Thursday, November 21, 2019

Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 18

Case Study Example nt of employees will be done purely on the basis of merit and the management skills in case of leadership positions.For the role of supervisors, the fittest candidate would be one who has the technical knowledge to guide the team as well as have good interpersonal communication skills for managing the people at work.Instead of a one-day training program, the new policy has the provisions of conducting a three day induction program that provides a detailed insight of the work and initial introduction with the existing employees. The company aims to return value to their employees who are willing to add value to the organization. The company believes in providing the best remuneration package in the industry as per the best standards (Armstrong 2006). This is done through competitive fixation of wages for the employees. Apart from the compensation packages, there are several allowances and perquisites that are offered to the employees.The company also believes in providing health benef its and taking care of the medical needs of the employees and their families. The company believes in equal and fair opportunities for both men and women at workplace. The new policy proposes that women should have equal representations as compared to men in the role of supervisors. This would also create fair and transparent communication practices in the workplace. The senior employees and the managers would engage into period communication and take feedbacks from the operational staffs in the process. This would ensure total involvement of the employees and reduce the chances of any communication gap in the process.The company disapproves the collective bargaining agreement between the employees and the union. The following suggestion for improvement could be provided to the human resource manager of FVI as the past recruitments have resulted in a failure rate of 40% amongst the number of candidates who were recruited. In the past, the supervisors were selected on the basis of their

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