Friday, July 26, 2019

Pilot Unions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Pilot Unions - Essay Example These elites do not care about the upper mobility of the middle and lower classes thus they have made college to be expensive and in turn most people from such economic classes are shunning away from college. This will empower the upper classes and their well-educated children to place a stranglehold on labor laws and civil liberties in America.2 Further, there have been transformations in workplaces such as downsizing, rise of contingency work, tightening of coordination, human relations management and squeezing wages.3 Downsizing has resulted to a lesser number of Americans being employed on full time basis due to automation and a rise in contingency work in corporations. Consequently, workload is increased on those employees who remain. Due to engagement of robots services, there have been fewer industrial jobs and less leverage in bargaining with management for the employee who remain. In addition, computerization has increased the ability to service more people thus limiting the number of professionals needed in advanced industrial societies. There has been a rise of the contingency worker through the replacement of permanent workers with temporary or part-time ones. The latter are usually paid less and draw no fringe benefits which works well for the corporations. Such corporations thus remain globally competitive, expand and contract with product lines and market cycles, avoid healthcare and pension costs, vacation pay, training programs and government anti-discriminatory rules. Corporations have tightened coordination through the use of computer systems that coordinate the flow of raw materials, machine time, labor and other resources and the front office is thus able to monitor and coordinate retail and clerical work. For instance, with the employment of the Bell telephone operators, every fifteen minutes, computer terminals near supervisor’s desks print out the office’s complete

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