Thursday, June 20, 2019

Graduate nursing program application form question Essay

Graduate nursing program application form query - Essay ExampleI am currently in my 3rd and final year in the University of South Australia studying for a nursing degree. In the course of my studies, I have acquired competencies in the theoretical and practical aspects of nursing practice. I was privileged to undertake my first trampment at Oaklands Park residential Care Facility, and second clinical placements at the Ashford Private Hospital. In the two placements, I learned a lot of clinical nursing skill in the real situation. In the first placement, I acquired skills in taking care of the aged, as well as identifying and assessing their needs to improve their quality of life. While operative in the surgical ward in my second placement, I acquired skills in caring for patients prior to and after operation.I believe that my experience and qualifications will modify me to offer quality services while go awaying in your brass.I am enthusiastic about hearing from you. Once you o ffer me the opportunity to work for the organization, I will devote a considerable amount of my time and efforts to maintain its reputation. I believe that my contribution together with that of the other employees within the organization will contribute to the accomplishment of organizational goals. I will highly appreciate your consideration.My short term career goals are to develop put the skills I have acquired in my nursing studies in order to emerge as an expert in the profession, and to gain exposure to the real situation in the place of work through and through interacting with patients and the hospitals management. These short term goals will help me accomplish my mission and long term goal of assisting the public through provision of quality healthcare. This will satisfy my desire to be in a position to help people regain good health and expect good quality lives.I have shown commitment personally and professionally by

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