gloria, 2010). Subsequently, a comparison between the actual rate of learning and the average or expected rate of learning is developed. Average rates of learning ar e usually the normal mean rates used within a local academic context. Comparing the two rates will objectively ascertain whether or not a student has learning difficulties. In addition, the comparison also facilitates determination of effectiveness from each teaching method used by educators. later capturing the facts concerning a students actual progress, educators can adjust instructional techniques and other intervention responses accordingly (Evans & Lang, 2006).Technically, the first benefit of progress monitoring assessments to teachers is expression of informed decisions on instructional techniques. Conroy and Holly (2013) agreed that progress monitoring helps to pin extremum a students rate of learning. Sometimes, teachers may rest content with a misconception that a student is progressing expectedly because that student passes each test in class. However, progress monitoring is not about focusing on a single point of an academic journey. It is about checking whether a st udents pace of learning will facilitate achievement of pre-determined goals

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