Saturday, August 31, 2019

Phone Essay

Besides that, the usage of mobile phones is also affecting the student health. Mobile phone is not just spoils student morally and psychologically but it also brings some physical problem like sense of hearing and brain problems. In addition, the Doctors said that the number of youngsters with Repetitive Stress Injury is increasing. A Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is a damage of part of the body had overusing or exerting too much of stress. According to the studies, texting message regularly, over a period of time, may cause repetition strain. If mobile phone is allowed to bring to school, the longer time of students will get attached with their mobile phone; this causes the percentage of students getting RSI is getting higher. Human heads absorb most of the radiation emits from the mobile phone. The longer time student attached with the cell phone, the more radiation student will get. Radiation is not good for our health as it might cause us vomiting, nausea, losses of white blood and headache even cancer. For a healthy lifestyle, student should get away from the mobile phone. In a nutshell, although there are some advantages of bringing mobile phone to school, there are also many disadvantages that students bring mobiles phone to school. In my opinion, students should not be allowed to bring mobile phones or have mobile phone at school Mobile phones bring some physical problem to the students if the students always use the mobile phones in the school. Besides that, the government should not approve any schools of allowing students bring mobile phones to school. The parents of the student also must not allow their children to bring mobile phones to school. These will solve the problems that students bring mobile phones to school. Without the mobile phones, the results of the students would be going up because the students can concentrate and study harder in class. The disadvantages of bringing mobile phone to school are out way the advantages. Thus, students should not be allowed to bring mobile phones to school.

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