Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Causes of the Mexican-American War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Causes of the Mexican-American War - Essay Example From this paper it is clear that the present Texas – a land that was said to be similar to Germany in terms of size – was formerly a part of the Mexican Republic, until its residents, then known as Texicans or Texans, revolted against the Mexican government. Settlers from different parts of the United States were said to have populated Texas during the 1820’s up to the 1830’s, when the Mexican government encouraged them to reside in the northern part of Mexico which was then unpopulated. And in 1821, the first Anglo-American colony led by Stephen Fuller Austin was established in Texas. However, the settlers were not contented with the way the city government of Mexico was running the province. The Texans were furious with the plan of Mexico to bring the country under the control of a single authority. It further aggravated their anger when a government proclamation concerning the abolition of slavery was implemented.This study outlines that  the Texans w ere a kindred people whose natural place was under the American flag. For a third reason, they feared that Great Britain might intervene in Texas and try to establish a protectorate. And finally, pocket motives were at work. Northerners wished to sell farm products and manufactured goods in Texas; shipping owners saw that their vessels could make profitable voyages to Galveston; Yankee mill owners wished to have cheap Texas cotton spin. Many Southerners wanted to migrate and yet were unwilling to leave the American flag.

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