Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Analysis paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Analysis paper - Essay Example reations inspired by phenomenal aspects related to human emotions and cognition to serve its function, and developed from one or multiple of art elements. Production of art utilises different components. Artists produce different effects using elements such as colour, textures, shapes, lines, dimension and space. The ability to use lines of diverse lengths and thicknesses and taking a particular direction tend to signal an action that perhaps other elements cannot produce. Colour has got critical purpose in producing effects whether used alone or in structures produced using other elements as shapes. It benefits the art through the hue, its intensity in brightness or dullness and value in terms of lightness or darkness. By joining lines together, flat shapes, either geometric or irregular forms can be created to express drawings. Art can arise from use of 3-dimentional objects that allow the artists to control their appearance. Such structures are expressed through length, width and height. Texture gives the feel of an art (e.g. rough or smooth) and allows viewers to relate with it as they do in reality. Art can also be produced under the illusion of space. Art productions grow with time and are inspired by certain happenings in particular moments. Some art pieces were created several centuries ago, but have been recreated severally which all show certain divergence in appearance, finishing and aesthetic quality. Art has proved not to be limited by time. Hence an art piece can best be described in the time it was developed. It has transformed from the stone-age art when expressions were mere carvings and sculpts on the walls and stones. Then came the clay works, but today they have expanded to the computer aided graphics. It’s not merely about a tangible piece, but more of feel as in choreography and music. Art has come to encompass great dynamism and complexities through use of advanced technology to incorporate motions and different visual impressions that

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