Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 8

Assignment - Essay Example141). The relevance ofhuman choices as a competitive advantage has greateracknowledgment everyplace the last decade (Innocenti,Profili&Sammarra, 2012, pg. 725). Organizations are increasingly investing time and money adopting high andsophisticatedhuman resource (HR) practices to boost their competitiveness and employees development and naming (Innocenti,Profili&Sammarra, pg. 725).The benefits that effective human resource practices bring to an transcriptioncan beidentified from the roles it plays. One of them is tomaintainhealthy relationships between employees in an organization. The Human imagination ensures that management deal effectively with everythingconcerningemploymentand development of people, as well as employment relationships between people and the workforce (Inyang, 2011, pg. 141). It ensures benefit to both the organization and employment by creating a conducive environment, where people can use the best of their abilities andrealizetheir p otential.In conjunction withsenior and line managers, the human resource management creates business strategy plushelp toimprove planning from the boardroom to the marketplace. The HR organizes and executes work, plus deliver administrative efficiencytoensure follow reduction and quality of services and products (Inyang, 2011, pg. 142). Another benefit is to increase employee contribution and commitment to the organization by representing their interests to senior management. It also plays the role of a exchange agent where it shapes processes and culture that improves the organizations capacity for change.The emergence ofhuman resource came as the need for companies toemployappropriately skilled people so that they can expand. Adoption of human resource practices in areas of training and development helps to maximize employees positive work attitudes (Innocenti,Profili&Sammarra, 2012, pg. 724). Experience of HR

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