Thursday, September 19, 2019

Preferences of Gender Essay -- Exploratory Essays Research Papers

Preferences of Gender Some might argue that there is a difference in the parenting of a boy compared to that of a girl. However true this may be, one must recognize and disregard the sexist implications that have been portrayed for generations. Girls are often said to be easily content and depicted as â€Å"brave and tough†. One might be surprised to find that a little girl could be just as interested in playing with a football as she would a Barbie doll if given the opportunity. This simply demonstrates the nonsexist choice of a toy that the girl has made. There are, without a doubt, many differences and different needs in raising a boy than a girl. These differences, however, do not exhibit the difficulties it takes to raise a boy compared to that of a girl. These miniscule, however, significant issues of undoubted sexism are the very grounds for why one might argue that having a boy would be easier than having a girl. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a little boy after already having a little girl, or vice versa, but why not want to experience both ways of parenting, since both parenting factors demonstrate hardly any difference. The question at hand now is whether or not choosing the sex of the child is so important that one would be willing to expel the pleasures of intimacy, in turn for a prenatal test that involves needles, implantations, and third party, the doctor. Where has the romance gone? Couples are free to choose how many children they have, when they want to have them and whether to terminated unwanted pregnancies, thus why should couples not be free to choose the sex of their child? The argument is that by leaving the sex up to the parents the sex ratio in the population will eventua... ...passed the age conceivability. In conclusion, one can see that the gender preference among couples in today’s society is a boy rather than a girl, more so, for personal reasons rather than scientific. The two articles were extremely informative and interesting. They state many facts as to why one might choose to want to have a boy rather than a girl. Personally, I would be completely content with just a healthy baby, no matter the gender. In a religious stand-point, God blesses you with what he sees fit for you. His decision is not based upon what you think is best for yourself. Works Cited Malpani, Aniruddha. â€Å"Why shouldn’t couples by free to choose the sex of their baby?† Reproductive Health Matter. V10. i19. (May 2002). 192 (2) Steinbock, Bonnie. â€Å"Sex Selection: not obviously wrong.† The Hastings Center Report. V32. i1. (2002). 23 (7)

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