Wednesday, February 13, 2019

My Educational Philosophy :: Philosophy of Education Teaching

My Educational Philosophy Every oneness has their own reasons for choosing a career. some(a) people make decisions based on the family business or income statistics. In my case, none of the before mentioned explanations apply. My decision making process began after ordinal grade, which happened to be the beginning of my Four-H counseling career. At this particular 4-H camp, I was recognize to hold the title counselor. It is a position that holds power, influence, and respect. Throughout the week, I fulfilled my position by serving numerous children with an array of situations. The campers were taught advanced camp songs while also shown how to deal with troubling circumstances. The smiling human faces at the end of the week proved that the entire staff had been successful. In that one week, I realized that I can make a difference. The tone of voice of triumph that I felt was incredible that is the feeling that I extremity to experience more often. So, why do I want to be a teacher? For one, I have the desire to help others. I want to make students feel like they are someone. I look forward to to make every child bop they can succeed in life. After explaining the cell division process, I am excited to moot the look of accomplishment on a childs face once they finally understand -- that is the feeling of success. As a teacher, I will be given many opportunities to lend that special helping hand. The subject that I have chosen to teach is one that I did not dominate throughout my high school career. That is why I chose the General Science degree. I can relate with the student that is excessively shy to raise their hand and ask a question. I know what it is like to work a little harder because something does not come inherently. And, around of all, I know how it feels to succeed. That is the feeling that I want everyone to experience. Corresponding with a science degree, I am also pursuing a math s degree. I believe that God gives everyone a gift of a natural talent -- this gift should be implemented in life.

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