Monday, September 9, 2019

Cause and effect Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cause and effect - Essay Example on of marital relationships is strongly associated with aggression, whose presence may cause separation or divorce within a marriage’s first 4 years. Studies show that couples who exhibit aggression in their marriages would be more likely to end their marriages through divorce or separation than those that do not (Fine and Harvey 98). Newlyweds are particularly at risk as they show higher levels of aggression. Partners facing marital violence mostly downplay the violence by making excuses for not seeking help for the behavior, opting instead for divorce. The link between marital dissatisfaction and divorce is strong. Couples that are unhappy with their union are at an increased risk of divorce than those who are happier. Fine and Harvey support this postulate, noting the risk to be higher if the husband is the unhappy one of the couples (97). The risk when the wife was unhappy was noted to remain the same as when both are happy. Marital dissatisfaction may come as a result of the two people growing apart for various reasons causing them to lose touch of each other. Adultery is one reason that may cause couples to grow apart as it causes mistrust to creep in. Such mistrust causes couples to prefer to be apart, hence divorce. Additionally, alcohol and substance abuse has led to the dissolution of many marriages. Alcohol consumption, particularly in excessive amounts, leads to lack of control and could lead to physical or psychological abuse which strains marriages (Sember 6). Alcoholics would not aware of the damage caused to the family, especially because parenting would be left to one partner. A marriage with one or both partners engaging in substance abuse would be 4 times more likely to end in divorce than one where the partners do not (Fine and Harvey 97). A majority of men divorcees report spousal abuse as the cause of their divorce. Finally, economic challenges accelerate the risk of divorce. Studies have shown that couples are at a high risk of divorce

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