Friday, August 9, 2019

Question Answers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Question Answers - Essay Example be important to not5e and mention that on various occasions Carol Ann Bartz has exhibited combative and proper cognitive skills to ensure that Yahoo Incorporated as a company gets the best deal under the various business environments. For instance, the move where Carol Ann Bartz, decided to relinquish the control of the search engines of Yahoo in anticipation of the future and subsequent progress or likely growth is an example. In her calculated wisdom and intention, she foresaw the future of advertising given the fact that the future was shifting or moving towards search engines. Therefore it was prudent to place the company at a good place to allow it to be able to enjoy future benefits based on the present circumstances. In the ordinary sense and aspect, personality trait refers to the building blocks and aspects which define the nature of a human being. It is to say that they are the things that differentiate a person as unique from other human beings in the world. In the course of the career growth and development of Carol Ann Bartz she has shown a varied range of personality traits which have set her apart from other people and executives. To begin with, Carol Ann Bartz is an optimistic manager who lives and hopes for better things to come in the subsequent times. This is to say that she looks on the positive side of things that are expected to come even when the realistic chances of accomplishing the task seem untenable. For instance, when she relinquished the search engines to Microsoft, it was her belief that the future of advertising would be in the search engines spheres. Secondly, she is encouraging, given the fact that she did share supporting emails to the staff to give them the moral strength and support to persevere. For instance, her emails sought to encourage the staff members so as to reaffirm their faith in the vision and mission of Yahoo Incorporated. Assuming she had a position available for me in the organisation, I would have loved to

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