Wednesday, July 24, 2019

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Definition - Essay Example Many people have shown the attitude to persevere despite of the difficulties. As a result, they have helped and inspired many to do the same. In this paper, perseverance is defined in three distinct ways: the capability to endure hardships, hard work and committed to the task. Likewise, it will present three famous persons who have shown these characteristics and placed them in the pedestal of success making them good examples to young people. Perseverance is a virtue that entails the ability to endure many adversaries towards the attainment of a goal. This is something Helen Keller showed in her own life journey. We all know that Helen Keller wrote many poems and stories that are widely read by people young and old alike. The inspiring thing about her is that she is blind and deaf. Helen was born on June 27 1880 with the sense of sight and hearing. However, an unknown illness struck her when she was about a year and a half years old. Everyone in her family thought she was going to die. And then unexpectedly, after a few days, she got well. However, her mother noticed that Helen no longer responded to sound (like the ring of the bell) or sight stimuli. They then concluded that the illness has left her a mark which she suffered for the rest of her life. Towards her childhood years, Helen has been very hard to manage particularly when she throws tantrums and screams towards other members of the family. Upon the recommendati on of the family's friend Alexander Graham Bell, Helen's family finally decided to look for a teacher at the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts Asylum for the Blind. Although difficult at first, Helen struggled to learn how to spell words using hand signals. With the efforts of her teacher Ann Sullivan, she continued to improve and master her skills despite of her condition. The highlight of her education happened when Anne brought her to the lake and spelled "water" in Helen's hand and the later immediately understood. From that moment, Helen's improvement was astounding as she could spell thirty new words that day including Anne's name. After this incident, Helen became famous because of an article that was written about her achievement. Eventually, she was also given a teacher to train her how to speak. Helen tried all her efforts to learn how to speak but was unsuccessful because her vocal chords were not fully developed. Still, this didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams. On 1891, she wrote the Frost King as a birthday gift for her friend Michael Agnos. Helen was also recognized as the first deafblind person to enter and finish a Bachelor of Arts degree in a higher learning institution. However, it was not easy for her as tons of school work further led to the deterioration of her eyesight. Helen soon travelled around the world giving lectures about her experiences. She has been an ambassador of faith and determination to many people. Perseverance also shows the spirit of service and commitment to people. Franklin D. Roosevelt is one of the famous American presidents because of the policies and political changes he started. His leadership started just in time when the unemployment rate is high and the economy was in slump. He proposed a program to bring relief to those who are unemployed, recover losses in business and enacted some reforms for the citizenry. Despite of all

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