Sunday, February 24, 2019

Free time Essay

Some people think that it is important to use waste time for activities that develop the judgement, such as learning and doing crossword puzzles. Others come up that it is important to give ones mind a put down in leisure time. Discuss.Relaxing our mind has been a vital component part of spending our free time for thousands of years. Most of the people find reposeful activities like practice session a book while others love to checkout in the park, just see a boring TV transpose or discuss with friends in front of a cup of t obliterateime or coffee. Even if maybe nigh persons will not altogether agree with me, I consider that two of the most important activities that should eat our free time are the reading of a book and extraneous activities with family or friends.Reading has always been one of the activities that fascinated the human mind and as long as we read books written in a language that we do not find difficult to understand, we should find reading a relaxing ac tivity. Of course, as long as the books we are reading are not too technical to make us absorb that we are not reading for fun but for study. For example I remember when my sister told me that by reading for relaxation she found matinee idol and that changed her biography. She was reading mostly religious books.Another activity which I in person consider that can make water an important effect in our life are outdoor activities with family members or friends. This activities will help us be in a good shape for a long completion of time and in the same time will help us develop watertight close relationships with the persons we are spending our time with. And strong and close relationships are vital to admit with people we would like to beget around us for longer periods of time. For example I remember that we when I was younger I was going a lot for fishing with my grow and over the years this activity become very important for us and made us to have have a very exceptiona l relation.In conclusion spending our time is very important and we should have a really clear idea between spending some time and loosing some time. I strongly believe that reading a book will help our mind and develop our vocabulary and when we have more time and weather is with us, spending some timeoutside with family or friends will help our relations. I just hope that little and less people will find important activities like vie computer games and watch television series.

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