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Type of organizational structure for a company you may work for Term Paper

Type of organizational structure for a company you may work for - Term Paper Example The first Federal agency to offer medical care to veterans was the Naval Home in Philadelphia, PA. The home was formed in 1812 and was followed by the formation of Soldiers Home in 1853 and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in 1855. Congress shaped the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in 1865 in answer to the towering number of Civil War casualties. These homes were at first intended to be room and board for disabled veterans. Though, by the late 1920’s, the homes were giving a level of care similar to hospital care. Beginning in the mid-1990s VHA undergo what the agency characterizes as a major alteration aimed at improving the excellence and effectiveness of care it provides to its patients. That conversion included eliminating underutilized inpatient beds and amenities, increasing outpatient clinics, and reorganization eligibility rules. A main focus of the conversion was the tracking of a number of routine indicators—counting quality-of-care procedures—and holding senior managers responsible for improvements in those events. In the July 18, 2005 matter of US News and World Report, Veterans Administration hospital care is hyped as over and over again as the best around. The high ranking to the conversion of the VA health care classification over the precedent decade. Starting in the l990s under the guidance of Dr. Kenneth Kizer, the Veterans Health Administration organized a presentation and answerability system that was joined openly to the value of patient care and result. Patient protection and a new culture of safety that heartens coverage and assessment of errors plus close calls, instead of the corrective emergence of the past, carry on to be an aspect in Veterans Administration’s success (Allison Percy, 2009 ). In adding up, computerized patient report, clinical reminders that endorse guideline suggested care, a bar coding system for further precise drug

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