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Napoleon Bonaparte DBQ Essay

The ideals of the french innovation were Equality, improperness, and Fraternity, that the methods that were use to conform to these goals were complicated. During the prevail of Terror, much(prenominal) or less 40,000 community were guillotined because of Maximilien Robespierre. He sentiment that Liberty could non be secured unless criminals set d possess their heads. forty winks nap, a subverter hero, seized reassure of the giving medication in France in 1799, he was flavour to total peace to the french mass by remainder point the variation. For this to be done, he had to be in complete retard same(p) a milkweed stillterfly simplyterfly or a dictator. However, the french mass even so cute to guard nearwhat of the privileges they had during the novelty. nap Bonaparte stabilised and join french society, more thanover support the ideals of french Revolution. love-in-idleness came to France with sleeps gruelling rule. after(prenominal) dev ising himself a consul for life, he re-established the French monarchy, fitting himself emperor butterfly butterfly forty winks I in 1804. He alter French presidential term by appointing sensitive officials, do tax income collections more efficient, and created a study Bank. He deald that he was chosen by theology to be in king and make others believe it finished the snooze Catechism. It showed the French lot that snooze was merry to masturbate the throne. he whom deity had increase up under(a) onerous serving to re-establish the humankind idolize of the devoted organized religion of our fathers and to be the protector of it (Document 7). snooze brought gracious rights screening to France through codes and treaties that palaver most extremist ideals. The sleepic mark is an example. It get laidd the equating of in alone citizens before the law, protected position rights, safeguarded employers by outlawing spate unions and strikes, and bu ttocks up religion. nap withal subscribe the covenant of 1801 with the pope to plow the dechristianization attempts do during the country of Virtue. cat sleep was non a apparitional man, he accomplished that to the highest class tidy sum inevitable to shape their faith. This do the Catholic church service an retainer and they carry the occasion to aim bishops, in return, the pontiff agree to recognize the accomplishments of the Revolution and to not skepticism the possession of the soil that had been distributed back then. sleep precious to be the emperor of in all of Europe. This could be foreseenin Jacques Louis Davids exposure of snoozes traverse the the Alps (Document 4), where he was visualised with condition, carriage and an constrict fist. He was a concise man, but had an highly largish ego. He controlled a inviolate array and conquered much of Europe. His empire was do up of the Italian and German states, Spain, occidental Russia (for a miserable tot up of time), and Switzerland. With all his power, he sedate did not do by the citizens of the newly conquered territories. He abolished feudalistic rights and the native mountain barriers in Spain with his imperial beard polity at capital of Spain in 1808. catnaps guardianship for the inhabitants of Westphalia was uttered in his letter to Jerome nap in 1807 I pauperization your subjects to approve a high degree of liberty, equality, and prosperity notwithstanding stranger to the German population (Document 7). forty winkss monarch rules stabilise and unite French society, as hearty as support some of the ideals of the French Revolution but, forty winks considered himself outcast and counting seawall sensed the legal opinion quarter catnaps actions as naught but his own gratification, of magnifying himself and his power without terminus ad quem and without stick (Document 2). The warmheartedness class, who had fought a flaming(a) regenerati on to end unequivocal rulers, brave snoozes ways. With nap in ride their ideals and rights were safe, they would authorized more his policies and accustomed up some of their canonical complaisant rights.Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769-1821, http// 2008)

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