Sunday, August 11, 2019

Retail store selling hearing aide opening for the first time Essay

Retail store selling hearing aide opening for the first time - Essay Example In order to ensure that customers have an ample interaction with the website, I will ensure that it has easily navigated layouts. The strategy is proposed because websites are easily accessible to people with aiding devices and places no cost on the audience. The medium also allows for easy feedback from the audience and this allows for product renovation and diversification in order to meet customers’ needs. The strategy targets the universal market and extends beyond New York City. Some of the major market segments that the strategy targets are schools for students with impaired hearing that might refer the students to the business. People with hearing impairment, together with their friends and relatives, especially in the digital generation, are another targeted audience because of their ability to respond to the communication and establish our market. The website will contain all the necessary information that customers may need ranging from the type of hearing aids available, types to be added in future, to forms of sale applicable. The website will provide information on how to use products offered by the business as well as feedbacks from customers who have used these products (Andreas, 2011). Another strategy that I will use to promote my business is printing business cards and distributing them to potential customers. This involves presenting information on cards that are then distributed to a target audience. The cards will be simple and well designed to ensure that they appeal to customers. Additionally, information contained in them will be short and precise .In order to ensure that the cards reach many customers, stocking them in several strategic places will be important. Among the strategic places in which I will place them are entrance to the business office, entrance to schools that train people with hearing disability, and strategic social places such as in restaurants and

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