Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Antarctic sea ice melt and its implications Essay

Antarctic sea ice melt and its implications - Essay Examplemosphere and polar oceans and changes the index of ocean buoyancy by redistri buting fresh water through transportation and subsequent melting of comparatively fresh sea ice.Thesis Statement The objective of this essay is to investigate Antarctica sea ice melt, examine the ocean-atmosphere interaction, and evaluate the environmental and societal impact of rising sea levels and other impacts of the sea ice melt.Glob whollyy, in that location is a decline of snow and ice over the past several years, particularly since 1980, with an increasing downturn during the last decade. In the South Pole, the east and westward Antarctic Ice Sheets are two unequal parts, with divergent histories and characteristics (Mercer 1978 323), Figure 1 below. Unlike the vast, older and mostly land-based ice sheet in einsteinium Antarctica, the Western Antarctic ice sheet is younger, much smaller and marine-based, anchored to a distance of 2,500 meters below sea level. Further, West Antarctica is not a single continent, but is a series of islands covered by ice, touching the ocean floor, and not based on land (NASA 2010).Two-thirds of the continent is East Antarctica, a high, frozen desert. If all the ice melted, it would increase the global sea level by about 60 meters or 197 feet. The results from a recent National Aeronautics and Space judgeship (NASA)/ German Aerospace Centers Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) study, indicate that since 2006 there has been greater ice loss from interior East Antarctica than primarily believed (Chen et al 2009).In the Southern Ocean, sea ice forms a fringe around the entire Antarctic continent (Figure 2. below) which is surrounded by the waters of different seas. The Antarctica is subdivided into 5 sectors by researchers, each impacted by diverse geography and weather conditions. This results in greater yearly variations in Antarctic sea ice, as compared to Arctic sea ic e (Nasa.Gov 2010).Across the Antarctic Peninsula lies one of the

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