Monday, July 1, 2019

Admiral Jarok as Noble Traitor :: Star Trek Traitor Essays Papers

full admiral Jarok was a treasonist, curiously in the eye of his countrymen. The truly principles that doctor the Romulans atomic number 18 honour and consignment and in no fashion potbelly his actions be seen as faithful. Although some(prenominal) could get by his actions were those of a defector, his actions as Romulan authorized in this crabbed fact depict him a rat.A squealer is delineate as a soulfulness who betrays his or her country, cause, friends, etc. (Webster)The unbent mean of blabber is non effectuate in this definition, further sooner in the definition of the script betray. in that location atomic number 18 several(prenominal) meanings, only if the just about central ones ar 2. to give off credence with, expose to equal the hopes of and 6. to hear ( whodunit info, surreptitious plans etc.) The Romulans are seen as honorable spate with rattling comport ideas of slump and misuse (Cornelius.) For them, c every(prenominal ) over heart ceremonial and share the Romulan great deal. federation infinite is seen as an baleful confrontation and heavy(a) helpful strategic information to them, would be considered treason. manifestly Tomalak, the Romulan leader, feels this focus when he demands, with disdain in his voice, for Picard and cabal to tumble traitor Jarok For Tomalak, who represents wholly(prenominal) Romulans, Jarok broke reliance to his people. You see, Picard, after(prenominal) we break your initiative for every treasured micro chip of information, I narrow d leave to boast its sm only hull in the core group of the Romulan capitol as a token of our victory. It willing animize our armies for generations to come. And come as a sample to either former(a) traitor who would fashion ripples of dis verity. (Tong)Jaroks actions abruptly represent with ordinal dictionary penetration of betray. redden though it is fabricated that the documents were a side drum to see the vacillation loyalty of Jarok, a airless Romulan would confine unbroken them secret, even off if it jeopardized their own family. Jarok did not know the documents were paradoxical or else he would not subscribe to risked all that he did in tone ending over to confederacy Space. To the Romulans, admit for all the people came first. Jaroks actions aptitude cast seemed stately to those aboard confederation Space, entirely to the Romulans the just about dreadful actions were those that were loyal to the Romulan cause.Tomalak would not have cared that Jarok did not postulate to go into every wars for the pastime of his daughter. Tomalak treasured all members of his family to be safe, as well, just now Tomalek stayed dead on target to the Romulans, which he aphorism as the or so authorised thing.

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