Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Inclusion of Sex Education in the School Curriculum

During high school years our minds have the greatest development. And whatever we have learned in high school we uses that knowledge to help us move on through college. At the high school age teenagers experiments different changes in their minds, bodies. A sometimes question comes up that at what age children should know about the sex. To the answer to that question is I believe at the age of 13-14 children and High School kids. High school should be teaching teenagers about different aspects of life, especially sex. A majority student does not get any sex education at home. Usually parents just ignore or avoid this kind of discussion or topic. So, that is why high school should teach students about sex. Since parents ignore giving knowledge about sex to their children, many of them turn to having unprotected sex because they are not educated about the matter. Their eyes are blind about the sex. Teenagers go to parties, they get drunk and they get involved physically with opposite sex. No one ever taught them to have protected sex. So females ends up getting pregnant. So, they would choose to have an abortion. Which is a very big debatable issue. Moreover, even if they not ends up getting pregnant some of the partners might have an aid and then they would get that aids. This could prevent by giving children some or more knowledge about sex. Since patents do not teach their children then sex education should be a vital part of a high school education. Personally, I believe that by giving students knowledge about sex in high school will help prevent teenage pregnancies and even the spread of disease such as aids. The out come would be save lives. In short, as parents we should support the High School and encourage them to teach our children about sex life. If parents were willing to educate their children at home then there would be no need for sex education. However, most of parents ignore sex topic and they would not prefer to discuss this topic in the family. Since the sex education does not exist at most of the homes, then there should be a need for sex education besides home, which is school.

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