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Food Security in Post-War Sierra Leone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Food Security in Post-War Sierra Leone - Essay Example This essay stresses that food production was negatively impacted raising concerns of international agencies owing to declining agricultural sector charged with feeding a conflicted nation. After years of confrontation, the rebels were suppressed and signed a treaty that marked the end of armed conflict and the beginning of recovery for the nation. Among the agenda by the newly elected regime was reconciliation, reconstruction of the country by adopting resolutions that upheld universal education, children rights, and food security. Focusing on food security, this paper seeks to examine the dynamics of agriculture with regard to effects of the civil war and strides towards achieving food security in Sierra Leone after the war. This paper makes a conclusion that the civil war halted economic development that is essential for enhancing agricultural performance in the country. The research systems related with agricultural practices were severely affected following the destruction of research infrastructure such as laboratories and farms. Similarly, the civil war saw the well-trained scientists and research personnel flee the country and abandon their role in food security. This characterized the breakdown of local authorities and other structures if devolved governance, which contributed to the collapse of essential services. The civil conflict also affected livestock in the country with marked depletion of herds of the common breeds. According to the World Health Organization (n.d.), food security describes the availability and consistent access to food where a household thrives without the fear of food shortage. Following years of civil war, Sierra Leone faced challenges with feeding its citizenry after su bsistent farmers were ejected from their farms or fled the conflict. For this reason, the country’s agricultural sector was in ruins and the country ranked among the poorest in the world. The establishment of comprehensive strategies towards rebuilding the nation after the war reveals a promising future of food security. Reconstruction and development of Sierra Leone after the war posed significant challenges with regard to food security and restoration of the country’s food basket. This was a presidential priority as the

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