Saturday, June 8, 2019

How Businessman Rides Out Despite the Extreme Challenges Essay

How Businessman Rides Out Despite the Extreme Challenges - Essay ExampleIt is very interesting to know how these businessmen were satisfactory to make it through and repel out despite the extreme challenges that he had to contend with. In addition, these two executives belong to the same family such that they are siblings hence, it would likewise be interesting to train how family relations affect the business as a whole. Me How did you get into this business? Sir smith My father was a farmer. I was the eldest child in the family so I was early exposed to life on the farm. In college, I went to the Colorado State University where I majored in Agricultural Engineering and graduated in 1977. So, I can fairly say that I have a very good background in agricultural stuff. The decision to engage in this kind of business was mostly rooted from self-realization that as a man who grew up in a farm, I am one of those some who really knows what it takes to be successful in agricultural bu siness. Eventually, in 1980, together with my siblings, I put up my own agricultural business that I called Smith AgriPro. AgriPro stands for agricultural procurement. Ms. Ada Smith-Rogers He and I are poles apart. He is the eldest while I am the youngest child in the family. Aside from the fact that we grew up on the farm, I was never really interested in agricultural stuff. What I am interested in is doing business. Generally, I oversee the overall finale of the operation in all the divisions of the company. So, the biggest highlight of my position, perhaps, would be the opportunity to witness the growth of the company since its birth. I always make the final decision and so my decisions determine where the company would be in several years. As President and CEO, your every move should be a calculated risk. Fortunately, for me, with the help of my subordinates, I was able to clearly evaluate the companys annual performance since 1980, and through this careful evaluation, I was ab le to venture in proliferating the company in various locations within the county. Ms. Smith-Rogers I feel probably the same pressure as he Sir Smith feels in running and managing this company. As Executive Vice President, I also assume duties and responsibilities that the president and CEO have. I am responsible for the maximization of the overall operating performance of the company and in the attainment of our companys financial objectives. I supervise the human resource department, finance department, business development, and of course, communicating with the board of directors. The highlight of my position was probably that time when the company is already making its spot in the agricultural industry, surpassing many giant companies. The company needed more workers so as the Executive Vice President, I had to carry out recruitment strategies that would attract highly talented and intelligent workers from all over the state. Gladly, I was successful at doing that. The company was able to admit the ideal number of workers for its various operations.

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