Monday, September 9, 2019

Advancements in Communications The Use of Cloud Computing Research Paper

Advancements in Communications The Use of Cloud Computing - Research Paper Example This paper will discuss various concepts of communication and its emerging factors in cloud environment. This paper will also outline the implications of cloud computing in communications. Cloud Computing  and Communications Cloud computing is one of the emerging concepts in telecom sector. In addition, cloud computing has successfully changed the dimensions of communication (Weiss; Koehler, Kraemer and Anandasivam). In today’s global world where new standards and technologies are offered and changed everyday each and every organization is trying its level best to make use of cloud computing. Additionally, the idea of cloud computing is already adopted in various fields. According to a research, cloud environment will be adopted in a large number of corporations and enterprises in upcoming years. In fact, cloud computing is already been adopted in various sectors such as communication and information technology which resulted in significant growth and profit generation (Phuk an). In this way the telecom sector is much energized about the scenario of cloud environment. In addition, the telecom sector will acquire numerous competitive advantages from networking operations along with modern technological aspects. Hence it will become easy for them to play an imperative role in the rapid growing world of cloud computing environment (Phukan). Cloud computing generally  offers a lot of convincing benefits for common users and organizations that used it, such as it is useful in many ways. It facilitates organizations with the cost of operations performed reduced capital and scalability according to our demands. So we are in right opinion towards business concerning matters to take full fledging advantage of the on-going computing resources and services according to our demands, collectively known as â€Å"the cloud†. Without a doubt, Cisco is a leading network oriented company is working with other industry leaders on joint venture to develop and expa nd protocols and standards that are useful in transformation of the long-term vision the Inter-Cloud form, today into reality. If the Cisco joint venture happens then it will make considerable changes in the cloud environment, further than the technology directions must change in this regard. The IT-related organizations, and how IT (information technology) mechanism with various business units, have to acclimatize as well, or organizations would not achieve what they desire from the cloud computing (Nations; Ingthorsson). If we research the Cloud Computing like both a service delivery model and technology concept, particularly according to its networking point of view, and also its various implications indeed. We already have studied the existing and promising technologies related to networks usually used in the Cloud computing, either in internal level or in external, it may include various aspects that correspond to WAN (wide area network) technologies as well as Data hub/centre interconnections. If we analyze the both Long-distance interconnections (MAN and WAN), the overall spectrum between information centers are visibly based on IP (internet protocol) standards that are used over the ATM (auto transit machine), Ethernet, SDH/ SONET and further recently, on MPLS with QoS as well as interconnection that have local capabilities.  

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