Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Article Summaries and Reaction Paper Management of Computers Essay

The Article Summaries and Reaction Paper Management of Computers - Essay Example Proper management of computers in the classroom and lab are so significant in the learning process of the students and so to the security and life of the computer system itself. The Net Support School or NSS, offers a comprehensive and proper management in the use of computers in classroom and computer lab. Their main objective is how to manage the use of computer, printers, and the devices more effectively. Teachers should act as administrator to control the user privileges of the students, they can also log-in and log-off remotely to student's computers through his unit. They can also monitor the screen of every student simultaneously as to observe what the students are doing. During the discussions, monitors or screens of the student's computers should be blank, keyboard and mouse must be locked to gain their focus and attentions. Considering that computer printing is important, teachers should also control the page limit of every student. Computers are subjective to malwares, spywares and other form of viruses, thus teacher or laboratory in-charge should not allow copying of files from USB devices and CDROMS to the hard drives or hard disk. The capabili ty to transfer files or handouts to selected computers and even to all units is also an advantage with regard to time management. In summarizing the proper management of computers, teachers can control various computer privileges such as; application and internet metering and control, teacher security, internet safe search, printer control and device control ( Like the Net Support School, Intel Education Initiative also explained how to manage the computer use effectively, because they know that allocating more time for students in using the computer is so important. They are also taking into consideration about the subject matter, like, having a focus on discrete activities, where work activities are well-defined by the teachers to let the students do a desirable project immediately. They believed that computers must not be used in internet research during work activities for it is just a waste of time, since it could be assigned as homework to students. Creating a checklist for a task and a timeline respectively will help students to be more productive and efficient toward their work. It is also important that proper and appropriate use of computer must be implemented, and whatever inappropriate action will result in losing and deactivation of students' computer access and privilege as a form of their punishment. The computer classroom m ust be made available before school time, during break time, and after school time especially for students who don't have computers at home ( In relation to my own professional thinking, both of the two articles were implementing better practice in proper management of computers in classroom and computer lab. I agree that the teachers should also be the administrator at the same time in terms of giving user access and privilege. Aside from the teaching procedures and guidelines, being a good administrator will also result to harmonious and smooth sailing learning for students. I also agree that during the discussions and defining of task, the monitor, mouse and keyboard should be disabled to let the students listen attentively. In addition to their principles of management, I would like to encourage that the classroom and com

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