Thursday, February 21, 2019

Justify The Proposed Approaches Essay

My conjure has miscellaneous links to the national consort which has the same topic as mine. This campaign is called reducing underage potable a collective responsibility. This campaign utilize the mass media antenna and the community development approach similar to my campaign. In my campaign I consecrate used three approaches and have enter them into the creation of my campaign. These be the role of mass media, national campaign and involving health e educators. The first approach would be the role of mass media. As I have mentioned in a previous task, media can be presented in various forms such as through the television, radio, Magazines newspapers and billboards. I have chosen to use the media approach because I think it will be more applicable to my backside audience. The age group that my campaign applies to are very knowledgeable in the world of media. Having our own twitter rapscallion gives our campaign the opportunity to be seen on a large scale, on an off chan ge that almostone could see our twitter account it could be very beneficial for them.However using the media as an approach does some with some disadvantages, such as not being able to instruct vital skills. Using the media in our campaign didnt allow us to go into detail and give the personal support that some individuals may need. Using twitter didnt allow us to write much, notwithstanding short sentences. This approach relates to the health belief toughie. The health belief model suggests that lot will only seek jock when they have to. Our target audience was forced to listen to our campaign as we were presenting it to them. But to them go away and search our twitter page because they needed help happens on their own accord, and has nothing to do with us. They will be seeking help because they believe that they may have been one of the teenage binge drinkers we sensitive talking about. The second approach is uses were the social marketing approach. Using this approach mad e me use my brain strategically to see if what I was doing in my campaign would had related to my audience.Using the socialmarketing approach I decided to use an app to get some information across. Using an app was a good idea for my target audience. Most people in the room had an iPhone and were excited to hear that there was an app available. The excitement made people download it, hopefully the information on the app, and the help that is provided will have a positive effect on the adolescence. The model I used the surmisal of reasoned carry out. This is because my audience had had the intention to drink when they drink. But after my campaign and the information I showed them that intention changed. They now realised the problems that come with potable at obsessive measures, and have changed their intentions to not wanting to drink. Now that the people who were in my audience have changed their intentions. According to the theory of reasoned action they will no longer be invo lved in drinking activity.

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