Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Interdisciplinary Research Question What are the impacts of mainstreaming ESE students into a general education classroom? The problem most viewed with mainstreaming special education and general education students is that student’s individual needs are sometimes being overlooked. Justification of Interdisciplinary Approach In order to justify my interdisciplinary approach I will show how drawing from the relevant disciplines I have chosen offers different views and perspectives presenting diverse explanations to the problem. Relevant Disciplines Education – accommodations, modifications, training of instructors Sociology – socialization, acceptance, understanding, respect Psychology – self esteem, belonging Analysis of Problem with Evaluation of Insights The insights addressed are the preconceptions of instruction, socialization and behavior issues of mainstreaming ESE students. It is assumed that socialization and behavior can play a positive role with inclusion by offering students a chance to improve their socialization and behaviors skills while breaking down the social stigma of being different. However, this can also have a negative effect on students. By not presenting ESE students with the proper monitoring when socialization and behavior is involved can lead to embarrassment and alienation of peers. It is believed that inclusion can affect all students because instructional needs aren’t being met. With accommodations having to be put in place teachers are spending more time with ESE students and offering less challenging instruction to the general education students. Conflicts Between Disciplines The conflict is whether socialization and behavior play an intricate part in the educational needs of the ESE s... ...ght out, and if the decision is to mainstream the student then it should be decided whether the student will benefit from full or partial inclusion. If they are mainstreamed then they will need to be carefully monitored and ensure that all of their needs are met in order to be successful in the general education setting. The pros and cons of inclusion will need to be looked over repeatedly to be sure that the plan is working in the best interest of the student and does not affect the academic goals of either the special needs student or the general education student. As more and more students with special needs are placed into general education classrooms the general idea is that this is the best placement for them based on their needs. However, in order to make this successful the students, parents, and teachers involved will have to work hard and work together.

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