Monday, June 10, 2019

Incidents in the life of a slave girl Research Paper

Incidents in the life of a slave girl - Research Paper ExampleThis was precisely because privileged the house, there was no hash scorching sun and they could also eat their masters leftover ( 5). However, in some homes, it was not the case. After a meal, the master and family would spit on the pans and kettles so that the slaves could not feed on the left overs ( 5).For slaves who were mothers, life was very hard since there was no better nutrition for them and their infants. Many infants hapd due to chronic undernourishment since there was little food and the mothers were also overworked ( 7). This hardship life saw many slaves die early and very few lived to old age ( 7).Slaves were considered not human. The abuse and torture they went through was worse than what animals went through. It is revealed how slaves were whipped, lashed and clubbed on daily basis whether they did something good or bad ( 10). For female slaves, life was even worse than males. Most were also subjected into physical abuse. Many women and girls were rapes and sexually abused by their masters ( 10). There was no one to rescue them. It is important to note that most slaves masters used this kind of harassment and punishment to control and dehumanize their slaves ( 5).The slaves had different ways of write up with the bondage they were encountering. There are those who took in and those who fought back. Based on the repercussion, fighting back openly was a serious crime. No slave was allowed to stand up his/her masters orders. This was heavily punishable. However, slaves being human beings did not agree to everything the master said. But due to lack of courage to speak as a result of fear, many chose to collaborate. In the case of Linda who was a beautiful female slave fell into an additional trap since her master fell in beloved with her (Harriet, Jacob 11). She had

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