Saturday, June 1, 2019

Madness and Insanity in Shakespeares Hamlet - Hamlet is Truly Sane :: The Tragedy of Hamlet Essays

small town is Truly Sane In William Shakespeares play, Hamlet, we meet an interesting character named Hamlet. His father is exhausted and he finds out it was his uncle who murdered him. This, among new(prenominal) events, is believed to drive Hamlet manic-depressive. But he is not insane, he merely puts on an act because he craves attention, and is really quite sane. There are itty-bitty incidents that tell the truth of his state of mind. He plans ahead, before doing something important. He acts in a calm and rational manner (most of the clock time) when planning, and when carrying out this plan, acts irrational. Everything he does is done for a viable effort there is a purpose to what he does and why he does it. Also, Hamlet is aware of what is going on around him, something someone insane would not see. Hamlet plans ahead before doing certain tasks. When the acting company comes along, Hamlet talks to himself discussing that the play will bring about the conscience of the k iller. He thinks of a play where a man is killed by someone close, something that resembles Hamlets fathers murder. This was not done in a state of insanity, and it was not spurr-of-the-moment idea. Hamlet thought this by dint of and planned it out ahead. People insane do not think to plan ahead and do not act in rational manner. When Hamlet does act irrationally, it is in front of people it is as if Hamlet wants the world to think he is insane. But maybe his reason for acting insane is legitamite. umteen of Hamlets actions are done for a viable reason. He does not go off and do random acts of violence or anything of the sort. When Hamlet was going to kill Claudius the first time, he stopped himself, because Claudius was in confession. If Hamlet had killed him there, all of Cladius sins would have been wiped away, and Hamlet feared sending him to heaven, so he would wait for a better time to kill Claudius. When Hamlet was arguing with his mother and Polonius approaches, Hamlet a ssumes it was the King. They scuffle, and Hamlet stabs Polonius. Hamlet thought it was the King, a viable reason, just not true. The most important reason to prove Hamlets sanity is that he is aware of what is going on around him.

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