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The Data Protection Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Es

The information auspices propel 1998 and the Freedom of knowledge modus operandi 2000Introduction============For my module computing I have to encounter research and produce detailedreport on freedom of knowledge and the need for security. Theinformation commissioners office enforces and oversees the entropyProtection make out 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000.I need to read and project knowledge respecting private lives ofindividuals and encourage the openness and accountability of publicauthorities. In the report my aims and objectives forget be to cover thefollowing aspects- What is Data Protection Act 1998 and identify and describe 8principles.- What is the Freedom Information Act 2000 and how does it build onthe Data Protection Act- Privacy and electronic Communication (EC Directive) Regulation 2003came into force 11th December 2003. The Information Commissionersoffice mission how does he intend the directive to operate to field of study inUK.The completio n of the report needs to be produced and handed in byFriday 30th April 2004.Executive SummaryIn this report It will cover all aspects of freedom if information andthe need of security covering fire the Data Protection Act 1998 and theeight essential principles. By promoting mature information handlingpractice and enforcing data protection and freedom code and byseeking the influences national and international thinking on hidingof information on medical records.Analysis1.0 What is Data Protection Act (1998), 8 essential principles?Data is facts of any kind, whether in twist or verbal form. Althoughthis is the correct explanation business people are habituated to usethe terms to mean numerate information only.Data refers to facts and figures in their raw state, which have stillto be processed. If you carry out a survey to count the number of carsand vans which pass your house each day, the number you write down arethe data.Every figurer should be awake of the Data Protection A ct. Everyindividual on a computer should register with Data ProtectionRegistrar. It is a criminal offence non to register and ignorance ofthe law is no defence. Once registered, data users must harmonize withthe eight principles of the Data Protection Act (see below 1.1, paginate7).The Data Protection Act, organisations which hold such informationhave to register with Data Protection and have to agre... ...issioners office What the regulation coverswww.iformationcommissioner.gov.uk/eventual.aspx?id=94 26/04/2004 Page1-210 David Baumer, Privacy of medical exam Records it Implications ofHIPAA,2000,40-47, 19/4/200411 Anthony Browne, The observer, Lives ruined as NHS leaks patientsnotes Sunday June 25 2000, 19/4/200412 Nigel Hawkes, Times online Patient records go on database July21 2003, www.timesonline.co.uk/printfriendly/0,,1-2-751992-2,00.html19/04/200413 Subject Access and Medical records fees for gate DataProtection Act 1998, Compliance advice, 19/4/2004www.informationcommis sionersoffice.co.uk14 Consumers Advice to fortress your medical records,www.epic.org/privacy/medical/EPIC_principles.txt 19/04/200415 Thomas C.Rindfleisch, Privacy, information Technology, andwellness Care, August 1997/Vol. 40, No.8, www.artn.nwu.edu/ 19/04/200416 Computer Security conclave, Personal Medical Information, Security,Engineering and Ethics, 1995 -99,www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/Security/book-j/pmi96.html 19/04/200417 Andrew Wall, The nursing Specialist Group Private worriespublic concerns, March 1997 www.bcsnsg.org.uk/inftouch/vol3/wall.html19/04/2004

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