Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Literature review of nursing leaders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Literature review of nursing leaders - Essay Example The Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines quality of care in hospitals as the level to which health services offered to individuals increase the certainty of expected health results and are in harmony with current professional expertise. With this standard definition, quality indictors include death, disability, discomfort, disease and dissatisfaction (Yragui et al, 2013). However, recent medical practitioners have shifted way from the usual negative to the positive aspects of quality. This has led to the innovation of the description of quality health care is the safe, effective and equitable services that health practitioners give to patients ( Mitchell). Curtis et al (2011) defines nurse leaders as medical practitioners who order instructions to medical students or co-workers. In addition, the two claim that every leader in whichever position merges their circle of influence with clinical practise. This goes hand in hand with Yraguis (2013) suggestion that anyone who is in authority and has disciples who rely on their expertise is a leader. Nurse leaders have many roles to perform in the hospital because of their influence to other nurses. One such role is providing organizational support. Nurse leaders are expected to motivate nurses and make them feel appreciated in the hospital (Morse, 2007). The nurses should feel needed in the organization and that their efforts are recognized. Nurse leaders help improve practice levels when they are responsive to patient concerns. They can also make other care providers believe that the management is concerned with high-quality care. This would in turn encourage care providers to give specialized care to patients, as agreed by Yargui (2013).The providers will also embrace positive attitude and behaviour. Employees who receive compliments from employers would have better attitudes. The nurse leaders should also give an aggression free environment to other care providers. They should

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