Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Egans Law The purpose of Megans Law is to let the public hold up when a convicted sex offender is released into their community. Mr. Michael Chertoff, a former U.S. attorney has a curious question for our states corrections department. How can members of the public be assured when dangerous predators have been released into their community, if the prosecutors, who are supposed to nonify the public, have non been told either? Mr. Chertoff did investigate this and found out that this isnt just a small problem anymore.Take the Alves case for example. Raymond Alves, a convicted rapist was in jail for twenty-three years and was let out unannounced. Prosecutors were told days later on the fact and were not ale to get a line him because he gave out false learning about where he was living. Megans Law requires prosecutors to be notified thirty days or more ahead of duration so they have sufficient time to file a challenge, or to see if hes a threat to society.At a senate hea ring, Jack Terhune, a corrections commissioner tell he has not found any other case likewise the Alves case where the prosecutors were not priggishly notified ahead of time. Meanwhile, they were getting a complete different story from Mr. Chertoff, who asked twenty one county prosecutors if they have been getting their proper Megans Law notifications on time. The prosecutors answer was between January 1, 1999 and March 1, 2000, they have accredited one hundred and fifty Megans Law notifications slight than thirty days prior to an inmate being let out. More than ninety of those came less than seven days before the release or after. Chris Carden, a interpretive program for the corrections department made a comment that the numbers did not match up and said thats a far let out from saying there have been no other cases of improper notification.In the stir of the Alves mess, Mr. Terhune did take action and fired eight of his employees for errors, including two psychologists. Te rhune is as well as making new rules like better training for all employees that numerate in so that this problem will not happen again. They in like manner have a new web page up for the prosecutors to find out when any sex offenders are released in the area so that there is no question in anyones mind.In my judgment I believe in Megans Law 100%.

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